iPhone Apps & iPod touch Giveaway!

I’ve recently been made aware of a brand new app called mySurface. You know how I LOVE my iPhone. Apps are the best part about it. I thought it would be fun to make a list of my favorite DIY apps. Plus I have an awesome giveaway for you too! So, here are some fun free DIY apps in no particular order.


Thinking of remodeling or in the middle of one? Then this app is for you. It’s so cool, I’m seriously thinking about remodeling after playing with this!  mySurface has a huge amount of Corian and Zodiaq surface colors and textures you can browse by color. Just scroll through the color choices, save your favorites and call for samples in a few easy steps. So much easier than spending hours at the store. There is also a nice photo gallery for getting ideas. The hardest part will be deciding which surface to choose!


Milog Lite

Milog Lite is a great app for tracking car mileage for work. I am so much better at using this than writing my miles on paper.


BigOven has tons of recipes and photos! Great for getting dinner ideas and handy for the grocery store when you forget what ingredients you need for something.

FilterFX for Free

Want to make your photo sepia toned before you share it on Twitter or Facebook?  FilterFX has all kinds of fun photo editing filters. Like this, then you’ll love Crop for Free, another great photo app!


i Make Ups

i Make Ups is a totally fun app that has quick DIY hair and make-up video tips. I love the hair videos since I never know what to do with mine!

iHandy Level

iHandy Level is a great tool for when you need to hang frames!


Yippee! Now I’m excited to give you the chance to win an iPod touch, courtesy of DuPont. Valued at $199!


Enter to win by:

Leaving a comment. –   Let me know about your favorite DIY related apps. If you have a top 5, I want to hear about them! Don’t have an iPhone or iPod touch? Then let me know what would be the type of app you would want if you did?

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Contest closes at 7 PM (central) on Friday, October 16th. Winner announced on Saturday, October 17th.

Hooked on Houses & The Remodeling Guy also have iPod giveaways if you want more chances to win!

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  1. Enter to win an iPod from @livinglocurto! Tell her about your favorite DIY apps: http://tinyurl.com/mysurface #mysurface

  2. Enter to win an iPod from @livinglocurto! Tell her about your favorite DIY apps: http://tinyurl.com/mysurface #mysurface

  3. Enter to win an iPod from @livinglocurto! Tell her about your favorite DIY apps: http://tinyurl.com/mysurface #mysurface

  4. Enter to win an iPod touch from @livinglocurto! Tell her about your favorite DIY apps: http://tinyurl.com/mysurface #mysurface

  5. Enter to win an iPod from @livinglocurto! Tell her about your favorite DIY apps: http://tinyurl.com/mysurface #mysurface 18 minutes left!

  6. RT @livinglocurto: Hurry! Just a few more hours for a chance to win an iPod! http://tinyurl.com/mysurface #mysurface

  7. Enter to win an iPod from @livinglocurto! Tell her about your favorite DIY apps: http://tinyurl.com/mysurface #mysurface

  8. Oops forgot to say that I subscribed to your blog too- glad I found you!

  9. Would love the opportunity to win this interesting tool!Does the win include you helping us figure out how to use it!! I am a tech dummy for sure. I like the level app- I am always hanging things crooked!

  10. The best giveaway ever 0.o
    I dont have one but i would love to get one soon. Or receive it as a gift lol
    Don’t want to write down on paper anymore , so Milog Lite
    is my N1:)))

  11. Barbara Lopatin says:

    I subscribed with my email address, thanks, love the blog! 🙂

  12. Barbara Lopatin says:
  13. Barbara Lopatin says:

    Would love an iphone or ipod touch so I can download the apps I’ve fallen in love with (LOL!). I SO want The Epi-Log by Epicurious.com which has recipes and shopping lists. I love Epicurious, I’m a big foodie/cook, I think this one would be loads of fun!

  14. oh btw, just to share some of my little opinion here…
    my favourite app would be MySpace out of all. Why? because i have always imagine how my dream home would be in the future. So one of my hobby include browsing through magazine looking at how their idea of design.

    Browsing is one thing, to formulate an idea is another challenge. With this apps, this is made possible!! great!! Simply by just choosing the fav colour, fav texture etc. formulate the idea, and save…walaa~my idea of dream home is 50% done!!

    the other 50%?? Have an iTouch in hand and try out the app!!! =p

    Great giveaway, great site, great content and great idea from the developer…superb!!

  15. susbscribed

  16. hehe…i have made a youtube video about this giveaway http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-s3_qHWiBIY

  17. great im in!!!

  18. I subscribed too!

  19. I’m not familiar with a lot of apps because I don’t own an Iphone or Ipod touch yet. My favorite apps would include anything to assist with crafting. BigOven looks AWESOME too! Thanks for the chance to win. I just found your site from an I<3faces tweet and I LOVE it! :o)

  20. Erin Walsh says:
  21. Check out my blog entry… done at the last minute!


    Good luck everyone!

  22. Erin Walsh says:

    Subscribed to Living Locurto RSS feed.

  23. Check out my tweet about your contest!!



  24. I am now a suscriber!

  25. Well, I don’t have an iTouch, but I am an avid apple user,

    I am not sure of the app I would use most — probably to find the closest starbucks, or check to see how much tip I should leave when dining…

    Hopefully I win!

  26. Erin Walsh says:

    I don’t have an iPod Touch, but if I did, I’d want an app that could keep track of sales at local stores. So you could go in the store, push in their name and pull up all of the sales, best first.

  27. I subscribed to Living Locurto via RSS.

  28. I tweeted about the giveaway – http://twitter.com/deanna_j/status/4928744713

  29. My favorite DIY related app would be an app like myPANTONE.

  30. I’ve subscribed to your RSS feed. Thanks! 🙂

  31. Enter to win an iPod from @livinglocurto! Tell her about your favorite DIY apps: http://tinyurl.com/mysurface #mysurface

  32. I don’t have an iPod iTouch (yet), but using the level app would be awesome for home dec projects!

  33. I tweeted! I’m @fringies.

  34. I don’t have an iphone or itouch, but I think that level app is awesome. It would also be really cool to have one that lets you enter all the ingredients from the dish you’re making for dinner & then tell you what the nutrition values are for it.

  35. Elizabedth M. says:

    I would like to try out some of the new kids appl.

  36. I just tweeted! My twitter username is @karaswims.

  37. I don’t own an iTouch but I’d love to see more apps available that would make it possible for people with disabilities (like me) to Do it OURSELVES. Examples related to design might be an interactive app that would rate the accessibility of popular locations and/or remind us of ADA standards so we could compare these to the actual state of the building.

