Vera Bradley Purse Cake

Vera Bradley Handbag Cake

I’m so excited to show you this unbelievable Vera Bradley Purse Cake made by my talented friend Christy at C Star Cakes. Yes… this really is a cake!!

Vera Bradley launched four new handbag designs and this cake was inspired by one of the four patterns. Christy recently made this gorgeous white cake with butter cream frosting and fondant for The Vintage House who hosted a Vera Bradley spring launch party.

Vera Bradley Handbag Cake

The cake took two full days to make!! WOW!

Vera Bradley Handbag Purse Cake by C-Star Cakes via

Christy said it took one day to bake, frost and cover with fondant, then another day to pipe all of the details and add the fondant straps.

Everything is edible except for the metal strap holders. She used Wilton’s Cutter Embosser tool for the stitching and quilting detail.

Vera Bradley Purse Cake

Wonderful job Christy! You are amazing!


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  1. The top "bag" was a cake at a Vera Bradley launch party at The Vintage House in Carrollton, a favorite store of mine

  2. This cake is mind blowing! I would definitely have to carry it around for a couple of days before I had the heart to eat it. It looks better than the real purses! WOW!

  3. Pasteles coleccion Primavera 2011. Amazing!!! RT@livinglocurto: You have to see this AMAZING CAKE

  4. Holy wow! This is the most amazing cake I’ve ever seen. Hands down.

  5. RP's Cooking Update Vera Bradley Purse Cake | Living Locurto – FREE Printables … #cooking #recipes

  6. RT @livinglocurto: You have to see this AMAZING CAKE inspired by the @verabradley spring collection. #food #party

  7. RT @livinglocurto: Vera Bradly Purse Cake: I’m so excited to show you this unbelievable cake made by my talented…

  8. RT @livinglocurto: You have to see this AMAZING CAKE inspired by the @verabradley spring collection. #food #party

  9. Thanks, everyone! It was a fabulously fun cake to make! Thanks, Amy for highlighting this cake today! So much fun!

  10. RT @livinglocurto: You have to see this AMAZING CAKE inspired by the @verabradley spring collection. #food #party

  11. so pretty! RT @BloomBainbridge: @jenjentrixie OMG! 4 sure…one of THE CUTEST CAKES evr!

  12. RT @livinglocurto: Vera Bradley Purse Cake ##craft

  13. wow!! I love it !RT @livinglocurto: Vera Bradley Purse Cake ##craft

  14. What an amazingly beautiful cake!

  15. I think that is the prettiest cake I have ever, ever seen! Amazing! Does your friend have a website where she sells her baked goods (or her cake decorating services)?
    Cheers, J

  16. WOW, that is so COOL!!!!! Too beautiful to eat. 😉

  17. WOW! Beautiful and amazing.

  18. In fact, I would love to open the bag to see what it’s inside… and eat it!
    What an incredible cake!

  19. Definately too beautiful to eat!

  20. Wow! Amazing!! Looks great!

  21. just beautiful!

  22. Regina Martelloni says:

    I am with Pam D!!!! That gorgeous piece of work belongs in a glass box in a museum with laser beams protecting anyone from getting close to it!!!! LOL! It is breathtaking!!!!!

  23. Definitely too pretty to eat! Christy has amazing talent! I bet it taste as good as it looks!

  24. LOVE it! Sharing it over on my facebook fanpage, Pirates-n-Princesses. 🙂

  25. WOW – I am in awe of that cake. It is a work of art!!! So beautiful!!


  26. WOW! That is georgous! Would love one for a girly party! Thanks for sharing!

  27. I would have a really hard time cutting into that lovely work of art. It is gorgeous and I’m sure delicious to boot!

  28. Ahhhhmaaaazing! I love it! And no, I could never eat it! LOL! What’s cool is that a couple of days ago I went to the Vera Bradley website to see the new spring line and do all my ohhhhing and ahhhhing. So many new pretty designs to join all the older pretty designs 🙂

    Tammy ~@~

  29. WOW double WOW

  30. Wow! She is amazingly talented. My only issue with a cake like that is that it’s too pretty to eat. I wonder if she cringes when the cake is cut after putting all that work into it? Gorgeous!

  31. Seriously, how could you ever ruin a work of art like that by eating it? It would be in a glass case in my house. And in 100 years, it would be in a museum…

  32. You are right! I was shocked! Love it! Great job Christy!!!

  33. Ah. Mah. Gah.


    I don’t think I could even cut into it.

    Okay, I could. But I would cry a little.

    LOVE IT.

    Happy Friday!!


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