Washi Tape Wall Art {DIY Craft}

How to make washi tape wall art. Easy craft idea by Amy at LivingLocurto.com

I’m excited about today’s Washi Tape Craft because it’s not only a fun and easy wall decor project, but I have teamed up with Michaels to let you know about their Craft it Forward project!

Craft it Forward with Michaels!

In honor of Random Acts of Kindness, Michaels is randomly giving away $100,000 worth of gift cards in their stores on February 17, 2013!

They hope to inspire others to “craft it forward”.  I had a blast making my washi tape wall art and giving them away.

How to Make Washi Tape Wall Art

This is such an easy and pretty craft! I am always in need of something to fill a space on a wall in my home. Knowing this was a craft I was to giveaway, I chose wall art. After deciding on a few friends who I knew would like to be surprised with some DIY art, I headed to Michaels to let my creativity flow! I wanted to do something with canvas and really happy with the way it turned out!

How to make washi tape wall art. Easy craft idea by Amy at LivingLocurto.com

What you will need:

  • Canvas (These were on sale at Michaels when I was shopping. Score!)
  • Acrylic Paint – I chose Martha Stewart’s Metallic Paint in shades of gold and silver.
  • Wooden Letters
  • Washi Tape – I used several patterns from Michaels and a few from Pebbles
  • Paint Brush
  • Hot Glue
  • Mod Podge

How to make washi tape wall art. Easy craft idea by Amy at LivingLocurto.com

Before I started crafting, I painting swatches on a test canvas to make sure the paint looked good with my tape patterns.

How to make washi tape wall art. Easy craft idea by Amy at LivingLocurto.com

After painting your canvas, let it dry and move onto the wooden letters. I didn’t paint the letters, but just started adding tape. It was really easy. The hardest part was deciding what patterns to use!

How to make washi tape wall art. Easy craft idea by Amy at LivingLocurto.com

Mod Podge will seal the tape and make sure it doesn’t peel off. I used Super Gloss Mod Podge because I liked the shine it gave the tape.

How to make washi tape wall art. Easy craft idea by Amy at LivingLocurto.com

After the canvas is dry, hot glue the wooden letters to the canvas. You can frame the canvas or add tape around the sides. Then you’re all done!

I hot glued a cute party favor bag to the back of the canvas along with a note and gift card to Micheals, then delivered these to my friends encouraging them to Craft it Forward!

How to make washi tape wall art. Easy craft idea by Amy at LivingLocurto.com


My friends loved their new art! It was a fun day of crafty kindness:-)

I hope this encouraged you to practice kindness and pass it on! Michaels would love for you to share your stories online. Find more craft ideas here and here.


Random Act of Kindness Giveaway

I want to give one lucky reader a $50 Michaels Gift card to make a “Craft it Forward” project too! Along with the $50 gift card, the winner will also get two $5 gift cards to pass along with their crafts.

THIS GIVEAWAY IS CLOSED. Congrats to Crystal for winning. 

How to enter:

Leave a comment below letting me know what craft you would make for a Random Act of Kindness.

For an extra entries:

(You must leave an additional comment for each of the following you did below.)

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  • I will pin each of the wall art photos below to THIS PINTEREST BOARD. Visit that board and leave a comment on your favorite design!    (You don’t have to add a comment to this post as long as you comment on Pinterest. Repin if you like it too.)

How to make washi tape wall art. Easy craft idea by Amy at LivingLocurto.com How to make washi tape wall art. Easy craft idea by Amy at LivingLocurto.com How to make washi tape wall art. Easy craft idea by Amy at LivingLocurto.com

Giveaway ends on Thursday February, 21, 2013 at midnight CST. Winner will be emailed and announced here and on the Living Locurto Facebook Page. Must be a US Citizen and 18 years or older.


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  1. I love this idea! I would love it if you joined and contribute your awesome posts at my link party at City of Creative Dreams, starts on Fridays 😀 Hope to see you there at City of Creative Dreams Link Party.

  2. I would like to make the Washi Tape Wall Art for the Random Act of Kindness with hearts on it. 🙂

  3. What a great Idea! I love printables, so that would be my random craft of kindness.

  4. I LOVE making cards so I would make a small set of cards and include different sentiments such as Happy Birthday, Thinking of You, etc that they can easily attach. This way the person I give them to can personalize the card 🙂

  5. I would love to make this project !! What a great idea ! I have several girlfriends that would love to see their initals made into art. Great idea !! Thank you for a chance to win..

  6. I would make a small picture for the wall for my mil who is moving into assisted living.

  7. Leah Smith says:

    I would craft some sort of decor items for my kid’s school’s prom this year. The leadership team and asb works really hard to come up with awesome prom ideas on a tiny budget & this would be a nice way to reward them for all of their hard work!

