Favorite Tools for Blogging

Blogging is not just about writing and creating content, there is a lot of behind the scenes business that makes it all happen. Throughout the six years that I’ve been blogging, many people have asked what services and tools I recommend. Finally, I wrote a post about the tools I use the most for both of my blogs. Not a blogger? You […]

Pinterest Tip: How to Bookmark Favorite Boards Directly on Pinterest

I follow a lot of amazing Pinterest boards, but often forget about specific ones because there are so many that I love! As of now, there is no way to bookmark your favorite Pinterest boards directly on Pinterest. So I figured out a way to bookmark them myself. Sure you can bookmark a Pinterest board […]

Important Pinterest Tips You Need To Know

 I hate getting in trouble. I always try to do the right thing, so it makes me sick to my stomach when I get confronted by someone for making a mistake. It’s even worse when you didn’t know you did anything wrong. I got my first email from Pinterest that a complaint was filed about […]

Printable Personal Planner | 2014 Calendar

Get the UPDATED 2016 VERSION HERE My 2014 new year resolution is to plan ahead and get organized. I’m really trying to stick with it, and even wrote a long post about it last week where I shared 4 reasons to write down goals along with a free printable yearly goal sheet. Today I’m excited […]

4 Reasons to Write Down Goals | Free Printable Yearly Goal Sheet

Hello and welcome back to another fun-filled year! My kids are back to school today and I finally have a free moment to write here again. Over the holiday break, I’ve been thinking a lot about goals for the new year. I usually get a LOT done, but I rarely plan in advance and am not […]

How to Make Money With a Blog

How do you make money blogging? That is the most frequently asked question I get… ever! I’m always happy to help someone learn how to make money from their blog, but it’s very hard to answer this question in just a few sentences. With 6 years of blogging experience, I learned along the way and […]

What to Blog About (New Video)

Last week, I got WAAAAAAY out of my comfort zone and tried video. It was my video about being scared to do video. Ha! (Watch me shake here.) I was shocked to find out many of you had the same fears as me!! Thanks for all of your comments and nice emails. As moms, business […]

Branding Your Business Tips

I’m discussing branding your business over on I Heart Faces today. The tips I give will work for any type of business or blog. If you are interested, I hope you will check out the first in my series 4 Questions to Ask Before Branding Your Photography Business. Thanks! JOIN THE FUN!  Click for details.

Help! I Can’t Do It All

I’m not Super Woman. As much as I wish I could do everything I set my mind to, I just can’t. As a creative person, I have too much on my mind. I get ideas all of the time. Just this morning, I woke up with a great idea for something, but had to tell […]

Mom Blog to Money Blog Workshop

I get asked daily for advice and help with blogging. People want to know how I make money with my blog, how to grow their blog, etc. It’s overwhelming and very hard to put 4 years of blogging experience into an email or phone conversation.

So when my good friend Laurie Turk started to create the Mom Blog to Money Blog Online Workshop… I was VERY EXCITED!

Are you ready to learn how to make money?



Pinterest is Changing How I Blog

NOTE: This Pinterest article was written in early 2012 when Pinterest was just starting to gain popularity. Information here is still relevant today. Since writing a post with information about my Pinterest finds, I am learning even MORE things that I didn’t know. Thanks so much to all of your comments and discussions for helping […]

4 Tips to Finding Balance for Work at Home Parents

My kids are only going to a few weeks of camp this summer, the rest of the time they are home. With no family nearby to help with babysitting, here are a few tips from what I’m doing to find some balance!

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