Printable School Lunch Notes

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Sending notes in your kid’s lunch boxes are always fun! Whether they are preschool age and just going to Grandma’s for the day, or if they are in the 5th grade… notes are always a good treat!


I love these printable Lunch Jokes from Family Fun

Q: What did the salad say to the refrigerator? 

A: Close the door, I’m dressing! 


Q: What has more lives than a cat? 

A:  A frog — it croaks every night! 

Print them here.



Nick Jr. Lunch Box Love Notes will make your Disney fan happy.

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Disney Printable Lunch Notes are fun.



If you’re artistic, draw personalized notes on a napkin like Cathe Holden. I love her style!



Back to School Recaps

Morning Routine Cards

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A huge list of Free Back to School Printables

Crafts for School Photos



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  1. Cathe Holden’s napkin is just plain awesome!! I love it! Great ideas thank you for sharing!

  2. I lOVE the lunch notes. My kids aren’t even back in school yet, and I miss them already!

  3. RT @livinglocurto Fun printable lunch notes for kids: (via @EverythingMom)

  4. RT @livinglocurto Fun printable lunch notes for kids:

  5. I write notes to my daughter each day that I make her lunch…I love to know she’s a bit connected to me during the day. Dad doesn’t do it on the days he makes lunch, which makes it even more special. I love the jokes- I am going to try that too!

  6. These are so cute. Love ’em. Thanks for dropping by my blog today! Now I can have fun searching through all your fun stuff.

  7. Holy molly- how fun- I’m printing up some of these to take with me next month to my daughter- I will be babysitting a few little toads. {grandchildren =)

  8. Amy-
    I LOVE all the back-to-school stuff you’ve been posting! I have printed out the morning routine cards for my 2 oldest and can’t wait to put them in little frames in their rooms!! Thanks so much for all the great stuff you always have on here 🙂

  9. Fun ideas. I like the jokes and the napkins cause I like to draw.

  10. LOVE the jokes…my girls would get a kick out of those 🙂

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