  8. Vikki Pena says:

    Love the S! Can’t wait to try this!
    Following on Pinterest http://pinterest.com/vikkilp/

  9. following on Pinterest

  10. I would make a small quilt for our preschool teacher, since she does a “quilt” unit each year and has to just show photos

  11. I like to print photos of my friend’s children and add magnet paper to them so they can instantly enjoy the picture on their file cabinet, refrigerator, etc.

  12. Boutique Mia says:

    I made the sweetest little jelly jar pin cushion…thank you Naomi for getting me started:)

  13. Amy Vanpool says:
  14. Amy Vanpool says:

    I would make a collage of birds and scripture for someone at church. I led a women’s retreat for them last weekend and they showed me such love and appreciation.

  15. Also I would make some “Craft it Forward ” cards to spread the word.

  16. I tweeted, facebooked, and pinned. I really like that C for two reasons. One being those colors look so good together and the other it is the initial of my last name.

  17. I would pin cushions.

  18. fran heupel says:

    I would make a letter each for my girls to hang in their rooms. This is such a wonderful idea and I love washi tape.

  19. Oh I just LOVE the Washi Tape Wall Art. LOVE the “S” letter because our last name starts with “S.”

  20. I would make cute knitted hats to cover my friends’ cold heads.

  21. Bridget Vasquez says:

    I am making thank you cards for my co-workers … Along with washi tape wall art 🙂

  22. I would make some yummy cookies. I have a great recipe for peanut brownies.

  23. Making cards would be fun!

  24. I would make a printable to decorate with washi tape, and frame it to give away. Looks fun to play with!

  25. My friend just moved in to a new home and this letter craft would be a great touch in her kids room. She is pregnant now and doesn’t have time to finish decorating.

  26. Erika Davis says:

    I make cards, but I’m also headed to Michael’s to purchase the items to make this with a B!!

  27. dayna swanson says:

    I’d do cards.

  28. I follow you on pinterest.


  29. I would make the canvas for my neighbor. she has been without a job and she would love this. (plus she needs a little love)

  30. I am making min terrariums for some friends…..living in Chicago, we are ready for spring!

  31. Ellen Sutton says:

    Follow on Pinterest!

  32. Ellen Sutton says:

    Commented on Pinterest!

  33. Ellen Sutton says:
  34. I commented on my favorite pin on your board

  35. I Follow you on Pinterest & pinned this post


  36. I would love to make something for my sister who is pregnant to make life easier for her like a mobi wrap or burp cloths!

  37. SUE KUJAWA says:

    I started making crochet squares to drop off at my Michael’s for lap blankets. I am using up some odd amounts of yarn, keeping my hands busy so I’m not mindlessly eating and may be helping keep somebody warm.

  38. Sue Kennedy says:

    What a creative idea. I have not done any project with Washi Tape.

  39. Brande richardson says:

    Love this idea. And think this will ve my tandom craft of kindness. this would be great as a baby gift for a special friend of mine. Can’t wait to make it for her!!

  40. I follow you and pinned it.


  41. My friend is having a baby girl so I’d make something for the baby room, probably some garland b/c I love garland. 🙂

  42. I think I would make or decorate some sort of container and stuff it with a treat or gift card.

  43. I Pinned it 🙂

  44. I follow you on Pinterest

  45. I love this mongram craft as well. Would be a cute addition to my grandchildren’s play space.

  46. I would make a doll clothes and accessories for my daughters friends.

  47. Sandra Dupal says:

    Would love to do something for my mom…she does so much for me and I want to thank her with my random act of kindness. And she loves the homemade crafts as much as I do.

  48. I LOVE, love, love the monogram idea! and I do believe that a few of my friends would love it if I made one for them!!! thanks for the chance-

  49. I would make a wreath for a couple friends who’ve recently moved. 🙁

  50. Christine Corbitt says:

    I follow on Pinterest and pinned!

  51. I commented on the Yellow art piece as my favorite one!

  52. I already follow you on Pinterest 🙂

  53. I have been looking for an initial artwork to hand by my front door, this is perfect! Cannot wait to make one!!! Thanks

  54. Already following on Pinterest and pinned.

  55. Christine Corbitt says:

    I Love the patterned tape! You could put it on a picture frame or memo board! Very cute!

  56. I actually did the Craft it Forward thing on Facebook. I made 5 people coasters.

  57. For my random act of kindness I would make these for my nieces. I would also stick the gift card in there as a little extra bonus!

