Has It Really Been 5 Years?


Summer has been busy around here with work and family. Today I want to take a break from my usual party, food and craft ideas to share what’s been going on behind the scenes at Living Locurto. This month is my 5th year anniversary of blogging!!! I’m excited to have some incredible opportunities and great […]

Monster University & Juicy Juice College Adventure! {Giveaway}


I love kids and I love movies. Back in my single days, I secretly couldn’t wait to have kids so I could see all of the animated films without appearing too nerdy. ha! So with that in mind,  I’m super excited to announce my partnership with Juicy Juice and Monsters University! We are regular drinkers […]

Exciting News! Going to Bluefields Bay Villas in Jamaica


Bluefields Bay Villas in Jamaica provides an unforgettable all-inclusive family vacation and I couldn’t be more excited to announce my partnership with them! I love to travel and simply can’t wait to experience what I expect will be a perfect family vacation!! Over the last month, I’ve been talking with the folks at Bluefields Bay […]

Chickens, Fish & A Golf Cart


What the heck does chickens, fish and a golf cart mean? Well, for me, that means I’ve gone to my home town in Oklahoma! We just returned home from a 5 hour drive from Dallas to visit my family in Oklahoma. For some reason when you turn 40, your back hurts the next day after […]

Marriage… Sometimes it Stinks!


Marriage can be wonderful at times, then well… it can stink sometimes. I’ve been figuring out my taxes and trying to clean my house while I had no internet. I’m finally back online today! THANK GOODNESS! So for kicks, I felt like writing about something more personal and a bit of fun. My husband rarely […]

I Heart Faces Photo Challenge {Wind}


I am co-founder of I Heart Faces, a fun website with monthly photo challenges and free photography tutorials. I do a lot of behind the scenes work and often get too busy to participate in everything we do. Now that it’s spring time, my taxes are almost done and I feel like my life is […]

Snow Day Family Craft Idea {Blizzard Fun}

Snow Day Family Craft Idea

I was watching the news about the big blizzard in the Northeast and wanted to share this fun family craft activity that is perfect for a blizzard!

We rarely get snow in Dallas, but the one time we were all snowed in the house, I came up with a family craft challenge. It was a ton of fun!

Gather items you have around the house, such as markers, glue, candy, cupcake wrappers, paper, glitter, etc. Then set the timer and craft! Even my husband and son got into the challenge.

According to all of you, my husband won the challenge with his wild looking Love Bird! ha! See the rest of our crafts here and leave a comment with your vote. See more craft ideas here.

I Heart Faces Photo Challenge – Summer Fun

I Heart Faces Photo Challenge - Mexican Art - Photo by Amy Locurto

This month at I Heart Faces, the photo challenge is “Summer Fun”. We had a lot of summer fun, but one of the most memorable things we did was our trip to Mexico to meet up with our family from Boston. On our way to see the ancient city of Tulum, we stopped at a […]

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