Santa Gift Tags from The North Pole {Free Printables}

Free Santa gift tags direct from The North Pole! Download these free printables for Christmas gift fun.

I just got another great gift from The North Pole, thanks to my Elf on The Shelf, Peter! He’s such a sneaky little elf and is great about giving me the goods.

Can you believe these are the REAL tags that Santa uses for his gifts? I’m so excited to share these with you!!

Only a few more days until the big guy comes to visit all of the good boys and girls of the world. I’m thrilled that Peter snuck out three files from Santa’s computer! One is all red and white, one is red, green and white and the third file is a giant tag that Santa must use for those BIG gifts.

Download the Santa Gift Tags for free and enjoy!

© 2011-2013 Living Locurto ~ Please do not use for commercial or resale uses or Santa will put you on the naughty list. Use the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print the tags. 


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  1. Kathy Karren says:

    Thank you! These worked perfect this year! 🙂

  2. Ellen Wolter Perry says:

    These tags are wonderful! Is there any way that they can be made editable so that I can insert a child's name and have it be in your wonderful font?

  3. Mindy York says:

    Thank you for sharing these! They are darling! I’m trying to open them in Photoshop Elements, and it is asking for a Security Password. Is that posted somewhere? Thanks!

  4. Merry Christmas! Thank you for these wonderful tags!

  5. Thank you for sharing! These are wonderful! Merruy Christmas!!

  6. These are so cute! Thank you

  7. Cindy Newgent says:

    Thank You for the gift tags…I love them

  8. thank you for posting these!!

  9. Nancy Myers says:

    Thank you for sharing these. They are very nice.

  10. I love the tags but, the link isn’t working for me. What can i do ?? Please help! They’re perfect!

  11. I love these! But, the link isn’t working for me. Am I doing something wrong? Please help! They’re perfect!

  12. Hi Amy! I would love to use your santa gift tags, but the links to download are not links. Am I doing something wrong? Help please

  13. Shannon Rubado says:

    Are these still available? Three is no longer a link to download. They are soo cute!

  14. I just wanted to thank you for the printable. Here I am at 1:30am printing some out for my kids’ Santa gifts 🙂

  15. Thanks, I hate trying to disguise my writing, lol

  16. Thank you so much for having these available for us to use. It will make my daughters’ gifts that much better

  17. I used these tags for a recent Christmas party I hosted – they were great! I also shared them on my blog with a link to your site! Thanks so much for sharing!

  18. Love these! Thanks so much.

  19. Thank you for the tags! Super cute ideas are now popping into my head for use with SANTA”s bag!

  20. Can I get the protection code so I can print my kids names on them in Photoshop? Pretty please???

  21. Any ideas on how I can print their names on your super cute labels???

  22. I used your Santa tags this year and loved them! I used a dual tip red Sharpie fill in the names and they looked great. Thank you!

  23. The most fabulous Santa labels, it will really make it believable.

  24. love them, but disappointed and didn’t end up using. i wanted to type in my child’s name before I printed them. the file was completely secured so i was unable to do so. it looks faked (not like it’s actually from Santa) since it had two different scripts/colors, etc. i know you probably have a great reason for the protection, but it punishes the honest people!

  25. Lauren Lara says:

    Cutest things ever! Thanks Amy! Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  26. too cute! Thanks Amy I just printed some!

    Merry Christmas

  27. Thanks so much love to use these on my honey’s gifts this year

  28. Thank you so very much, I have been looking for something like this all week.

  29. I really needed this! Thank you!

  30. Thanks o lot, it’s always a pleasure those printables !

  31. Thank you. These are wonderful as I am just about out of my store bought ones and do not want to go to the store at this time just for tags. Greatly appreciated!

  32. I just printed them, backed them with cardstock, tied one to a teddy bear on a wreath in my entry…saving the rest for Christmas Eve. Sent the link to your blog to my daughter over in London.
    Thanks. Merry Christmas

  33. Thank you, Amy! Darling tags! Merry Christmas!

  34. Thank you soooo much. I usually make my own tags, but because of family emergencies, I haven’t been able to. Merry Christmas!!

  35. Thank you so much for sharing these! Jen @ TT&J shared on her facebook page and it couldn’t have been better timing!! I am printing them now! Merry Christmas and thank you again!


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    Santa Gift Tags from The North Pole Free Printables | Living Locurto ~ A DIY Party & Craft Lifestyle Blog

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