10 Monsters University Fun Food & Party Ideas – Family Movie Night {Giveaway}

10 Monsters University Fun Food Recipes, Crafts & Party Ideas for Family Movie Night. LivingLocurto.com

Sponsored by Juicy Juice

Lights, camera, action! Monsters University is available on DVD and it’s the perfect time to host a fun family movie night party.

10 Monsters University Fun Food Recipes, Crafts & Party Ideas for Family Movie Night. LivingLocurto.comI’m excited that Juicy Juice has partnered with Monsters University and asked me to host another awesome giveaway! Win Movie Night Packs, including the new Monsters University DVD and everything you need for a fun movie night with your family.

With all of the craziness that seems to consume our everyday lives, cozying up with your kids for a great movie is always enjoyable. Getting free stuff along with fun food and party ideas is even MORE enjoyable right?

We love Monsters University and are regular drinkers of Juicy Juice for the fact that it is made with 100% fruit with no added sweeteners or artificial colors. So I absolutely love the combination of these two for a giveaway!

10 Monsters University Fun Food Recipes, Crafts & Party Ideas for Family Movie Night. LivingLocurto.com

Every time you buy Juicy Juice, you win prizes! Fun things like a character call where one of your kids’ favorite Monsters University characters will call your home with a personalized message, books, DVD and more! Ten first prize winners will receive a $5,000 scholarship!

One lucky grand prize winner will receive a behind-the-scenes tour of Pixar Animation Studios in Emeryville, CA complete with a private screening of the film and a $5,000 scholarship!

How fun is that?

Whether you are hosting a Monsters University party or family movie night, it’s always fun to have creative themed treats and crafts!

10 Monsters University Fun Food Recipes, Crafts & Party Ideas for Family Movie Night. LivingLocurto.com

I hope these 10 fun and easy ideas give you some inspiration.

Be sure to scroll down for a FABULOUS Family Movie Giveaway!


Monsters University Family Fun Movie Night Giveaway

Your kids will love sipping on a nutritious Juicy Juice while they watch their favorite Monsters characters come to life in your home with the Monsters University DVD or Blu-Ray.

Giveaway pack includes:

  • Monsters University DVD
  • Popcorn and Cute Popcorn Bags
  • Juicy Juice
  • Monsters University blanket
  • Sulley plush toy
  • Mike pillow
  • Monsters University Mug


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This post was sponsored by Juicy Juice.

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  1. We have our favorite snacks and just kick back and watch our movies.

  2. We like to order a pizza and cola and cuddle on a couch watching movies

  3. Becky Prasek says:

    We grab all of the afghans and pillows we can find and each take our favorite “movie watching spot”.There is usually a yummy treat involved. And until recently my two girls would always bust some cool dance moves during the end credits! Miss that!

  4. Yamel Hernandez says:

    We have to make popcorn! lights off and cozy up with blankets…

  5. We love to make treat, drink tea, and cuddle up while watching a movie

  6. We like to pop corn and pile onto the sofa.

  7. Rachel Smith Anderson says:

    Our movie nights involve popping popcorn and hanging out on the couch in our pjs. 🙂

  8. Elizabeth Phipps says:

    Usually, our family movie nights are a pizza picnic on the floor, which is a big treat in our house 🙂 Sometimes kettle corn and/or ice cream follow…

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  10. Movie nights are usually more like movie mornings for us with our toddler who is just getting to see Movies. She loves cuddling with us and laughs out loud and we mostly watch her;)

  11. Aimee Roberts Porter says:

    We love to have a popcorn bar! We set up bags of hot popcorn along with all kinds of toppers like parmesan cheese, raisinets, herbed butter, etc. Everyone makes their customized mix mid-movie. So much fun:)

  12. Maira Sullivan says:

    We love to cuddle up on the sofa with a blanket!

