Edible Arrangements – Veggie Flower Bouquet

Veggie Flower Bouquet Treat by LivingLocurto.com

I told my kids this was the “Year of Eating Vegetables.” Since they weren’t too thrilled with that idea, I’ve had to be creative with my presentation. REALLY CREATIVE!! ha! This Veggie Bouquet was my latest idea. What do you think?

What you’ll need:

  • Small vases, cups, jars or orange juice glasses.
  • Vegetables your kids like, plus celery for the stems and lettuce for leaves.
  • cream cheese (optional to use as glue)
  • flower shaped cookie cutter (I used one for play dough!) You could try these cool vegetable cutters.
  • toothpicks
  • water

You can also make fruit bouquets for those picky eaters.

Veggie Flower Bouquet Treat by Living Locurto

Easy to make!

Just fill the cups with the celery, then stick the vegetables on the toothpicks and the toothpicks into the celery stalks.

I used cream cheese as my glue to stick the pieces of carrots onto the cucumber flower. The lettuce leaves are placed around for cuteness.

Veggie Flower Bouquet Treat by Living Locurto

Great activity for kids!

Serve these cute treats at parties too! My daughter had a blast making these with me. She even took some bites of veggies! YAY! It’s the “Year of the Vegetable” is going pretty good so far:-)

Veggie Flower Bouquet Treat by Living Locurto

Remember this sweet Welcome Spring Tea Party? I am planning to do this with my cute veggie bouquets soon. I can’t wait!

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  1. great idea! love it

  2. Very cute! Have to show my daughter 🙂 She loves making cute dishes like this.

  3. Love your site – the rainbow cupcakes are adorable and so is the veggie bouquet! I'm going to spend some time here, I can see!

  4. Bele Catarina says:


  5. how did you make the white flowers

  6. I love this, I always see fruit flowers but never veggies…very cute!

  7. Very cool! I often use spaghetti to stick stuff together for kids so no one gets a toothpick by mistake! Completely edible

  8. Edible Arrangements – Veggie Flower Bouquet: http://t.co/1J7rwvT9

  9. @rohmachtfroh und noch eins: http://t.co/z2wTLkRs (vllt kannst du solche ideen mal in einem ..

  10. I'm loving this adorable way to serve up your veggies this spring and summer from @LivingLocurto. http://bit.ly/lUFK2h

  11. RT @livinglocurto: Veggie Flower Bouquet Treat. A fun idea to encourage kids to eat vegetables. http://su.pr/4FPm5t

  12. This is a BEYOND AWESOME idea for snacks at a party. I will absolutely have to try this. 🙂 Thanks for the inspiration!!

  13. Fantab idea!! Linking back!!

  14. Those are so fantastic! Being a Registered Dietitian, I would love to put these on my blog sometime this week!

    Hope that’s ok with you!

    Thanks for sharing,

  15. LOVE this idea – absolutely adorable! It would be perfect snack for a sweet floral themed party. I included it in our roundup of floral party themed foods today! Hope you’ll check it out! Floral Themed Food Finds

  16. LOVE THIS IDEA making vegtables fun to eat is always wonderful in my book:)

  17. What a fun idea! I’m featuring this at somedaycrafts.blogspot.com.

  18. RT @livinglocurto: Make a healthy treat for your kids. It's super easy & a fun activity for kids! Veggie Flowers http://su.pr/4FPm5t

  19. Amy,

    What a brilliant idea! And your daughter looks so happy to eat it. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  20. I love these! A brilliant solution to the ongoing struggle to get my kiddos to eat their veggies. Thanks!

  21. The kids and I are totally going to make these some day soon. What a cool idea! http://fb.me/x3KgIaoI

  22. That looks sooo yummy– and cute!! I just did a post on cookies and I had to include yours in because it looked just as delicious! I filed this at thecraftersfilebox.com.

  23. Brilliant! I love this. I posted a link on my other site (ediblecrafts.craftgossip.com)

  24. enjoy this great article highlighting a family-friendly edible project: veggie flower bouquets! http://ow.ly/4wHzS #family #activity #kids

  25. Barbara says:

    I just don’t get it about children not liking veggies. My 3 boys always loved everything vegetable, and so does my grandson. Teachers line up in the school lunchroom to watch him chow down on a bag full of mixed vegetables. He loves them all, eats them all with relish, and if you give him a small puddle of ranch dressing, he thinks it’s dessert! I think it is parental trepedation that kids pick up on. If you show the slightest hesitancy about veggies, they’re going to see it. Be bold! If you assume your child will like it and just have it available, eventually they’ll want to try it. Even deny it a few times by useing reverse psychology. But it is OK to not like two or three. Everyone has something they really never learn to like. Chill out, and don’t let your kids near the ones who have been made into picky eaters by over-anxious parents. Remember: if they get hungry enough, they’ll eat it.

  26. Super cute presentation of fresh veggies for kids – http://bit.ly/eUqjUI via @LivingLocurto #mamavation

  27. What a fun, creative way to get kids to eat their fruits and veggies! Would even be cute as an Easter table… http://fb.me/VjgCFkKS

  28. Healthy and fun idea for your next garden party! http://www.livinglocurto.com/2011/04/veggie-flower-bouquet-treat/

  29. Amy Locurto: Thanks! RT @dreamnincolor: Veggie Flower Bouquet Treat-Great Idea! http://bit.ly/fUaRKw via @… http://bit.ly/hTnquF #idea

  30. From now on, I'm only eating veggies that look like this. Thanks, Amy at Living Locurto for making these for me!!… http://fb.me/E8iQKko4

  31. Veggie Flower Bouquet Treat-Great Idea! http://bit.ly/fUaRKw via @livinglocurto

  32. Courtney says:

    This is a brilliant idea! So creative. We don’t even have kids yet, but I think I want to use this next time we have a little party. Individual veggie vases for each guest to munch on…

  33. Veggie Flower Bouquet Treat | Living Locurto – FREE Printables, recipes, party ideas and crafts.: http://bit.ly/fJINXC via @addthis

  34. RT @livinglocurto: Veggie Flower Bouquet Treat http://bit.ly/fCHA5W Such a cute idea for garden parties! Love this!

  35. RT @livinglocurto: Veggie Flower Bouquet Treat http://bit.ly/fCHA5W

  36. Adorable Amy! Thank you. For some reason since you changed hosting services i am not receiving updates. I will see if re-subscribing solves the issue. Have a great weekend! 🙂


  37. so cute….and I love the Eskimo Joe’s shirt! 😉

  38. Julianna says:

    Absolutely adorable!! Sure to bring a smile regardless of the occasion.

  39. Way too cute for words, you are so clever!

  40. Hmm…. boys can have flowers at their birthday parties, right?! LOL my boys’ party is next weekend and setting these flower bouquets around would be awesome!!

    what a cute idea!

  41. so cute- I’m having a little day trip with the girls coming up….these would be perfect to add to our picnic lunch.

  42. Great idea! I bet my boys would even take a few bites if I presented their veggies like this.

  43. Melissa High says:

    I love the veggie bouquets, they are too cute! But what I love even more is the fact that your adorable daughter is sporting an Eskimo Joe’s t-shirt and it is in Oklahoma State colors!

  44. Kristin says:

    This is really cute and a great idea! I did something similair :
    http://homespunwithlove.blogspot.com/2011/04/food-craftidea-vegetable-patch.html if you want to check it out. Thanks for all your ideas and free printables!

    • @Kristin,

      So cute. I use this idea for finger salad on a toothpick to get the little and big kids to eat their veggies when the hostess says to bring finger foods to the potluck.


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