  38. And I’m also a subscriber through Google Reader. 🙂

  39. I also tweeted!

  40. I’ve only had my iphone for 6 days so I haven’t discovered any awesome DIY apps yet…but I’d love to find one for furniture arrangement in a space – you’d enter your dimensions of your room and furniture and it tells you the most aesthetic arrangement possibilities.

  41. RT @livinglocurto: Last day to enter to win an iPod !! Tell me about your favorite DIY apps: http://tinyurl.com/mysurface #mysurface

  42. i don’t have an iphone but if I did I would sign up for an app about calorie counting and calories in restaurant foods. I should have signed up for AT&T so I could have had an iphone. they sound awesome.
    Cheryl Sims

  43. I signed up for your Google Reader feed. Love Reader
    Thanks for the giveaway.
    Cheryl Sims

  44. I also signed up on your RSS feed. I can’t wait to get updates about your blog. Thank you for doing this!

  45. I just wanted you to know that I wrote about this giveaway on my blog. You can find that here: http://catchingupwiththeconners.blogspot.com/2009/10/please-dear-lord-i-want-to-win.html

    ENJOY!! Praying for a win here!!

  46. Jennifer B. says:

    I subscribed to your RSS feed!

  47. Jennifer B. says:
  48. Jennifer B. says:

    I don’t have an IPhone or IPod Touch, but I would love an app that would help me to determine what tools and supplies I will need for a job while I am still at the hardware store.

  49. I also subscribed!

  50. I’m amazed at the number of apps that are avalible for the iphone and itouch! It seems that there’s an app for everything anyone could want. I think I would find one that helped to reupholster chairs, ect. would be really useful because I’m working of a couple reupholstering projects at the moment!
    Thanks for the wonderful giveaway! You have a fabulous blog!

  51. Amy ~ I do not own an iphone so I’m not sure what all app’s there are. I’m sure enough to keep me busy Ü

    I have been a follower for a while and I just posted to my blog.

    Thanks for the chances to win!

  52. 2nd entry here. Man I would love to win this. So many cool apps on there. I dont have any gadgets to play with at all. Will tweet again too!

  53. I don’t have an iTouch, but I’m completely drooling over that leveler app!!!!

  54. i don’t own an iPod Touch or and iPhone, so i’d love to discover my favorite DIY app!


  55. I subscribed!

  56. I don’t have an iPod touch but would LOVE to have one! I would use any app that keeps me connected to family and friends!

    We just finished our kitchen and used Corian’s Rain Cloud (marble look-alike) and I LOVE IT!

    Thank YOU for the give-away!

    Best to you!


  57. Not a Touch user as of yet, but would love an app that could get you through those sticky situations where you might’ve said just the wrong thing or don’t know what to say at all without being completely rude (similar to that candy bar commercial, where sometimes you just need a little help!). 🙂

  58. Anything that keeps me updated with Twitter or Facebook would be a great app choice for me.

  59. I don’t have an iPod, but I would LOVE to have the app for tracking work milage!!!

  60. clenna in NH says:

    I am a new subscriber and I’m so glad I found this site.
    I think we’re gonna be great friends!

  61. clenna in NH says:

    I don’t have an iPhone or an iPod. I would love either. I thinkg the app for the leveler would be fantastic.

  62. And now I have posted a blog post as well. Crossing fingers and toes to win this.


  63. I subscribed too.

  64. I love the leveler app. Thanks for the chance to win.

  65. I tweeted about this.

  66. I tweeted @2reds2brunettes

  67. I’d use the photo app

  68. I tweeted!! @ElisLids

  69. I don’t have an iPhone or iPod touch so I’m not sure what apps are out there. I would love one where i could take a picture of something like a bedspread and then type in “lamp” and it would pull up lamps that cordinate with the beadspread. Wouldn’t that be awesome!!

  70. I am a subscriber!

  71. I blogged about this giveaway: Here

  72. I don’t have either, but I would love to try BigOven!

  73. I still do not have an iphone but the hubby does. But if i did, i would get the scrabble app for sure and the tomtom app.

    thanks for the chance to win.

  74. I’m a new subscriber to your blog!

  75. I think it would be really nifty if they could come out with something like that music app (where you hold your phone up to the music and it tells you what song it is) where you could snap a picture of a color or pattern and it would locate the closest match in local or online stores. It’s wishful thinking but I think it’d be really neat!

  76. I subscribe in google reader

  77. If I had an iTouch , I think the Level would be extremely helpful!

  78. I love using yelp on my iphone as it’s helpful when looking at new restaurants or bakeries. Can also help you find a good salesperson that will be helpful.

  79. You know, it’s like anything that comes from Apple…..how can you pick just one feature you love? One of my older sons has an iPod Touch and my favorite thing to do is to watch over his shoulder…..I’m certain he’d love it if I had my own…..hee hee!

    Tammy ~@~

  80. Thank you for entering my name in your iPod giveaway, I would love to win one. There are just so many uses I love it!! I think the leveler idea is fabulous. Thank you! :o)

  81. Kim from Jersey says:

    I would love a Lumber Liquidators app!! I love looking at flooring and deciding which non-carpet option would be best for my asthmatic kiddos. 🙂

    I’m a dedicated lurker – love (love love love love) your site!!

  82. Whoa this is SUCH a great giveaway! I would LOVE to win this! I have never won a giveaway and am desperate for a ipod. Thanks much!

  83. I am freaking out right now!!! I would love love LOVE to win an itouch! And I love all of those apps! Thank you so much for the chance to win!

  84. I also just subscribed. Thanks!

  85. Hi – just found your site and love it! Great giveaway – the level app would be great!

  86. i’m a subscriber

  87. ihandy level is the coolest. wow.

  88. I just blogged about your rocking giveaway. Thanks so much! Natalie

  89. Christine says:

    I subscribed to your feed. Thank you!

  90. Christine says:

    I would love to own this and I tweeted http://twitter.com/Tina12312/status/4897911600

    thank you!

  91. Christine says:

    I don’t have an iPod Touch but I know that we could definitely use that leveler app. around here. Thank you!

  92. I subscribed!

  93. I would love an ipod touch!! I would like an app that makes the teething baby stop crying, LOL!! Seriously, though, I think the level app looks cool.

  94. i would love to win. obviously! 🙂 haha

  95. I was directed to your site by ‘Hooked on Houses’. It’s great to have another blog to read and get creative ideas from. Thanks for the chance to win. I really like the iHandy app. I think I would get some use out of that one. 🙂

  96. subscribed!

