The Hunger Games Cookies

The Hunger Games Cookies - Free Party Printables

The Hunger Games cookies inspired by my free party printable designs!

YES! I was so excited to see these amazing cookies by the talented Lizy B.

How cool are these cookies? Seriously, my jaw dropped when I saw them… Lizy even made my fire flame. Awesome!

The Hunger Games Free Party Printables


My favorite has to be the I “Heart” Peeta cookie.  Adorable!

(Sorry Gale fans, but I Heart Peeta.)

The Hunger Games Cookies Peeta - Movie - Party

Thanks so much to Lizy B. for turning my designs into amazing cookies!

I love them!! Now, I’m even more excited for the movie. With Lizy’s cookies and my free party printables, you can have one amazing party!

If you haven’t read The Hunger Games yet, go do it right away before you see the movie. It’s one of my favorite books!!!


Please fill out this form if you want to feature my party printables on your website. Cookie photos © LizyB. Please contact Lizy if you want to feature her photos. 

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  1. @Rachel, Hi there! I use a regular sugar cookie recipe and royal icing recipe both of which can be found on my blog These cookies are not for sale, so pricing would be difficult to estimate. If you would like to make them yourself, you would spend 30 to 40 dollars on materials, and then lots of time! The mockingjay was handpainted using food coloring on wilton blank icing sheets. I believe Miss Locurto’s printable is free!!!!

  2. no one has replied back on my comments,,,dont mean to be rude or deperate but i kinda need to know…. my party is coming up soon!

  3. Rachel says:

    I meant how much on my comment below but plz answer it it would be nice… thanx!

  4. Rachel says:

    jow much money did it cost for you to make those? also on my computer the picture is not showing…is a free printable because i could really use that so i can use this for my party!!! :-p 🙂

  5. What size are those cookies?

  6. valerie d. says:

    love these!!

  7. I just finished reading the series yesterday, so I can’t stop thinking about them right now! You can imagine that these really caught my eye. Great job on the designs and the cookies are awesome too!

  8. These are really cute! With all the emphasis lately on how people use other’s ideas for personal gain (like by sharing ideas on Pinterest) I’m wondering what process you had to go through to get permission to use the Hunger Games copyrighted or trademarked (or whatever they are) images on your printables? Was it hard to get in touch with the author? Or does a different company own the rights now that it’s a movie?

    • @Lauren,
      The company producing the movie provides media outlets with high resolution photos. I drew the other icons from scratch. I made these for free to share. I have seen people selling The Hunger Games items, I’m not sure how they can do that, but they do.

  9. Oh my goodness Miss Amy, sooooo honored to be featured here! Thanks!!!! I’ll be spreading the word (otherwise known as shouting it from the rooftops!)

  10. oh how adorable!!


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