Living Locurto FAQ

What printer do you use? 

I love my Canon i9900. This is great for my design comps since it prints up to 13″x19″. I’ve had this for about 6 years and never had a problem. I also have 2 other printers… an HP Laserjet 5000 and a Canon MP 460.


What paper do you use?

My favorite paper is Red River Paper, they specialize in ink jet papers. The 60lb Polar Matte is awesome, it produces really bright images.

I also really like double-sided matte paper for when I print on both sides. Epson and Staples brands are both good. You can always find several packages of sticker paper on my shelves as well.


I can’t get the printable files to open what should I do?

You must have the Free Adobe Reader to be able to view and print your PDF files. Make sure you have the latest version for your files to work correctly. You might also try a different internet browser.

The latest software installed on computers will automatically open a zip file when you double-click it. If not, your computer doesn’t have software already built-in, so you will need to install a zip file decompression software.

Two popular free decompression software programs are WinZip and WinRar.

If you still have problems, the file might have been corrupted when it downloaded to your computer and you need to contact me.


Can I change the colors and fonts on your printables?

Sorry, no you can not. Adobe Acrobat Reader does not allow edits of fonts or colors.

I like your designs, but can you personalize something for me?

Sorry, but no. I wish I had time to help, but with my family, several businesses and an email in-box full of unread emails, I just don’t have time for custom design jobs.

Do you have discounts on your membership? 

Actually, the current membership price is already discounted. Signing up now gives you 1 year subscription at a 6 month price. If I have more news about discounts I will announce via my free email newsletter.

What were you doing when you decided to create your own business?

I started my career as an Art Director for Fossil in the early ’90s. I was in charge of photography styling and design for the catalog, designed watches, belt buckles, key fobs, and packaging, and even worked on some design for the retail stores. Then the internet boom came, so I moved into a career focused mainly on internet design and marketing materials for large businesses. I eventually started my own design firm in 1999 designing corporate marketing materials and websites. Then this blog was born in 2008 from my need to share my creative whimsical side.

Amy Locurto Styling a photo session

Photo by Keli Hoskins.

How do you do all that you do?

I don’t sleep much! Seriously… I only get about 5 hours of shut-eye a night. My husband helps out a lot too:-) My goal is to get more sleep!


What is your favorite pastime besides arts and crafts?

I LOVE playing tennis, photography, reading and traveling.


How do you make your printables? Are they original drawings or stock? How can I do what you do myself?

All of my designs are original and usually hand drawn, then scanned and traced in Adobe Illustrator. I have gotten pretty good with drawing directly in Illustrator, so some designs I whip out pretty quickly.

Unless you’re a professional designer, you don’t need Illustrator. I’m on the hunt for affordable drawing programs because I get this question so much. Right now, I have been recommending Photoshop Elements. You can download free trials of Adobe programs at You can also try these online program,

After you are done designing, just save as a PDF file and that’s it!

See my equipment and recommended products here.


How do you stay so organized?

I AM NOT an organized person! I just have good ideas for organizing. I have good intentions of staying organized, but never follow through:-) It’s the artist in me that works best in clutter I guess. I have goals of being organized though. I’m trying!

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