Kid’s Morning Routine Flash Cards | Free Printables

Kids Morning Routine Free Printable Flash Cards. Visuals to help kids be more responsible on their own.

Getting back into a school routine will be the hardest change for my kids and me.

We are NOT morning people, so I made these Free Printable Morning Flash Cards to hang in my kid’s rooms for them to remember what they need to do. I’m crossing my fingers these fun cards help speed things along!

Free Printable Morning Flash Cards for Kids by

Choose cards for boys or girls, just click the image you’d like to download and print.

{Please Note} I changed the order since the photo was taken above. My son was kind enough to point out he should be brushing his hair AFTER putting on his clothes:-) Makes sense to me!

Free Printable Morning Flash Cards - Boy

Free Printable Morning Flash Cards - Girl

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school routine chart

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  1. Sarah Lawlor says:

    What about breakfast?

  2. We liked your printable visual reminders so much that we featured them in our blog post: Thanks so much!

  3. Love the cards. My child’s occupational therapist actually recommended a system like this. However, it would be fantastic, to be able to customize them according to a families needs. For instance, in our house we get out of bed and make the bed first. Then we dress and brush hair. Next is breakfast and THEN brush our teeth. Can the download be modified to accommodate different families?

    • That is our exact routine! I was hoping for an “eat breakfast” in the mix! That is where we struggle the most!!

  4. Thank you for the adorable routine cards!! They look really good and I am sure that they will be very handy. This is a great idea as children can visually see and be reminded of their step-by-step routines during theie morning routine. Here is a free download you may like for an activity on my blog.

  5. Great link. How can I add going to the bathroom instead of rushing hair as my son waits for the last minute to go and has very short hair. Thanks once again for this wonderful freebie.

  6. Amy Senter says:

    Great freebie! I wanted to let you know I included your link on my blog if you want to check it out:

  7. Do you have any similar cards for nighttime routines?

  8. These are awesome! Thank you so much! I am printing them out and starting them tomorrow. Can’t wait!

  9. Could you possibly make these without the numbers?

  10. Could you possibly make these without the numbers?

  11. Tempest Brock says:

    Thank you so much for these awesome free prints! I'm hoping this makes my toddler a little more compliant with our daily routine. Thanks again!

  12. Your cards are pretty and the message is clear, perfect for my girls.

    Today I am sharing your cards on Learning Beyond The Box, I’m talking about teaching life shills.

    Thank you!

  13. My hubby and I were just talking of doing this for our 2 and 5 yr old. I would love to see more cards. I agree potty, wash hands, and evening routine cards would be great! Thank you so much for sharing!

  14. LOVE love love these! But, I wish you had an “Eat breakfast” card as well.

    • Me too! We have a child with an autism spectrum disorder and I am trying to find morning routines that include going potty, eating breakfast, and to including getting her jacket on and waiting for the bus. I do have other pictures of a school bus and a bowl of cereal, so maybe I can try to adjust the size.

  15. I would love to see other options (use the potty, wash hands). My little ones need reminders of those steps too. Any chance we’ll see customizable printables of this in your shop sometime soon?

  16. I love the Kid’s Morning Routine Flash Cards, but for some reason when I click on the image it does not do anything. Would love to have them. Thanks!

  17. I love this! I cannot seem to figure out how to download and print the images I want. Nothing happens when I click on them. ?

  18. Hi Amy,

    I’ve admired your design flair for a long time, and I point my readers in your direction for free printables.

    Today I highlighted your morning routine flash cards in a post about helping preschoolers get ready for school at Parentables:

    Thank you for sharing your helpful and pretty tools!


  19. Thank you for the print outs! I am going to put the getting ready ones in my kids bathroom. Hoping this will help my daughter get ready in the morning!

  20. Thank you for sharing these! They are so cute and will be put to great use!

  21. Thank you so very much for sharing this!!! Awesome!

  22. I saw this on money saving mom’s site. What an awesome printable! Thanks!

  23. Brilliant! Thank you so much for sharing! I think I’m going to have these laminated and hang on the way in our hallway so I don’t have to say this routine a million times every morning any longer! 🙂

  24. These are so cute! I can’t wait to try them with my daughters. Thank you!

  25. Anonymous says:

    I agree… I was just gonna make the same comment 🙂

  26. I am a new teacher and would love to use this idea in my classroom, obviously with some different task. Is that possible?

  27. I love the idea of morning routine printable cards my only problem i wish for more that i can put around the house for reminders my son even tho he’s 10 he is handi-cap so he needs one for meds, check the weather for proper clothing, get his back pack ready. have lunch bag out.

  28. Hi Amy,

    These are awesome and I am also trying to establish a morning routine for my girls. When I saw your website, I was ecstatic. Would you be able to rearrange the order of the cards? 1. make bed 2. get dress 3. brush hair 4. eat breakfast 5. brush teeth? I would really appreciate. Thanks.

