Free Printable Surveys for Kids

Are you a doodler? Did you write notes in school like me? Then you’ll LOVE these super fun surveys June Pfaff Daley made for her kids. Click on an image to go download and print.

Your kid will be the coolest at the lunch table if you print these.

Free Printable - Lunch Survey for Kids

What are you thankful for? What a fun coloring sheet this would be at Thanksgiving.

Free Printable - Thanksgiving Survey for Kids

June… I love your style!

I’m so glad Rachel from One Pretty Thing introduced June to me in one of her roundups. These make me want to go find my box of notes I kept from school. Seriously, I really should find that box! I bet there are some hilarious drawings from my past. I know I did many illustrations of Long Duck Dong from Sixteen Candles! That guy cracked me up. ha!
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  1. busterbrown says:

    I downloaded the program and still cannot get these to print… HELP PLEASE! :o)

  2. Here is a really cute and survey to put in your kid's lunch box. I just printed half a dozen!

  3. Titanic Crazy says:

    i printed 14 of these so my daughter can use them to get adjusted for the first 2 weeks of school.they print fine,and they are just so cute! Thank you! They will be wonderful!

  4. i love this idea for back to school lunches!

  5. Super fun… I am printing them for my son I can’t wait till he see his freind will thin k they are neat

  6. I’m so jealous you kept your school notes! I’d love to be able to look back through mine. I’m sure I would be shocked, appalled and majorly embarrassed, but so much fun nonetheless. I actually married someone I was friends with back in high school. I’d give anything to be able to look back on THOSE notes, lol!

  7. Hi Amy!

    Thanks so much for featuring my surveys. I hope you all enjoy learning the real dish during lunch period!

    : ) June

  8. That is so COOL! I still draw notes and pictures on papper. Once, my fourth grade teacher was so intrigued by one of my doodles that she made the effort to drive all the way to my home and tell my parents that she liked it.

  9. Those are totally awesome & very inspiring!

  10. Does June have a business or website? Im looking for something like this but gear toward…mother’sday. father’s day grandma’s (for birthday) Like why i love my mom…etc.. Thanks

  11. I have a doodler kid who will love these. Thanks.


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