A Fun Craft Show for Kids

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Welcome to the “I’ll Show You How” Show!

A Craft Show for Kids Hosted by a Kid.

Join 5 year old Siena as she shows you how to do all sorts of fun crafts!

Read about how this show got started here. We hope to have a new shows often.


Episode 1: How To Make a Toy Pet Collar for a Stuffed Animal

Watch How to Make a Toy Pet Collar – Paper Craft on YouTube Here.


Episode 2: How To Make a Paper Plate Pet

Watch How to Make a Paper Plate Pet Craft on YouTube Here.

Download Free Printable Coloring Sheets for your own paper plate pets here: Pet Faces Coloring Sheets.

Episode 3: How To Make Your Own T-Shirt Design

Watch How to Make Your Own T-Shirt Design on YouTube Here.

How To Make Heart Hair Clips with Duct Tape


Hey Kids…

Tell your parent to type in  your questions to Siena in the comment section below and she might answer it on one of her shows!!

All shows produced and written by Siena and edited by her mom Amy.


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