Star Wars Repurposed Milk Carton Kids Craft

Fun Star Wars Repurposed Craft for Kids!

Kids crafts are perfect for keeping them busy during the summer! I wrote this paragraph about my summer on Facebook yesterday, and many of you could feel my pain…

“My son is attacking an empty milk bottle with his Nerf gun while foam bullets hit me in the head and my daughter is singing at the top of her lungs yelling “What’s funny?” in between verses. Going to find some Asprin now:-) How is your summer going?”

After the Nerf gun, my son got out his light saber and went nutso on the milk carton. At that point, and after getting rid of my headache, it was pretty comical.

I decided he needed an enemy to attack. He thought that was the best idea ever. So I carefully drew a Storm Trooper on the milk carton with a permanent marker. It couldn’t be just any Star Wars trooper, but one that he specifically picked out. He would be featured on my blog, so it must be the BEST!

Please enjoy his posing. He worked hard on these! It was important to get each pose correct for all of the die hard Star Wars fans. Because you know George Lucas himself could see this.

Fun Star Wars Repurposed Craft for Kids!

Then he carefully set the enemy on the ottoman.

Fun Star Wars Repurposed Craft for Kids!

And did this.

Fun Star Wars Repurposed Craft for Kids!

And this… as I dodged a milk carton to the head.

Fun Star Wars Repurposed Craft for Kids!

This entertained him for a while.

It ended up being a fun afternoon after all. Now we’ll be saving milk cartons to make an army!

Fun Star Wars Repurposed Craft for Kids!

What have your kids been doing this summer?

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  1. Amy, you are so clever!!! my boys will LOVE this!

  2. My son will love this. My husband have light saber battles often.

  3. So cute! My boys would love this. 🙂

  4. These are good times.. These are kids at their best. Loved the shot you took while he was hitting the storm trooper. That was a nice shot!

  5. Check it! @bscotholladay Star Wars Repurposed Craft for Kids – Printables, Recipes, Party Ideas & Crafts.

  6. RT @bakeat350tweets: Have bored little boy at home this summer? For @stormcab ::: Star Wars Repurposed Craft for Kids

  7. Have bored little boy at home this summer? @livinglocurto to the rescue! ::: Star Wars Repurposed Craft for Kids

  8. This is pure genius!!!

  9. Star Wars Repurposed Craft for Kids #starwars #arts #crafts

  10. Star Wars Repurposed Craft for Kids | Living Locurto – FREE …

  11. RT @livinglocurto: Have boys into Star Wars? Here is an idea to keep them busy!

  12. Thx, my son will luv this! RT @livinglocurto: Have boys into Star Wars?

  13. I love it, I love it!!! Made me laugh and remininsce about the past when my grown 6’6 ” & 6’8″ sons were this age and my two girls were off on their own projects but each would make tremendous noise and have such creative plaly!!! I laughed and smiled and thanked God for such wonderful times we enjoyed!!!

  14. Haha… this is brilliant! My son will love it! Thanks for sharing!

  15. Super fun!! Just showed Jack and his eyes lit up! Fun and easy, thanks!

  16. Weston is standing next to me saying “That’s so cool!!!!” LOL!

  17. Thank you for the creative ideas. My kids had a big box yesterday and were making it into a castle top for their wagon.

  18. Love it!!! Talk about hours of entertainment and fun, not to mention a spin on their imagination. My boys love Star Wars and we have milk jugs 🙂 Thanks. Btw I love the paint color on the walls…getting side tracked here lol. We are in the process of deciding a neutral paint color for our living room and yours look perfect. Could you share your paint color? Thanks. Ok the boys saw your post and want me to get right to it;0) If you could only hear and see the excitement in the voices and eyes…oh boy it’s going to be fun!

  19. I love your intro to the post. So honest, and funny!

    I think you know boys…this is something they would really like. I have two boys and have to remind myself and others that they really have a need for this kind of play.

  20. I’m pretty sure my 6 year old thinks you are THE coolest thing EVER now. He saw the thumbnail picture as I was scrolling Facebook, and he was like, “WAIT! WHATS THAT!!!??? CLICK ON IT CLICK ON IT!!!”

  21. I love this idea! I have three boys….my life is spent looking for aspirin pretty much every day ; ) Maybe we could come up with a way to fashion the milk jugs into an IV aspirin drip for moms. Just a thought.

  22. LOL love it, my boys will like that idea too. Around our house the TV show “Deadliest Warriors” is a favorite. So my 6 year old takes boxes or plastic cups or really anything that can break and attacks them with various instruments – pencils, pens, straws, toothpicks, etc. and sees how much damage it will do. Then brings each and every one to me to show me how it would have “killed” or “look at that damage, Mommy”. He cracks me up. Now I’m wondering if he’ll be the warrior or the doctor assessing the damages!

  23. Oh the joys of summer..and kids! 🙂

  24. Great idea. My sons will love that.


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