  97. I don’t have an itouch but would be fun to have. Milog lite would be handy.

  98. Blogged it!

  99. Tweeted it!

  100. I have only dreamed of having an i-phone. I actually love diy and the leveling app

  101. Don’t have one. Would love to win one (17th is my 17th wedding anniv so I’d probably give it to hubby!)
    I would like an app to keep track of my xmas list!

  102. OK…so it took me longer than two and two to figure out the whole subscription process, but i’m in! and i enjoyed looking at the free downloads in the interim…i’m a fan of the candy fruit desktop pattern! so please put me down for entry #2; i don’t have an ipod or shuffle or touch or anything even resembling one, so i promise i will put it to good use if i win.

    thanks again,

  103. Wow! That is seriously cool!
    I think the apps that I’d recommend are photo related…

    appshopper hipped me to the launch of the photoshop.com app, which i thought looked pretty cool:

    …but my brother in law recommends picnik.com for its tighter integration with picasa, etc.

    so let me make this entry #1 for me into your extremely cool giveaway, and i’ll be back to tell you i’ve subscribed in two and two, as chuck woolery used to say…

  104. subscribed via RSS!

    love the star wars masks

  105. This would have come in handy in remodeling our bathroom! Picking the surfaces was not easy!

  106. i never won a thing. waw what a giveaway!
    i m not a posting master.

  107. I want to order Chipotle on my iPhone…. but I don’t have an iPhone. I have Verizon. 🙂

  108. I subscribed through Google Reader! 🙂

  109. Wow how awesome, I am a grandmother raising a wonderful second generation 6 year old. Believe it or not he has friends who at 6 have an Ipod touch…geesh…laugh! So if he is going to get one for Christmas, grama needs to keep up!!! Would love to win one for me, and would love apps to learn to crochet and keep track of patterns

  110. I subscribed through Google Reader

  111. I have neither of these, and probably never will unless the economy were to bless us with a windfall! But oh, it would be fabulous to win one!!! And what app would I want…do they make one that helps you create a signal for finding lost items…husbands in stores, cell phones, car keys…oh and my 3 chickens that go roaming acres away and are impossible to get home again!

  112. I’d love a iphone, and the kids would love the apps for games!!

  113. I already subscribe to Living Locurto. This is for my 2nd entry for an ipod touch.

  114. I would like to enter to win an ipod touch. I would really like to have the ical app. I’m willing to dump my pda Palm OS if I win an ipod touch on Saturday!

  115. I wish there was an app where you could take a picture of a room and change the color of things, like drapes, or walls, or furniture. I would also enjoy an app that shared ideas of how to make unuseful household items into useful again, project ideas. Like making an old cupboard door a chalkboard, or making a record a clock.
    I must say though I love the handy level app, I can’t tell you how many times my roommate and I used her I phone to hang things in our new place when we first moved in.

  116. This would be perfect….an app that lets me tell what my cabinets and wood floor are, and their finish, and then pulls up coordinating Zodiac surfaces.

    I have the cabs I want, in the finish I want, but now I have to drag a sample from the cabinet guy over to the wood floor guy to compare. THEN, I have to sign my life away in order to take a wood sample over to the next town to compare it with counter samples.

    An App would be great….”cherry cabs, oak floor with ebony finish, and ??? counters.” And up would pop my choices. Would be cool.

  117. I love the flixfx function. What a great way to edit photos before posting.

  118. I’m pretty fond of the iHandy Level!

  119. Stephanie Gimlin says:

    HOW EXCITING! I would love an ipod touch!

    I think one of my favorite apps would be the level. What a neat thing… I mean, let’s be real- levels are big and bulky and hard to actually level without having another person handy. Most of my projects I can’t wait long enough for someone to come home so I usually end up holding the level with my hands, the pencil in my mouth, trying to balance on a step stool- you get the idea- it’s an accident waiting to happen! The ilevel would be very handy! Thanks for the giveaway- I hope I win!

  120. And I subscribed.

  121. That level app is just too cool. I can never find the level when I need it.

  122. This is a great promo!

  123. I’m a subscriber!

  124. I don’t have an ipod or iphone, that BigOven sounds like a fun app!

  125. I already subscribe! Love your blog.

  126. I don’t have an iPod touch but would love the leveler. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been stuck without a level.

  127. I just subscribed to your blog!

  128. The BigOven ap looks awesome! I don’t have an ITouch, so would love to win one!

  129. I’m a subscriber 🙂

  130. I don’t have one, but BigOven is the app I would have to go with. It sounds fabulous! This would be so fun to have!

  131. MySurface looks like just the app I need as we remodel our living room! And bathroom. And? I NEED that level app – I’m terrible at picture hanging!

    Now I just need an iphone…

  132. I’d love an iPod Touch!

  133. i already have an itouch, so i’m not entering, but i think a must-have app would be CPR & Choking.


    it has great videos to demonstrate both. not that anyone with a child shouldn’t have training, but i’m a crisis panicker, so this is something i want to have handy just in case.

    also love wi-fi finder, FortuneBall, and Polarize.

  134. I’m loving that level! How cool is that?

  135. I also wrote a blog entry about the giveaway at my blog!

  136. I don’t have an iPod touch, but if I did, I think I would love the Mysurface ap, and the BigOven ap.

  137. I just subscribed via Yahoo!

  138. I love the apps that give recipes, the one that is a level (how does it do that?), any picture app, and the one that tells the name of songs!!! I never can remember who sings what?!?!?

  139. I subscribed!

  140. I would like an app that helps you plan/arrange furniture in your room. Ie: put in the measurements and let it give you the options to best utilize your space.

  141. I subscribed!!

  142. I would love the level app and a color matcher app. Thanks for the giveaway!

  143. And I subscribed!

  144. I’ve seen the level app – it is awesome!

    As I love to knit, I’d like to see knitting/crochet patterns (or Ravelry.com) or an app to tell you how much yarn you’d need for sweater for someone’s measurements!

  145. And now I am subscribed through Google Reader. I also forgot to say that the app I love that you mentioned is the level. How cool is that? I’d also love that could read all my favorite DIY blogs on the phone. Yipee! Talk about convenient.

  146. I’d so love to win this! I would use it so much for every little thing! Thanks for the chance.

  147. I also love the level app but I love the kids games the most. It’s so great when we are out to eat and my kids just play with the phone!

