Superhero Birthday Party Cookies

Superhero Party Cookies by Sweetopia for

Throwing a Superhero Birthday Party for your little hero?  Amy’s Superhero Party Collection from her Party with Amy Locurto line are super adorable, and can easily be turned into cookie party treats!

Superhero Birthday Party Cookies by Sweetopia for

I was happy to make these adorable cookies for Amy to display at her CHA Booth when she launched the line with Pebbles. I’m happy to hear they were a huge hit! You can easily make these yourself for any occasion. Beautiful cookies always make great  birthday party favors!

How to Make Edible Image Superhero Cookies

You’ll need:


Before decorating:

  • You’ll need to print your image onto frosting sheets using an edible ink printer. If you only have a few images to print and don’t want to invest in a printer, check your local bakery shop to see if they can print a sheet for you. Where I live, the grocery store prints them for $10.00 per sheet.
  • Cut cookie shapes according to image size & shape. Amy’s Superhero Party Templates are 3″x4″.


Ready to decorate:

Step One: Flood your cookie with royal icing and let it dry for 12 hours. If you’d like more flooding instructions please check out my YouTube channel here.

Superhero Party Cookies by Sweetopia for

Step Two: Gently cut out wafer paper image.

Superhero Party Cookies by Sweetopia for


Step Three: Apply clear corn syrup to the back of the wafer paper or onto the dried royal icing with a ‘food-only’ paintbrush. Apply image, gently smoothing over the surface all the way to the edges with clean, dry fingers. Have a damp & dry cloth nearby to wipe your hands as they can get sticky.

Superhero Birthday Party Cookies by Sweetopia for


Step Four: Using a #14 star piping tip, pipe a scalloped edge around the borders with thick royal icing. Let the icing dry and you’re done!

Superhero Party Cookies by Sweetopia for

Superhero Party Cookies by Sweetopia for

There are so many cute Superhero Party Designs by Amy – check them all out at Pebbles in my Pocket!  Hope you have fun making these cookies for your little Superhero!

xo, Marian


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  1. Loved your cookies idea, one can fit them with all sorts of birthday themes!

  2. Marian,
    Using this same technique I could make any picture or design on a cookie or cake, right? Wow, the possibilities are endless.

  3. Superb!!!

  4. These are just too cute! Marian is unbelievable!!

  5. These cookies are just darling!

  6. These are so fun! Marian always makes the best cookies!

  7. These are way too cute!! I swear every cookie that Marian makes is cuter than the last! That girl is good 🙂

  8. Absolutely adorable!

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