  29. Thank you for these! Would you consider making bedtime routine cards too, please!

  30. @mehori ?????????????????????????3?4?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  31. Back to school means trying to get the kids out the door on time after being on a "summer schedule" Check out…

  32. @Stephanie (08/19/11)~ you read my mind!

    I agree with Stephanie! Your creativity inspires me 🙂 These flashcards are very modern and adorable!

    Looking forward to finding more ideas of yours (and others)! Thank you for sharing ’em with us!

  33. Stephanie says:

    Do you have bed time routine cards? I have been trying to get my daughter back into our bedtime routine. I was thinking of gluing these on a ribbon. AM / PM back to back so we can easily flip them for the time of day. Bath – Brush Teeth – PJ’s – Book – Bed

  34. Love these! I opened them and changed the 1 and 2 around so that he doesn’t brush his teeth, leave the bathroom, go get dressed and then back into the bathroom to brush his hair. These are so cute.

  35. [email protected] MOM TIP: Simplify your mornings with these FREE flash cards to prompt your kids what they need to do…

  36. MOM TIP : Simplify your mornings with these FREE flash cards to prompt your kids what they need to do each…

  37. I’m having troubles when I click on the picture it says done but it’s blank.

  38. Catherine says:

    These are wonderful! I only wish there was a “go potty” one to use with my potty training guy who is not convinced it has to happen EVERY morning!

  39. RT @livinglocurto: Kid's Morning Routine Flash Cards {Free Printable}

  40. Check out these free kid's morning routine free printable cards.

  41. these are great for children with special needs who need a visual reminder. Going to use these with my son who is 8yrs old and has Down syndrome. Love your website!!!

  42. Danielle says:

    These are so cute and I LOVE the idea. However, I wish the numbers were customizable (is that a word?). I need my girls to get their hair brushed and pulled back BEFORE brushing their teeth, otherwise we end up with toothpaste in the hair! Perhaps no numbers would work; then people could arrange them in any order that suits their routine.

  43. Cute and helpful RT @livinglocurto Kid's Morning Routine Free Printable Cards

  44. These are so cool! I wish I had had them with my foster boys. I made some crude construction paper ones of my own.

  45. need help with routines before and after school? Check out these great printables…

  46. Kid’s Morning Routine Free Printable Cards | Living Locurto – FREE Printables, recipes, party ideas and crafts.

  47. Love these! My son has autism and craves routine-these are perfect!! Thanks so much for creating and sharing.

  48. @amariecajigas child and then partake in Parthenophagy lol RT _dani_SKRUA_: wish this child would sleep so i could.

  49. I LOVE these and am printing them tonight! I’ve been looking for something like this for my boys to use. I would LOVE it if you came up for some for bedtime routines: bath, pj’s, brush teeth, story/book time, last trip to the potty.

  50. Kids Morning Routine Printable Cards – I thought these were an interesting idea.

  51. What creative idea. Simple + Cute >>Kid’s Morning Routine Free Printable Cards by @Living Locurto

  52. the lovely things are just oozing from the screen this morning. CUTE routine pics for kids.

  53. Thank you for sharing this!! After I give my kids’ room a makeover, I’m definitely printing these out and putting them up. 🙂

  54. Thanks so much for this awesome freebie. I’ve featured it (and some other great ones by you) in my latest round up of back to school ideas:

  55. LOVE these. Thank you so much. I am OBSESSED with your website, since I found it last week! Any chance you have matching dresser drawer labels? I would LOVE a coordinating set, and I can’t seem to find cute printable drawer labels ANYWHERE. (or even free cute clothes clipart to make my own!)

  56. so cute!! thanks for sharing.

  57. Looking to get your toddler or preschooler into some helpful morning routines this fall? Check out these free,…

  58. Wanting to initiate some smoother routines with your toddler or preschooler this fall? Check out these free…

  59. Wanting to initiate some smoother routines with your toddler or preschooler this fall? Check out these free…

  60. Wanting to initiate some smoother routines with your toddler or preschooler this fall? Check out these free…

  61. My friend emailed me this link. Free printable cards to help with the morning routine:

  62. I love your cards. I think I will be printing those up. I am in love with the after school cards too. I just wish they matched your colors for the background. Maybe you could make some similar to the after school cards to match. That would be great.

  63. These are so helpful. They will definitely help my daughters’ mornings go more smoothly. I will feature these at Grab my “Featured” button.

  64. I wondered if you make an alternate set without the numbers, and also, I’d like to see some additional steps… like “Eat breakfast” and “Out the door”… actually, in my house, I need it down to the little steps of “Get backpack” and “Remove jammies” and “Go potty”… 🙂 These are beautiful and simple. Love them!