  148. I am now a subscriber. Thanks!

  149. I’ve never owned an ipod or iphone, but I think a measuring app would be cool. although, since I see it has a leveling app, the measuring thing is probably already in existence. Just shows how out of touch I am. =)

  150. I have been following your blog for a couple of months now. Thanks for all the freebies and ideas.

  151. I am just now learning about Blackberry. Would love i phone with app for photo management. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  152. And I just subscribed!

  153. I don’t have an iphone, but I’m sure an app that has anything to do with quilting would be awesome for me to use! Great giveaway!

  154. I think if i got it my five favorite accessories would be the new york times, the i measure, the ilevel, itunes and probably AIM. Wish me luck!

  155. I just subscribed -thanks!

  156. I am from Canada, but if this is open to Canadians count me in! I would love the level app. Much easier to round up my phone, rather than my husband!

  157. Already a subscriber and LOVE you blog!!!

  158. Love the level app!

  159. Just tweeted :))


  160. This is awesome!! I think the Big Ovens app would be the one I’d use most :))) and maybe the level…LOL…

  161. I subscribed!

  162. I want an app that shows me what my room would look like if I added wall panel wainscoting, larger baseboards, window moulding, etc.

  163. Love your blog and would love an iTouch! I would be interested in any decorating apps 🙂

  164. I would love to win. My husband panics every time I get out the hammer to hang a picture. The leveler might calm him down a little.

  165. christine says:

    I’ve also added myself as a subscriber 😉

  166. christine says:

    I have an iPhone and my 5 top apps are
    1. Ben by Benjamin Moore
    2. Solitaire City
    3. Check Please
    4.MacLeans News
    5. The Weather Network

    All of these apps are free!

  167. I don’t have one, would love one, but the bigoven app sounds like it would come in handy!

  168. I don’t have an iPod or iPhone, but the BigOven looks neat.

  169. This looks like a neat app. My husband is an architect and would love it.

  170. I just subscribed!

  171. I would love an ipod and my kids would finally think I was cool!

  172. I subscribed to the newsletter and RT your giveaway on Twitter. I am @krm223

  173. meredith Stankiewicz says:

    I am going to give the Big Oven app a try right away on my iPod touch. But, I haven’t really tried any of the DIY apps yet! Still getting started and have only downloaded stuff like Kidtivities and some fitness software.

  174. I don’t have an iPod or iPhone, but I’d love an app that could recognize snippets of any song. For those times when you hear a new song, love it and have no idea who it is or how to find it again. (yea, that’s happened to me a lot)

  175. I love the app from Sherwin Williams where you take a picture and it makes a color scheme for you based on the picture!!

  176. I’m a subscriber.

  177. I have asked my hubby to get me an itouch for birthday. While i was researching them I kept telling him about all the apps I wanted for it. I will add the Dupont one to my list, as we will be remolding soon and need counter tops!! I also like anything that helps me bargain shop, or price compare.

  178. Shanda Shick says:

    Oh my goodness…. if I HAD an iPhone, I’d definitely be interested in the iHandy. If you saw the pictures on my wall, you would understand.

    What an awesome giveaway! Thanks!

    shandalee84 at gmail dot com

  179. Brandon G. says:

    I would get the iHandy level app ASAP. That is awesome. And I would get a few other things like iTip. I’m terrible when it comes to calculating tip percentage.

  180. I’m a subscriber too! 🙂 Thanks again!

  181. Salome Dominguez says:
  182. Thanks for the giveaway! These apps would be fun:

    Home Sizer calculates square footage and construction costs

    Convert, a unit calculator, comes highly recommended. Helpful for converting from metric when shopping for imported furniture

    What the Font will identify any typeface. Just snap a pic of a poster, sign, or any other source for type, and you’ll get your font. Great for DIY projects!

    Found them on apartmenttherapy.com

  183. Salome Dominguez says:

    With the iTouch, I would use the photo editing app. I hope i win!!

  184. I subscribed!

  185. I’d love a new iPod Touch! My friend has one and used a garden planner app to do her whole backyard! It shows you the details on all sorts of plants and helps you decide where to put them.

  186. I subscribed, too!

  187. I tweeted about it: http://twitter.com/littlered03

  188. What an awesome giveaway! The app I would want would work similar to this one gadget I saw on HGTV. If there was a way you could put the ipod over a color you really liked, whether it be in a fabric, on a label, or on a picture, it could see the color through some sort of lense and tell you what paint color is closest to the color from many different manufacturers. There actually is a product like that, but if there was some way to get it on an ipod, that would be so cool!

  189. I would be all over that BigOven app!

  190. I love the app. “eight glasses a day” as I can’t remember anything being the mom of two little boys!

    Ps. I’ve subscribed!

  191. Enter to win an iPod from @livinglocurto! Tell her about your favorite DIY apps: http://tinyurl.com/mysurface #mysurface

  192. I tweeted about the giveaway!
    afterthealter Enter to win an iPod from @livinglocurto! Tell her about your favorite DIY apps: http://tinyurl.com/mysurface #mysurface

  193. What a great app! I passed your blog onto my sister since she is completely remodeling her new house! I would love an ipod touch. I want the iphone too, but don’t want to pay for the service, this is a great compromise! The apps seem so fun! and there are so many of them!
    I need a grocery list keeper on my phone??? Is there an app for that??

  194. I would love to be entered into your itouch giveaway. As I am reading this and learning about it’s apps, I am finding out how much I need one!!! Wow! For carpet samples, paint samples, fabric/curtain samples….I have been running around like crazy to collect all of these! Thanks for the info, and the contest!

  195. Wud love to win this and try it out!

  196. I tweeted about this Living Locurto Giveaway.

  197. I do not have an ipod touch but I would like an application to generate material shopping list for DIY projects

  198. Love to get an Iphone…..Hubby has one and I’m jealous! 🙂
    I would like the weight watchers app to help lose my baby lbs. 🙂

  199. My favorite app for recipes is epicurious

  200. Subscribed via RSS

  201. I’m so far behind in technology…I’m lost. But I would love to win..that would catch me up..LOL Peggy from PA



  203. just subscribed – l’m so happy I heard of your fab give-away so I could find your equally FAB blog!

  204. Thanks for the opportunity to enter your great giveaway! I don’t have an i anything but I would love to. I would love an app that would color match any color to the closest color in the major name brand paint lines. And the BigOven app. And the FilterFx. And the Crop for Free. Almost as much fun daydreaming about it as it would be to win it!

    I also tweeted but don’t know how to do that cool status thing.

