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We do a lot for our kids! To get them to eat healthier, we might make a vegetable flower bouquet. Or we might spend weeks planning the best birthday party ever and even go as far as making a secret room! Today, the Living Creative Thursday theme is “Just for Kids“. I can’t wait to see the creative ideas you share today!

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A few summers ago I wrote this…

“My son is attacking an empty milk bottle with his Nerf gun while foam bullets hit me in the head and my daughter is singing at the top of her lungs yelling “What’s funny?” in between verses. Going to find some Asprin now:-) How is your summer going?”

After the Nerf gun, my son got out his light saber and went crazy on the milk carton. At that point, and after getting rid of my headache, it was pretty funny. So I make this for him.

Star Wars Repurposed Craft for Kids | Living Locurto


Share what you have done creative for the kids today on #LivingCreative Thursday!

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  1. We have an 8th birthday party this weekend so we’ll be decorating later today (she’s been begging for weeks now).

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