  13. Miriam Parker Lapson says:

    We use family movie night as an excuse to have a picnic on our living room floor. We order pizza or make a meal of finger foods, lay out a blanket and everyone gets to lounge around eating at their own pace, enjoying the movie and each other's company. Popcorn and movie candy for dessert and it's a perfect night for our family of five!

  14. christine reyes says:

    When my family watches movies, we usually turn off all the lights and enjoy it in the dark. Also, my boys love action movies.

  15. We make popcorn, turn on the fireplace (if it’s winder) and all watch the movie chosen by the person-of-the-week!

  16. movie night = pizza night at my house. frozen, homemade or delivery… doesn’t matter, but there are always slices of pizza being eaten while watching the flicks!

  17. We love to have popcorn and snacks with stuffies!

  18. On our family movie nights we turn out all the lights, put a fire in the fireplace and get cozy!

  19. Popcorn and other snacks! thanks so much!

  20. During the summer months, we love to visit the Drive-in for movie nights. During the colder months we cuddle up at home with popcorn and have movie night!

  21. Ronee Kramer says:

    We love to pull all blankets and pillows from the beds and make a huge cozy area on the living room floor for everyone to sit. We always pop popcorn and set the lights to "theatre lights". (Dimmed low). This is our Friday night family time together with our three little kids.

  22. Michelle Drollette says:

    My husband and our two sons (4 & 19 months) all lay on sleeping bags eat popcorn and have family movie night.

  23. Ceci White says:

    We always cuddle up on the couch together and enjoy a bowl of popcorn!

  24. We love to get cozy on the couch with a DVD and popcorn! 🙂

  25. We love to cuddle up to our favorite blanket with popcorn and stuffed animals!

  26. Awesome! My kids love these characters!

  27. We love making fun popcorn creations for movie night.

  28. We like to have snacks when we watch movies..

  29. Mary Gonzales says:

    Movie theater style popcorn sprinkled with M&M's is our special movie night treat.

  30. We like to get our favorite blankets and all pile on the same couch. 🙂

  31. Making homemade kettle corn and getting cozy on the couch!

  32. We get the popcorn ready along with something to drink. Turn the lights off, pull the blankets and pillows out so the cats can curl up with us. Stick the movie in the DVD player and enjoy the show

  33. blanets & pillow in the living room

  34. We spread blankets on the floor and everyone eats ice cream and watches a movie

  35. We pop popcorn and turn off all the lights and act like we are at the movies for real.

  36. A fun family flick, lots of snacks and lots of pillows and blankets make our movie nights perfect!!

  37. Amber Messick says:

    We love to get into our PJ’s, pop some popcorn and lay the sleeping bags out on the floor.

  38. Maryann Selders says:

    While camping we make popcorn over open coals, set the movie up on a
    DVD player and sit around the warm fire and watch the movie.

  39. We, too, get out an air mattress, pile on the pillows and a couple of blankets. Then we choose a COLOR theme for our treats.Choose one – red, green, blue, brown, white… whatever. Then I think hard to gather treats of all that same color, trying to come up with some healthier treats too, and of course a matching beverage. It’s always fun to see what we come up with for the “color of the night”.

  40. We make home made popcorn, and everyone is usually under a blanket. Life is good on movie night.

  41. we like to pop popcorn and turn the lights down low.

  42. Popcorn, usually popped in Hubby's big oil popper box thingy.

  43. we get out the air mattress and every blanket in the house and all lay on the floor with a giant bag of popcorn and the fire in the background. Of course we add gummy bears to our popcorn!

  44. Tabathia B says:

    We curl up on the couch and floor, make popcorn, cookies and put M&M’s in the popcorn and drink juice during movie night

  45. My kids love the fact that they get to stay up later than usual!

  46. Nicole Proctor says:

    We just love simple. Popcorn with M&M’s, blankets, pillows and cuddles!

  47. stephanie j says:

    We lay blankets our on the floor so everyone in the family including the pets can hang out together and watch the movie.