  205. I would L-O-V-E to win this!!!!

  206. Just subscribed ; )

  207. And I just blogged about the giveaway too!

  208. Oh, the BigOven app sounds the best, no contest. Thanks for the contest opportunity!

  209. I would like an app that let me organize my window, room measurements and todo/wish lists.

  210. Just subscribed via RSS feed.

  211. I subscribed via google reader and I forgot to mention that the app I would use most would be iTrip. My husband gets lost everytime he drives ANYWHERE.

  212. Leigh Ann says:

    I would LOVE to win this!! I am behind the times, and have wanted an IPOD of some kind for a long time!!

  213. I would love to have this. I do love the idea of the surface app. I have so many of those samples stashed in my cabinet.

  214. As a landscape designer I would LOVE an app that links indoor and outdoor spaces via paint, fabrics and materials!

  215. And I am a follower

  216. I just tweeted about it. @featheryournest

  217. I use the level quite a bit. I have the ruler as well but I can’t seem to make it work correctly.

  218. I tweeted too!

  219. tweeted

  220. i’d love this! i love the level! i’m not allowed to hang things on the wall anymore… i make too many holes in the wall 😉

  221. My iPod isn’t a Touch so I don’t know what app I would enjoy the most. Although I have to say the “Level” is too cool!

  222. I subscribe!

  223. subscriber to blog.

  224. Recently got my iPod stolen out of my car so I’d love a new one! I’d love the Big Oven app to use for recipes!

  225. I would love an app that helps calculate return on investment for DIY/Decorating/renovation projects.

  226. I subscribe.

  227. I don’t have an iPhone or iTouch. The app that I would love if I had one was games for kids to play that they could do themselves. Then they could use it to play the game while we wait in line, or at the doctor, or any of those other fun mom times.

  228. Thebellsmom says:

    I’m a subscriber!

  229. Thebellsmom says:

    I love the level app too but for non DIY stuff:
    The app for Fandango is great for letting me know while I’m out when the next movie starts is pretty handy and of course, so is the weather app. I would loveeeee to win an ITouch!

  230. Just subscribed to your RSS feed, thanks for the great giveaway!

  231. Would use the Leveler app quite a bit, I think. 🙂 But I’d have to get the iPod Touch first!

  232. Just tweeted about the contest: http://twitter.com/DIYNewlyweds

  233. Great giveaway! The iHandy Level app is awesome and is so convenient.

  234. I don’t have an Ipod but would love an app where you could upload photos of your room and test out different window treatments!

  235. I would love to have this to help entertain my 1 year old son when he is screaming his head off in the doctors office. When I think of this I think of PEACE.

  236. I don’t have an iTouch, so I have no idea about the apps. I would love to explore for favs if I won though!

  237. I’m a follower via google reader. have been for quite sometime!!! 🙂

  238. Oh, I’d love one for paint samples! Gosh, wouldn’t that be easier than haing to carry around the deck??

  239. I subscribed!

  240. I was just telling hubby how fun and useful an iTouch would be! I’m not familaiar with very many apps, but would love anything that would help me keep track of our 5 kids’ comings and goings! I NEEDED the level app yesterday when I was trying to hang pictures in our new house! Thanks for the opportunity!

  241. Would love the leveler!

  242. I tweeted about the giveaway too. Hope I win!

  243. I really really NEED an iPOD touch. Thanks for hosting the giveaway. Martha

  244. Just subscribed although I’ve been following you through facebook.

  245. Elisa Bowen says:

    I would love to win an iTouch! I don’t have one and am not familiar with all you can do, but I’m sure it would help me store all of the pictures from my inspiration files that I keep on my computer!

  246. Entered on twitter. http://twitter.com/hkimbrell.

    Don’t have an ipod touch, but was thinking about giving this as a Christmas present to my daughter.

  247. And subscribed to your blog!

  248. I tweeted about your promotion!

  249. I would love to win!

  250. Thanks for posting this! I’m definitely ready for an upgrade to an iPod touch! I would LOVE to have the iLevel app. One less tool to keep track of!

  251. I tweeted about the giveaway!

  252. how exciting! I’ve wanted one but not sure if I would use it to it’s fullest potential. This would a great way to find out:) I going to buy a lottery ticket now! lol

  253. I think it would be great if I could take a photo of my room, then click on the countertop, the floor, the walls, a portion of the wall, etc., and instantly, Abracadabra! The new granite countertop is shown in the color I selected, the new tile is on the floor, the paint is on the wall, and the wall hanging/clock/etc is on the wall in the area I selected. No hassle buying, hanging, returning, ad nauseum that I seem to go through every time I make a decorating decision.


  254. I’m a Subscriber.


  255. I don’t have an Ipod – I’d reallllly love one though. I think it’d be handy to have paint and fabric samples apps.

  256. I tweeted about it! (greattobehome)

  257. I also subscribe!

  258. I love the iHandy app – too cool!

  259. I, unfortunately, do not have an iphone only b/c my company provides my phone and they apparently are haters 🙁
    That being said, I am a MAC and have been for years, I am on my second ipod that is 3 years old and is badly needing a new battery or something. I heart my ipod, I will drive back home just to get it if I leave it at home 🙂
    I love most iphone apps… it amazes me what they can do. I had not seen the leveler app till now and I’m thinking that app alone would be worth me giving up the company phone and paying for my own just to get one!

  260. An ipod is on my birthday list…this week! I know I would use an app for paint colors…what about an app for fabric…now that would be great!

  261. I subscribe….

  262. I also subscribe 🙂

  263. I don’t have an iphone but WOWEE! what a givaway! I have heard cool things about the app for a leveler or one to match paint samples, awesome!

  264. How cool! I’d use a paint sample app all the time if I had one.

  265. I’d love the level app (and the I-pod)!

  266. I am now a Subscriber of Living Locurto Feedburner Emails.

  267. I told it to my friends in Twitter.

  268. I blogged about this giveaway. Thanks. ^.^

  269. For my favorite apps for my iphone, I would love what you posted like:
    FilterFX, BigOven, iHandy Level, i Make Ups, mySurface

  270. I love the app that tells you the song your listening to.

  271. I am a subscriber!

  272. I don’t have one and would love to join in the i touch world! I would choose a paint color app or one that would show you architectural additions to the room. You could take a pic and choose paint chips and mantles, board and batten, etc.!

  273. I am a follower!


  274. I tweeted about this giveaway http://twitter.com/BeachBrights/status/4834036257


  275. I would love a paint match app.


  276. OH MY GOd I would love to win this. SOOO neat. I love the Imakeups application, that is what I totally need. These are sooo cool!