  65. Is ther any way a person can change the numbers (the order) on your Morning Routine Cards? I would put them in this order:
    (1) Get Dressed; (2) Brush Hair; and (3) Brush Teeth. (I don’t see where the order of 2 and 3 would matter. The child is in the bathroom with a mirror for both of these chores. Any information will be appreciated. Thank you.

  66. RT @livinglocurto RT @jamies4families Issues w your child's morning routine? Try @livinglocurto's free printables


  68. Hi! I ABSOLUTLY LOVE these!! But I need more. I would love a set to incorporate my daughter’s entire morning routine and an after school routine and a bed time routine. Do you offer any custom design work? Rates? I could get you a list of the cards I wanted…anyway. Think about it and let me know: [email protected]

    Thanks for the wonderful free printables you offer! They are so classy and I love your style!

  69. 2 words. Awe Some.
    I think I’l like it better without the numbers. Just for those who mix it up a little. Thanks for the freebie!

  70. RT @Pam_Glidden: RT @Lumi22: Printable morning routine cards for kids PDF file #ADHD #flylady

  71. I love these! Thanks for sharing!

  72. I love these cards — it would be great if there was another card for breakfast too! Thank you for creating and posting them for all of us!

  73. This is perfect thank you thank you thank you for sharing!!! KUDOS TO YOU AND BIG LOVE!!

    xo Steph

  74. I love your cards! Simple and adorable! However everywhere I look I start to question if anyone has issues with their kids getting their shoes on? I can’t seem to find picture cards with shoes! 😉 Any suggestions?

  75. http://WWW.FACEMANIA.NET Living Locurto – Creative Ideas & FREE Downloads » Blog .. STRISCIANOTIZIA.COM

  76. Monika Wright says:

    I am new to the customizing of pdf files. Is there any way that after we download, we can change the numbers on the routines? We do ours in a somewhat different order. Just wondering! Hope we can because I’m not talented enough to even dream how to go about creating these from scratch.

    Love your site! Awesome goodies and astounding talent!

  77. Is it bad I might need one for myself? RT @afreshspace: RT @LobotoME: loving these A.M. routine printables for kids:

  78. RT @LobotoME: loving these A.M. routine printables for kids:

  79. loving these A.M. routine printables for kids:

  80. Morning Routine Printables for Kids:

  81. Thank you!!! You are an inspiration! I love how they look, so simple but very elegant. 🙂 Thank you!!!

  82. Cute! Printable kids morning and after school routine cards: (via @BYOG)

  83. these are fantastic! and just what i needed (for my kids). thank you, thank you!

  84. These are just too adorable and just the thing we’ve been needing! Thanks so much for sharing:)

  85. These are the most darling printables! I love them. Thanks for sharing.

  86. I love these! I am going to print them for sure for Lilly. She is starting kindergarden in a few weeks and we have been working on these things in the mornings. I am always having to remind her what to do, but this way she can look at the cards. Thanks!

  87. RT @livinglocurto: Back to school freebie week!

  88. Thank you so much! Love these!

  89. Those are so cute and so smart! I love that they have words and pictures, just wonderful! You’re so creative! I’ll be linking.

  90. Ha! With my kids in jr. high and high school, I think they could still use these! I LOVE your clean designs, so cool.

  91. These are great! Although we would need couple of different steps. Maybe I should take a stab at making my own.

  92. Those are the coolest schedule cards I’ve seen! Thanks for sharing.

  93. Andrea Cook says:

    We’re using rewards. We have a jar that I keep refreshed with gum, candy, stickers, tattoos. After my daughter receives 5 rewards in a row, she earns a voucher. The vouchers include handwritten awards like “30 minutes of Wii time with Daddy,” “Bake cookies with Mommy,” “Breakfast in Bed.”

    We’ll see how it works! I plan to print out your Routine cards too! I need all the help I can get with my daughter who is is on the autism spectrum and has ADHD!

    • @Andrea Cook, wait- so not only does she get rewards, but she also gets things like breakfast in bed??? not to be judgemental, but if you keep it up that way she is going to get spoiled rotton!

      • @Jordyn, I don’t think spoiled rotten at all! I think she is learning that good behavior is rewarded …..I think breakfast in bed is a great reward!! They didn’t say she was doing it daily!

  94. These will be great for my 13 year old and 3 year old! They both need visual reminders!!

  95. These are absolutely AWESOME!!! I wish I’d had these when my kids were growing up. But I will keep these downloads for when my grandchildren are old enough to use them. They would also be good for our special needs kids to know what they need to do in the mornings. Do you mind if I share them with some of the teachers I work with?

  96. these are so cute, amy!! my daughter’s not in school, but i think i could use them some mornings!!

  97. Wow I love these! Too bad jayci probably cant understand them yet . . .
    🙂 thanks for sharing!

  98. These are great! Thanks for sharing.


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