3 Simple Photography Styling Tips

3 Simple Photo Styling Tips. Take better photos today! LivingLocurto.com

Over the many years of my career as an art director, I have learned a lot about photo styling. There are numerous tips I could give you to help you take better photos, but here are three simple photography tips that I think will help anyone. Just taking a little time to think about your […]

I Heart Faces Camera Necklace Giveaway


I’m so excited about the new Exclusive I Heart Faces Camera Necklace made by The Vintage Pearl! It’s so much fun seeing a logo I designed turned into a beautiful product. I wear my necklace everyday and get numerous compliments! I’m happy to be hosting a giveaway along with I Heart Faces this week for two […]

Easy DIY Photography Backrop for Children Photos


I have been looking through old photos and blog posts that I have written about my daughter and came upon this DIY Photography Backdrops on a Budget article that I wrote for I Heart Faces when she was a baby! I miss having those days together at home while big brother was at school. We used […]

7 Simple Tips for Taking Amazing Family Vacation Photos


When traveling with small children, there are not many vacations where WE as parents actually get a vacation. I realized after going to Bluefields Bay Villas that we need more of these type of vacations. Don’t get me wrong, I love Disneyland and visiting family, but to go to such a relaxing and beautiful place where […]

Summer Events and BIG Giveaway


We had a fabulous 4th of July hanging out with friends. No crazy stories to tell, it was just nice a relaxing. I hope you had a fun time on the 4th with lots of red, white and blue treats! I love this photo of the girls in patriotic tubes and chose it for this month’s I […]

Family Vacation Photo Tips


Taking a family vacation is one of my most favorite things! With summer coming up, we’ll be doing a lot of traveling. I cherish my vacation photos so much and sharing a few simple tips below on how you can take better photos on your trips. I rarely post twice in one day, but couldn’t […]

I Heart Faces Play Photo Challenge {Paper Flower Tutorial}

Easy Tissue Paper Ring Craft for Kids by Amy Locurto | Living Locurto

Summer is almost here and we’ll be needing activities to entertain the kids. Since I Heart Faces is hosting a play photo challenge, I thought this was the perfect time to bring back one of my favorite kid craft activities! Because it’s so hot in Texas during summer months, we are either swimming or indoors. I’m always […]

I Heart Faces Photo Challenge {Wind}


I am co-founder of I Heart Faces, a fun website with monthly photo challenges and free photography tutorials. I do a lot of behind the scenes work and often get too busy to participate in everything we do. Now that it’s spring time, my taxes are almost done and I feel like my life is […]

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