  277. WOW! I don’t have an itouch but I sure would love one!!!

  278. I don’t have a DIY app that’s a favorite because I don’t have an iPhone or iTouch but if I did … I’d love an app where you can take a picture of your room and then adjust paint color and fabric on screen. Wouldn’t that be cool!?!

  279. 2. And I am a Follower. 🙂

  280. I would love to win an iPhone!!! 🙂 I think the photo cropping app looks really cool. 🙂

  281. I would be so thrilled to win the IPOD touch.

    Browsing through the apps I would love:

    Gardening and Landscape Guide
    I Need Shopping Assistant
    GPS Navigation

    These would be at the top of my list.

  282. I just subscribed!! Wish me luck!

  283. An iTouch–YEA!!! I’d like apps where I could store pics of my rooms, then be able to apply paint colors, fabric, furniture to room to see what it would actually look like.

  284. I just subscribed. Would love to have an ipod touch!

  285. I subscribe!

  286. I would love to win this!

  287. and i subscribe!^_^

  288. I just tweeted your message and I’m following you.-msnurseonduty

  289. Eliane T. says:


  290. Eliane T. says:

    I don’t have an iTouch but I would love to try the MyFonts app. It looks great.
    Thanks for the chance.

  291. My fav apps are numerous, but to limit the space a lot of the games of course, so I’ll just list one since no games were mentioned in the aps. So, scrabble (esp connected to FB, but playing against the device is just as fun, chess too), Skype ( I can talk on an itouch walking around the house, with the mike headset and not be tied to the comp, in a wifi area of course, so if I am out of mins on my cell I can pop in a starbucks and make a call using SKype, done that), days until, translate it, pandora, if found and dictionary. So many free aps! A few of them already mentioned before. Great gadget! Wish the battery life was better on both the iphone and the touch. Thank you for hosting the giveaway!

  292. I subscribed!

  293. I subscribe through Google Reader.

  294. I would love to win an iPod Touch! Although, I’d probably spend all of my money on apps!
    1. Knit Buddy
    2. Kitchen Converter PRO
    3. Grocery Gadget
    4. Running Log
    5. and one of the recipe apps!

  295. I tweeted about your awesome giveaway!

  296. I just subscribed to your e-mail bits.

  297. I just tweeted your message and I’m following you.
    (I’m SaraEisMe)

  298. oh I want one!!!!! I’d need the Twitter app big time!

  299. I would use the handy level! How sweet is that.


  300. So I am one of the slow kids that doesn’t have one of these yet. My husband just told me what an app was because I kept hearing people say “oh I have an app for that”. So now that I know what one is if they don’t already have this I think it would be so cool to have a n app that could start your car when you are inside somewhere and you could tell it what temp you wanted the car to be so it could be nice and cool or warm for you when you got in. Thanks for the great contest and have a great day!

  301. That’s a lotta comments! Obviously everyone wants a touch. I have no idea what apps I would like but I’m thinking something along the lines of a virtual room decorator ie. add in accessories/art/furniture.

    Thanks for the giveaway.

  302. I just blogged about your giveaway. Hehe. Here’s the link to my blog: http://memetdiaries.blogspot.com/2009/10/win-ipod-touch.html


  303. I subscribed via RSS feed! =D

  304. Woooow! I have a 1st gen Ipod Shuffle so an Ipod touch… Well, I’d love to have one! Hehe… The i Makeups app sounds like fun! I know I could definitely use it since I’m clueless when it comes to hair and makeup! Hehehe… =D

  305. I would like an application for a complimentary color app. For example you take a picture of a color and then the app would come up with colors that would look great with that wall or pillow or whatever it is that you would like to incorporate into your room.

  306. i would love an itouch! they look like so much fun!

  307. I subscribe!!! Love your site!

  308. I subscribe via RSS feed.

  309. I know I could definitely use that iHandy Level app.

  310. I don’t have a touch of any kind yet but would love one! I’d love an app that would do budgeting for me. Then I could work from home better and not have to have a computer taking up space.

  311. I subscribe through Google Reader. Does that count?

  312. I don’t have an iPhone or iPod touch, but if I did I would like to use FilterFX.

  313. Would love one- – especially with the level and the oven app.

  314. I don’t own a iPhone or iPod touch, but I have drooled over the iPhone with all the great applications. My favorite app would most likely be the BigOven. I seem to always leave my grocery list at home this would solve my problem. Thanks!

  315. I’m not on Twitter but I did a Facebook status about it.

  316. I would LOVE the level app! That would be so handy!!!

  317. I just subscribed to your blog with my Google reader.

  318. LOVE you blog!!! Would love all the home apps!

  319. nicematters says:

    The flashlight is handy for late night car rides. Passenger use only, of course!

  320. Such a generous giveaway. Love everything “Apple”. They are genius. Some great apps…the Bible app “You Version”, “Pandora” music, “Yelp” reviews and really I could go on…that is, with the help of my dear hubby. 😉

  321. Sadly, I do not have an iphone or ipod touch, but I think that handy level app would rock my world!

  322. Hi there! I’m glad to be a part of this promo. I tweeted already. Would love to win that iPod Touch giveaway 🙂

  323. I’m a subscriber!

  324. I do not have an iTouch, but if I did, I’d go crazy with apps! The iHandy Level looks awesome!

  325. Never had an Iphone, but the level is so cool!

    What a great giveaway!

  326. Vanessa Sandoval says:

    Subscribed via locaconpistolas@gmail.com

    Thanks for having this giveaway ma’am

  327. Vanessa Sandoval says:
  328. Vanessa Sandoval says:

    Tweeted about this sweeeet contest.


  329. What a nice giveaway! My husband has this on his Christmas list. 😉 I’m sure he’d love the touch screen functionality… I’m also a subscriber on google reader to your blog (love it! Keep those recipes coming!)

  330. Vanessa Sandoval says:

    Oh man, I wish I had an iPhone or iPod Touch. They’re so advanced and can do almost anything it seems so my mind is just, blown. I don’t know what kind of app I’d want specifically but definitely something music related. I love music so maybe an interactive music app would be nice. 🙂

  331. I subscribe through Yahoo

  332. I don’t have an Ipod Touch or Iphone but iId love the filter app!!!

  333. I’m a new subscriber.

  334. The iHandy level app would appeal to my husband. We have an ipod nano that we love.

  335. Rachel Horne says:

    Don’t have an Ipod Touch (part of why I’m commenting lol) but I remember seeing that level app somewhere and thinking how cool it looked, especially if it’s accurate!