  58. Already follow and pinned – carrierat at pinterest. Love the “C”!

  59. Pinned to my page

  60. nancy burstein says:

    I definately would make the Washi letters and seasonal wreaths for friends

  61. Pinned on A Creative Spirit

  62. I would love to make the washi letters. Great idea

  63. Rose Schneider says:

    I would make jewelry to give away. I love your canvas/washi tape project. Really cool idea! thanks for sharing. I just pinned it http://pinterest.com/pin/143904150565535706/

  64. I love Dawn’s idea above! I would most likely crochet something to give away. Maybe make a few quickie baby hats and leave them with a note in the newborn diaper section at Walmart. <3

  65. I would make a washi tape letter craft for my daughter and my niece! Such a cute idea!!

  66. domestic diva says:

    I would make a flower arrangement for my shut-in neighbor.

  67. Dawn Anderson says:

    I am a girl scout Daisy leader and I am going to make these washi tape letters for my girls when our year is over. Instead of covering the whole letter with tape I may add a few photos of our fun times together in scouts so they can have the memories.

  68. I follow on pinterest and have pinned this project:

  69. Christina Bell says:

    I follow you on Pinterest, I think my URL is stinabella, or Christina Bell

  70. That’s just what I recently have done…random act of kindness project for our school’s chorus group. They like to sing at assisted living facilities and they wanted to make a little momento to each saying, “Thank You” for coming out to listen. I heard the request and made up 200 paper dove ornaments. Everyone loved them. The best blessing was making more than the chorus group and teacher smile, the gesture went on to spead the smiles forward to 200 others 🙂

  71. Lauren Arnold says:

    I followed Amy on pinterst and pinned this

  72. Lauren Arnold says:

    I would make this washi tape letter craft! So cute and easy!

  73. Christina Bell says:

    I like to make seasonal wreaths for my friends

  74. Lynn Lipchak says:

    I just loves the moustache and lips that I downloaded from your website and have been copying them and using them for over a month. Smiles for me and others. I just printed a couple of pages for my oldest sister and her family. Trying to collect non-bendy straws,I brought home straws from restaurants lately instead of using them there. I had black and red. It gave them enough for a V-Day celebration. Thanks for sharing the fun. Now I am off to play with Washi Tape items for my stamping group.

  75. Tracy Lovasz says:

    I would like to make little post it note holders and a table center piece with wheat grass and butterflies on wires.

  76. Sarah Holt says:

    I love your ideas. I think I would use the gift cards for our school. thank you

  77. Amazingly My families last name begins with G and each of my daughters has married a G so I would love to buy a bunch of G’s and make this Washi Tape craft and craft it forward to each of my girls!

  78. Love this project, thank you! I think I would love to make these for craft-it-forward too! But I also love making fabric market totes and giving them to friends randomly. (Those make great gifts for friends and the environment!)

  79. I am working on some baby projects – I have two friends and a sister who’ve all recently had babies and I LOVE to make baby quilts for them! But after seeing this post – I think I should make them some wall art with the babies initials!!
    I love Michaels and Living Locurto! 🙂 Thanks for inspiring the crafter in me!!

  80. I would love to make some homemade soap for my neighbors

  81. I’m working on a quilt to give to the Childrens hospital

  82. I’m working on tags for canning jars…something creative!

  83. I’ve got a new grandbaby on the way and I’d like to make something for the nursery wall. we are thinking “whale”

  84. I follow on Pinterest an love what you do…you have inspired me to start crafting again..thanks!!! I made Valentine Cards for our shut-ins and Nursing Home members from our Church…I could use the gift card for more projects for our shut – ins and Soldier boxes…
    Thanks again

  85. I just found a cute crochet pattern (free on ravelry) of a house with a cancer ribbon and the word hope. I’d like to make those for the oncology dept.

  86. How awesome is this, Amy! Count me in; I want to win! This washi tape project will be so much fun for my sister-friend and me to do at our next Pinterest party. I think I might make clip boards and matching pens for those teachers who are always having to sign paperwork for me.

  87. Tweeted!!

  88. Pinterest folower

  89. I would love to craft some chalkboard fun for my kids room.

  90. LaTanya Bennett says:

    Following & pinned: http://pinterest.com/mstanya76/

  91. Brenda Hackett says:

    I LOVE The gray and yellow and would love to win to do another Random Act of Kindness in paying it forward.

  92. Beaded badge lanyards are really expensive to buy, but so easy to make. I’d use the money to make lanyards for co-workers who wouldn’t normally spend the money on something so pretty for themselves!

