Why I Like Twitter’s Vine App


Amy Locurto from LivingLocurto.com on Vine - She tells why she likes Twitter's new App!

One more social media app is taking us by storm. Just when I thought I had enough to do, along comes Vine, Twitter’s version of short video clips. It’s basically a free smart phone app like Instagram, but in video. If you have a Twitter account, it will take just a few minutes to get on Vine.

I didn’t want to join. Really, I have too many social media accounts to keep up with as is, but I’m a blogger… so I joined. My non-blogger friends will be glad I did too, so now I can educate them on what their kids will be up to. ha!

I looked around for a while and finally made this First Post to introduce myself. (When you join, you will want to use the hashtag #FirstPost so people can find you).

As much as I dreaded trying something new, now I’m addicted to making #loop #magic! Yes, Vine has it’s own lingo. Those are a few hashtags they use on Vine for finding things like this

Superhero Party - Vine Loop and Magic Video - Living Locurto

Then I made this and this. And got wild with my glitter!

So if you like to being a part of the newest social media scene or just have some time to play around, check out Vine and come find me!!

Search Amy Locurto or LivingLocurto… I’m not really sure how you find people just yet? There are a lot of kinks that they still need to work out. I share my Vine videos on Twitter, so if you follow me there you can find me.

I think this will be fun for #LivingCreative Thursdays too.

Hope to see you there!


This is not an advertisement for Vine. I just think it’s cool. Plus, Jimmy Fallon is on it. Love him!

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