  336. Oh man.. I don’t have a touch, but I would use the leveler app!

  337. My two favorite apps are the Vision Board App and the Gratitude Journal app. I consider them to be my DIY happiness apps. Thanks for the opportunity ~ and check out those apps, they are alot of fun and remind me just how wonderful my life really is!

  338. D Knispel says:

    Cool idea for an app. I don’t have an itouch so I don’t know what apps are out there. The ability to see samples and carry them around would be nice.

  339. I have to say we’d find the level app very useful and entertaining! I’d be sure and find plenty of good kids preschool/games as well… perfect for entertaining while waiting at the post office, dr office, etc!

  340. made a blog entry in HERE

    oh…just wanted to share my thought =p

    the 2nd of my favourite DIY application would be MySurface. After checking up post from RemodelingGuy…i would say, this application is simply just rocks!! Before that i seriously just thought that iTouch would be much useful in my study. Never thought that in everyday life, with various applications, it can bring such convenience. Kudos to all application developer.

  341. subscribe in feedburner (medicshare@gmail.com)

  342. I’m a subscriber

  343. I would love to win and I’d love to be able to use the BigOven app to find new recipes!

  344. anyhow, my most favourite DIY application would be BigOven!! why?? because im a medical student who studied abroad. To save money, the best thing is to cook ourselves instead of having dinner outside. With this application, it will give more flavour to my everyday dinner!! haha…

    Of course it would be very nice if i got to win this giveaway as iTouch has a lot of medical application which is very useful for a medical student. At least i can spend less energy to carry my super heavy medical book =p

    anyhow, good luck to myself =p

  345. ohhh…sorry to ask this but is this giveaway the same as RemodelingGuy??

  346. last but not least, i have made a blog entry in my site!! Good luck to all~

  347. subscribe using google reader (same email)

  348. Hi Amy, i have followed you in twitter and retweeted about this giveaway (http://twitter.com/wmgeek)

  349. great giveaway!! count me in please~

    juz my opinion about the apps:

    1) most fav-BigOven
    bcoz it’s really a daily torture thinking of what to cook for my dinner every single day!! Instead of carrying a recipe book and browse through it, i would prefer to check it out in my iTouch (if only i have one =p)
    So for sure, if i own one iTouch, i definitely will get BigOven as my top priority

    2) 2nd-mySurface
    i just like browsing through housing design magazine, checking out their design and thinking what will it be the design for my future home. The main problem is, i can’t ‘record down’ the design that i want!! With this apps…it simply just so cool and handy, great job for the apps developer. (at least they understand the consumer’s need like me)

    though i didn’t do nailing frequently but it will be very handy once i need it. great~

    4) 4th-MilogLite
    great apps esp when nowadays the fuel has increased price =.=

    5) FilterFX for Free
    Sorry to say that, this would be my personal least fav apps. Why?? bcoz i usually do that in my pc and upload it in home. I don’t have a phone or device that have that function so i don’t quite sure about that function. Sorry for that but im sure some other people might like it =p

    anyhow, great job for all these DIY apps.

  350. I think the BigOven app sounds awesome! What a great giveaway!


  351. I think I would die and go to heaven if I won this! I love the BigOven app, I have such a hard time keeping track all of recipes, plus, I’m not a very good cook so the pictures would help a lot!

  352. I tweeted! (@popejean)

  353. Teresa Worrall says:

    I don’t have an iPod anything either, but my daughter Sarah does. It amazes me what all you can do on the thing! I am afraid that i would want it ALL! I found you through Angie’s website. Thanks for having this giveaway!

  354. Wow! What a great giveaway! I have to say I love that mySurface app. And the leveler! I am just about to start remodeling – ugh what a job!

  355. Don’t have an iTouch so couldn’t tell you what my favorite house hold app would be. BUT I am a list fanatic – including a list of measurements of spaces/items, colors etc of what I am looking for to decorate my house. It would be handy to have it on a single electronic device that I would most likely attach to me so I wouldn’t lose…

  356. I just tweeted!

  357. So excited! We don’t have an ITouch or IPhone but daughter wants one because they are suing them in school (in 5th grade).

    I subscribe to your RSS feed!

  358. courtney rae clark says:

    I am subscribed to your blog!

  359. courtney rae clark says:

    I don’t have a ipod touch or iphone but i have wanted one just about forever now. I heard there are some awesome sewing and craft apps. It would also help with a baby on the way and to keep in touch with my blog/etsy since I’m always on the go.

  360. I Love your blog! Its great! I don’t have an itouch, but I would love one! I think my fav app would be the leveler for hanging pics, and the hair and makeup app!

  361. I follow this blog and love it. I tweeted about this contest. I would love to win this to find out what apps are and which ones I may like…I’m still back in the 20th century!!! 🙂

  362. We are working on a few home projects right now, there are a few apps that would be very useful, but right now the level app really catches my attention

  363. I would love to have that app that tells you what the name of a song is, and the artist simply by holding your iphone up to it or by humming a few notes. Love that!!

  364. I would love to use the Big Oven app but also think the level app would really come in handy.

  365. Teri in VA says:

    I don’t have a touch but I’d love to always have a leveler. I can’t stand it when things aren’t square. 🙂

  366. Just tweeted about it!

  367. I subscribe!

  368. No iPod here but I would love some sort of reicpe app or the level is super cool!

  369. I’m a subscriber!

  370. I love the iHandy Level. I use it all the time around the house. So much easier than trying to find an actual level when I need one!

  371. Rochelle Pettingill says:

    No Ipod/Iphone touch here…Um, that IHandy level…so incredibly cool and ‘Crop for Free’ … I could be in trouble with this thing….!!

  372. i’m following ur blog 🙂

  373. plus i just became a “member” / friend / follower … does that qualify as subscribing??
    i’ve been meaning to jump in forever over here! but you know what happens when life just kind of gets in the way!

  374. i don’t have an i anything … ANYTHING. but i have been secretly wishing for one of these for a very very long time!
    a DIY app?? i would definitely need a baby-boy-nursery-decorating app right about now.
    it’s stressing me out, i tell ya!

  375. i don’t have an ipod touch, but would really love to own one!

    i want an app that can recommend the best restaurants within miles 😀

  376. I would love this. I don’t have one, so I haven’t had an opportunity to play with any applications, but the Big Oven one sounds great. Oh, and the level–I can never find mine!
    sylviarj at yahoo dot com

  377. I also added yoru RSS feed to my list.

  378. Well I don’t have an iPhone or iTouch but I know if I did it would be filled with photography apps. I also love the level app, I would whip that out on my father the first chance I got. He is crazy about having things level.

