Kindness in Food

Mom it Forward is having an awesome giveaway for people who blog about Random Acts of Kindness.

{I am entering today by writing this post}

Probably the most kind thing I’ve done lately is providing meals for friends. My friend Stephanie has been trying to cope with with her baby having seizures. Just looking at this photo makes me want to reach out and hug her! They’re still trying to find answers and living day to day not knowing what will happen next.

While she and her husband were practically living in the hospital, I rounded up some girls to provide her with meals when she came home.

Next week, I’ll be making a meal for a friend who just had a new baby! Food is something everyone needs and who doesn’t enjoy someone cooking for them?? So there is my act of kindness for the week. I’m not curing cancer, but if I make someone’s life a little easier… it sure makes me smile!! Spread some kindness and enter to win some goodies:-)

Have a great weekend!


P.S. I’ll have a new Weekly Menu Plan Saturday!

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  1. You are so thoughtful. When our twins were first born, our son was very sick and both babies were in the hospital. It was a chaotic time and I remember very few details about that time period, but I bet I can tell you who brought us which meals and when! It really touched my heart. The only thing better than a home cooked meal is a Dine-in (restaurant delivery service) gift card to use whenever the person wants to. Way to be an awesome friend. I will be thinking about your friend!

  2. Making meals for people is wonderful. My mom has been going through chemo and her neigbors have been bringing her food twice a week and it is greatly appreciated!

    My mom lives alone and doesn’t feel like cooking for herself sometimes and it’s just nice to have a cooked meal all done for you!

    Hope your friends gets some answers soon. Waiting is the hardest part.

    Donna’s last blog post..Donna in Wonderland

  3. Food is such a wonderful gift, and such comfort at times of need. I hope your friend is doing better!

    Amanda @’s last blog post..Friday Finds: Printable Activity Sheets to Download for Kids

  4. Congrats Amy on TCB!
    I hope things get better for your friend soon!

    Jen [email protected] last blog post..10 minute make-over

  5. I feel so sorry for your friend. That must be so difficult to deal with!

    Each time I had one of our kids, our church would arrange meals for an entire week for us. It was one of the most thoughtful gifts anyone could have done for me. Practical and very much appreciated.

    theArthurClan’s last blog post..The Frozen Lake.

  6. That makes me so sad too. So glad you are there to help! Send your friend a {{hug}} from Mom It Forward!



    Jyl (Mom It Forward)’s last blog post..Blissdom Bliss Part II: The Definition of Mom It Forward

  7. Amy this is great. You know in stressful situations you are always worried about how you are going to feed everyone in the middle of going to the hospital or whatever. I think this is great that you did this. And it will mean so much to your friend because it is ‘hands on love’. Have a great day!


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