Cute Nail Polish Ideas {Cool Site Alert}

How to paint Valentines Day Nails

Besides drooling over chocolate and other foods on Pinterest, I also LOVE the creative nail polish ideas.

I sure wish I’d have thought of this when I was in high school. I can just imagine all of the time I would have put into painting my friend’s nails. Now I’m lucky to have a daughter to practice on!

I found this great You Tube Channel called Cute Polish. They show you exactly how to polish amazing nails like these…

Converse Shoe Nail Polish

Converse Shoe Finger Nails


Nautical Nail Polish

Nautical Nail Polish


Tie Died Nail Polish

Tie-Died Nail Polish


Whether I actually try these designs on my nails or not, they are still fun to look at! I love finding such creative ideas.

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  1. Love your site and this idea! Looks like a mother-daughter bonding event! You can personalize them for any event or holiday, or just for fun.

  2. I may not have a daughter but im going to find someone I can do these designs on!

  3. Cool! 🙂

  4. Great site. I’m following them now. I’m trying to figure out how I can do my fingernails for the Superbowl tomorrow. Any ideas? Yes, Go Patriots.

  5. Oh my goodness! Thanks so much for sharing your find with us, I LOVE these!

  6. nada zimmerlee says:


  7. I LOVE cute nails too! LOL I need to start taking pictures of mine! I LOVE my nail lady!


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