Halloween Porch Ideas – Witch Pumpkin

Halloween Porch - Witch Pumpkin - Living Locurto

I had fun looking through my Halloween decorations this weekend! Right now, they are still strung all over my house. I had more fun going through them than actually decorating… I forgot how much stuff I had!

I did get my front porch nice and witchy though.


Halloween Wreath - Witch Pumpkin - Living LocurtoHalloween Wreath - Witch Pumpkin - Living Locurto

Isn’t this wreath adorable? TJ Max people! I added the ribbon which was half off at Hobby Lobby. Gotta love deals:-)


Check out my pumpkin witch!! I love her! I’m sure my kids will rip off the hat, eyes and nose many times. I had to shut them inside while I made this. She might have to go in the garden bird bath, away from toddler temptations.

Halloween Porch - Witch Pumpkin by Amy Locurto | Living Locurto

Want a peek into my world? See my porch before Halloween, take my home tour.

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Amy is a creative mom of two and graphic designer. When she's not working on Living Locurto, she's busy designing Printable Party Supplies and working on I Heart Faces, her photography blog. Find Amy on Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, and Instagram.


  1. Absolutely Fantastical!! I’m snapping a picture and adding it to my collection!!

  2. Lovely porch. TJ Max is the best, isn’t it? Your witchy pumpkin is so cute and clever.

  3. Followed your link from Mademoiselle Rose and wanted to say thank you for all the fun creative posts on this blog.

  4. You are so creative!

    Thanks for sharing your ideas.

  5. Your porch looks fantastic! I love it. Thanks for sharing!

  6. I LOVE your pumpkin witch, especially the “hair” & “nose”!

    What a fun entry way!

  7. The nose on that pumpkin witch of yours is absolutely adorable!

  8. Adorably spooky- love the pumpkin

  9. At first I was goo-goo-ga-ga over your wreath. But then you zoomed in on your witch and I fell head over heals for her. I can’t make up my mind which I like better. LOL They’re both awesome!

    Thank you for stopping by my blog earlier. That is so weird that you were RIGHT HERE this weekend. Freaky! You weren’t one of those that parked in front of my driveway during Walk-Around, are you? 😉


  10. What a fabulous front porch you have! It really looks festive! You are so clever. Love it.

    Thanks for playing along! Happy night!


  11. I love your pumpkin witch!

    Please visit my blog. I am on post #98 so you know what that means!

  12. That witch pumpkin is the cutest witch I have ever seen! Sooooo creative!


  13. Very cute Decorations!

  14. Everything so cute! Thanks for sharing it with us. 🙂

  15. Terrific pumpkins! Jackie

  16. That witch is amazing!! Oh…I totally love it. And her “hair.” HYSTERICAL! Great project.

  17. Love the pumpkin witch and that wreat is just too cute!


  18. Fantastic! Your witchy pumpkin is awesome! And I love, love, love your wreath.

    Thanks for coming to my party! Happy halloween!

  19. I LOVE THAT WREATH!!!!! Oh, I am so jealous… That is a great porch, and I do have toddlers who would not leave that pumpkin alone as well. Good luck with that…lol!

  20. Witch pumpkin is adorable! Your entry is charming. Great work!

  21. Love your big pumpkin witch!!

  22. You witch pumpkin is fantastic. Great front porch–all of it.

  23. I LOVE your witchy pumpkin! I love your front door decorations…very festive! 🙂

  24. Hi Amy! I am so glad you joined in on the party, you have such a great blog and you are so creative, too 🙂 🙂 Bella

  25. Your witchy porch is whimsically wonderful! I love it!

    Cathy 🙂

  26. OMGOSH! I love your pumpkin witch! Everything looks great!

  27. I LOVE all your front porch witches…they are GREAT!!

  28. Your witchy pumpkin is the best! I love it. 🙂

    Angie in OH

  29. Absolutely love the Halloween decor!! It’s fun, isn’t it!!! You’ve inspired me now to get the tubs up from the basement and get my decorating started!

  30. Those are SO great! I want to trick-or-treat in YOUR neighborhood.

  31. Love your WITCHY porch!
    I agree with the fun being pulling it all out and seeing it again. I pulled mine all out and it took almost a week to get it all decorated!
    Have a great week!

  32. It looks great! That pumpkin witch is so cute! Love her pepper nose. Terrorific Tuesday sounds like fun!

  33. Aw, that’s so sweet. Thanks. Yes, I love Halloween so much! I actually made a witch pumpkin a couple of years ago. I got the idea out of a BHG mag. It wasn’t very complicted, but I remember my coworker scoffing at it (she was rude). Oh well. Yours looks great! Gotta love the sales at Hobby Lobby!!!

    I also enjoyed your design site. I’m going to add you on flickr as well 🙂

  34. This really is terrorific! You’re so creative! I really love the pumpkin witch. I could see that in Martha Stewart Living! -Julia 🙂

  35. It’s flippin fantastic! I love it! Everything! 🙂


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