  93. I follow on pinterest and pinned – http://pinterest.com/pin/31103053648935772/

  94. I’m loving this washi tape letter idea and want to try it!

  95. I would make some personalized note cards.

  96. Allison Burke says:

    I made a V’s Day topiary as I saw on Pinterest for my best friend- took a styrofoam ball and hot-glued candy hearts to it, put a dowel stick in it and put the topiary in a spray painted pink little metal container/pail. She loved it. 🙂

  97. Sandy from MI says:

    I made cookie boxes for everyone at work. They loved them!

  98. I think I would make something special for Easter so that some of my friends have a new decoration to put out soon! I LOVE the colors of Easter so it would the perfect holiday for me to make something cute!

  99. I would make a cute name craft for my good friend who is having a baby girl. She and her husband have been trying for so long to get pregnant and they finally did. They are so excited!

  100. Following Amy on Pinterest:

  101. I follow you on pinterest… it’s actually how i found you to begin with…

    And i pinned your giveaway!


  102. I have a friend who has recently moved to a new town. She doesn’t know anyone there yet. TO make matters more interesting, two years ago she lost everything she owned in a fire. She’s lived very simply since then, and hasn’t got a lot of girly things to make her apartment pretty.

    I made her four chair slips for her new dining room in a gorgeous floral print as a housewarming gift. they’re actually in the mail to her today headed to their new momma!

    i also made my BFF a new kindle cover with butterflies all over it. She was very instrumental in helping me find personal freedom and also introduced me to my husband 6 year ago. So she also gave my flight. 🙂 It’s in the mail today also.

  103. My six year old son would LOVE to use it (me too) to create Teacher Appreciation gift’s for everyone that is educating him at school. Plus, he LOVES using tape and we have never used Washi tape.

  104. LaTanya Bennett says:

    I would make this washi tape wall art to spell out love in a rainbow of colors; so pretty!

  105. I already did my random acts of kindness by mailing out Valentine cards I made and adding candy and cookies to the package. I received phone calls of thanks in return on Valentine’s Day. It made my day!

  106. I’m a follower: http://pinterest.com/aolivo/

  107. I’d let my kids choose something. They are ages 7, 5 & 1. My oldest especially loves going to Michaels. Both the 7 & 5 year old beg me to buy them craft stuff. Sometimes I can and do and other times I can’t. It would bring them a lot of joy to be able to pick a great project to do together.

  108. I made a DIY frame art for my dining room that lots of friends have complimented — I think I’d make a smaller version for a few friends.

  109. I am making a Hello Kitty vinyl sticker for a single moms cell phone case. She always loved Hello Kitty as a child but never owned anything. I think as an adult, she deserves it.

  110. I love to make small crochet flowers and hand them to random people.

  111. I think we will do signs with quotes on them to inspire people.

  112. This is my pinterest pin…http://pinterest.com/pin/32510428532405299/

  113. Bree Delaire Jerome says:

    I think I’d like to make a sweet friend a decorative Easter pillow this weekend. Thanks for the drawing!

  114. I left a comment on my Pinterest profle url about how fun these washi tape boards are.

  115. I love the idea with the tape. I would love to make a superman logo using the tape. I would give it to a young lady I know who is turning “16” the beginning of March. Her dad recently left the family and she is having a very difficult time. She is a straight “A” student, is a member of the Utah Swords Academy Fencing Club and recently took first place in fencing for her division. She has been a great help with her siblings while adjusting to the negative change that has taken place her their lives. She “LOVES ” anything super-man related and I thought it would be fun to have her hang this craft in her room. I know she and her mother will both pay it forward!!! They are constantly thinking of others and are involved in many service projects! Thanks!!

  116. I would make decorative pillows with inspirational messages on them!

  117. I would make crochet character hats for children going through cancer.

  118. i follow Amy on pinterest and pinned that pin under ‘crafts for our home’ (http://pinterest.com/ladybugaloo/)

  119. I would make a canvas print of both of my grand babies hands and feet

  120. i would make a blanket for a neighbor, as it’s often so windy.

  121. I would make a mini scrapbook

  122. I would make a hand print craft for my Mom and MIL to save my daughter’s 5 year old hand print for a lifetime.

  123. I would make a wooden sign saying kindness matters. Thanks for the chance to win!

  124. Katie Wyckoff says:

    I’m thinking I’d make some letter wall art! Love it!!

  125. Great idea…my daughters art class can make the for a local womens shelter!!

  126. I just love your idea about the washi tape and initial and I already have both – just need the canvas! Thanks.

  127. I would make Primitive Inspirational signs 🙂

  128. Carla Wilson says:

    Would probably make something for my MIL cause she does our taxes!

  129. Love it- the kids can make them for the local nursing home residents!


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