  48. We always pop some popcorn, everyone grabs a favorite blanket and stuffed animal, and we cram into the living room. Since we are a bilingual family, we usually decide if we are watching in German or English that movie night. Thanks for the fun giveaway!

  49. We always watch movies in our blanket forts!

  50. We love to have popcorn with m&m's in it my kids love it

  51. Karina Perera Ward says:

    Popcorn is a must! But it's always great to have some other special treat to match the theme of the movie!

  52. My family and I watch movies together in our home theater. It’s a wonderful luxury to have, and makes our movie nights that much more special together.

  53. Jennifer Rudolf Cherry says:

    We make homemade popcorn sprinkled with M&M's!

  54. We like to have popcorn and watch movies in our pajamas.

  55. We love to get out blankets, pillows & make
    Popcorn when we have movie night

  56. My twins love watching movies! Thanks for the opportunity 😉

  57. We like to get pizza and eat dinner in front of the tv (a rare treat) while we watch our movie.

  58. Popcorn is a movie must for us so depending on the movie will depend on the type of popcorn – sweet, salty, buttery, etc. We then have themed candy. We all get our blankets and get the room real dark like a real movie and watch! Always so much fun!

  59. Stephanie Foster says:

    Definitely popcorn and treats for our movie nights!

  60. For movie nights we eat popcorn and all huddle together on the couch or even our king size bed at times!

  61. we love to cuddle and eat popcorn 🙂

  62. We set up special "movie theater seating" and have popcorn and special treats!

  63. We make whirly popcorn topped with butter and truffle salt. Heaven, you will never go back to theater popcorn again.

  64. We love to get in our jammies and make a pallet on the floor!

  65. We always have to have popcorn with hot chocolate in the winter and a box of candy! In the summer we substitute hot chocolate for lemonade or something cool.

  66. Stephanie Foster says:

    My kids love earning tickets all week long by doing chores and nice things for others. Then Friday night they can cash their tickets in at a little concession stand I set up. They love eating their treats while we have family movie night!

  67. Cambric Mathews says:

    movie night ALWAYS involves popcorn. my kiddo loves to sit and watch a movie with popcorn. plus it helps him hold still and focus. lol 😉

  68. Movie night is always a challenge. Who get to pick the movie, the popcorn and the hot chocolate, and of course the control remote, but the best part is to have our kitties snuggle with us.

  69. Jessica Briscoe Schrock says:

    This is my daughters fav right now Monsters Inc. and her older brothers still sit each and every time just to watch it with her 🙂

  70. Shelly Gertge says:

    We plan it a day in advance, to make it more exciting leading up to it! We have something to look forward to and to use as a reward.

  71. Matt Stringham says:

    we all snuggle up on the couch with some hot tamales and popcorn! so much fun!

  72. for our family movie nights, we always have coconut milk ice cream (special treat!), and mini caramel apples (I make mini apple balls from a melon baller, then dip them in caramel). Pajamas are *also* a must! 🙂

  73. Debra Hall says:

    for movie night we have our favorite foods and snacks

  74. For our family movie nights, we move our coffee table and make a make-shift bed with lots of pillows and blankets so that we can all snuggle togethEr while watching a movie.

  75. Tiffany Marston says:

    We pop popcorn and get snacks and all gather in the living room … we love watching 3d movies together at home!!

  76. Sheila Rasmussen says:

    Movie nights here mean tons of blankets, forts made out of cushions and the kids in pup tents!

  77. Jessica Velasco says:

    For our family movie nights, we move our coffee table and make a make-shift bed with lots of pillows and blankets so that we can all snuggle togethEr while watching a movie.

  78. Amber Dumitrache says:

    Movie nights for us are special because when my husband deploys its something my daughter and I continue to do. It’s something special that makes her think about her dad when he’s gone 🙂

  79. We like to eat popcorn on our movie night.

  80. Loved Monsters Univeristy, it was a great movie! My son who is 5, loves the Juicy Juice apple juice boxes. He calls them the “monster juice boxes”. =)


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