  379. I don’t have anything {i} but I would love, love, love to! My sister has an Iphone and she is always showing me some cool new app she has — I would love anything that has to do with photography.

  380. I subscribe to Living Locurto.

  381. I tweeted…hopefully I did it write (still figuring it out!). Found your blog a while back and really like it…I’m off to look around some more.

  382. I have to admit I like evernote for and taking pictures with my phone best for home improvement stuff. Then I can remember where and what I want to do.

  383. I don’t have an iPhone, but I want one! The apps look so fun! I’ve never seen the iHandy Level….that is so cool! The app I would definitely get is Urban Spoon. I’m a foodie!

  384. Following you on twitter (I just got a twitter account, it’s way COOL).

  385. I don’t have an itouch but it sounds and looks SO cool! I would love the photo editing stuff, the recipes, and the leveler (I could use that now, as I am trying to hang pictures & they mostly have all been crooked so far).

  386. I just subscribed to your blog! Can’t wait to see your tips and read what you have to blog about! I especially LOVE the iHandy Level. I have used this at some really odd times. It’s been extremely handy!! (ha-ha)

  387. I am now a follower!

  388. I love the leveler app! I don’t have an iphone or itouch but am dying to get one. Is there already a “tape measure” app? How convienent would it be to have a little tape measure in your purse? Thanks for the entry!

  389. I follow Living Locurto and it is fantastic. It is so hard to pick 5 apps. I love so many of them, but here goes…
    Maps, Red Laser, Darkroom, AppBox Pro, DropBox.

  390. I would love an iPod Touch. I have a first gen mini and this would be an awesome upgrade!

    I think the best DIY app would be color matched fabric swatches and paint swatches. Something just as precise as if you were holding the real thing in your hand.

    Love your Blog! I already subscribe in Google Reader!

  391. joining 🙂 I dont have an ipod touch yet but here are the lists of thr apps i wanted to have in it incase ill be having one 😉

    – quick office: a must for me for file organizing etc
    – real racing: love any racing games
    – camera bag: allows you to add different effects on your photos
    – facebook
    – twittelator

  392. Kristen W. says:

    Hi! What a great opportunity! I would really appreciate winning this so that I could give to my son for his 16th birthday. He has been begging me for one, and unless I win it, he has a better chance of getting struck by lightening!

    Kristen W.

  393. I don’t have an iPod Touch or an iPhone. I would instantly be elevated to “cool mom” status in my son’s eyes if I won. His favorite store at the mall is the Apple Store.

    I don’t know all of the apps, but that level appeals to me for some reason. And, I saw one from Sherwin-Williams that looks really cool.

  394. I am a subscriber!

  395. I would love to win! I honestly would load that thing up with as many apps as I could!

  396. Christy Boden says:

    I am a new subscriber!

  397. Christy Boden says:

    I do not have an iphone or touch, but I would love the big oven app.

  398. i like the big oven app

  399. i am a subscriber

  400. i tweeted

  401. I subscribe.

  402. I do not have an ipod. If I did I would gobble up all of the home improvement apps! I love home improvement.

  403. I subscribed too! 😉

  404. I would love to try out the Big Oven app!

  405. I subscribed! 🙂

  406. I dont have a itouch yet but would LOVE to use teh FilterFX if I had it, then would post them from the itouch to Myspace or Facebook directly from the itouch.
    Wonderful giveaway !!!!

  407. I subscribe and although I don’t own an itouch, I would love that leveler app! Or any app that could entertain me throughout the day (after I read your blog, of course)!

  408. i subscribe:)

  409. I don’t have one *yet* … hopefully that would change!! I don’t know much about the apps, but I just saw someone commented about KidArt – that sounds great! My 1yo & 4yo always want to play with my phone, but if I could give it to them w/an app that they couldn’t mess up the other stuff, that’d be perfect!!! Thanks for letting me play along:)

  410. don’t have an iphone, but the filterFX looks pretty cool!

  411. Tweeted about this giveaway!

  412. I love the level app. My husband and I use it about once a week when we’re trying to hang pictures or doing other things around the house.

  413. And…I tweeted. Woo-hoo!

  414. Been a subscriber for forever! 🙂

  415. Thanks to YOU, I have my iPhone already…but wouldn’t it be hilarious to see Bill walking around with one?! 😉

    My Top Five apps:

    1) Tweetie (for all my twittering needs)
    2) Facebook (easy access to my FB account0
    3) textPlus (FREE texting!!)
    4) Word Warp (fun, addictive game)
    5) iGasUp – find the cheapest gas while you are traveling

    And another one – WifiTrak (find Wifi while traveling.)

    Yay for free iPhones!!

  416. I subscribe.

  417. What a great giveaway! I don’t have an itouch but I did a search on apps and would want these on mine: allrecipes dinner spinner, print and share, photogene. Thanks so much!

  418. Deborah Bentley says:

    I am a subcriber have been for a while, I would love to win, i love the crop and free and the leverler and all of it would be great. have a great day b

  419. and I’m now a subscriber (not sure why I wasnt earlier – I visit all the time!)

  420. I dont have a iphone but if I did it would be loaded with cooking stuff

  421. 2. i already subscribe

  422. 1. I already am a subscriber
    love your blog

  423. i don’t have one but if I did I would love to try the big oven

  424. I would love to win an ipod touch. I love the app where you can hold it up to music and it tells you what song it is and who sings it!!!

  425. Melissa N. says:

    I don’t have either of them, but I want one 🙂 My husband would fall in love with the leveler 🙂

  426. I actually don’t have an iPhone, although I would love one if Sprint would carry them.

  427. I already have an Iphone, and I love it, but my husband lost his touch somewhere in the house, and it was a really cool toy to have. I like the Genius APP (for picture taking) you can do a whole bunch of stuff with it, like take a picture with voice activation. It’s pretty neat.

  428. I tweeted about your giveaway! @fashioncentsmom

  429. I am already a follower 🙂

  430. i dont have either of them, however if i did i would have big oven on it.


  431. e-mail subscriber!

  432. I tweeted about the giveaway!

  433. Awesome give-away @livinglucurto http://bit.ly/ETtnv you could win an iPod Touch!

  434. I don’t have one (yet!). I’d love the FilterFX app and the iHandy app!

  435. I would love an app that shows which paint colours look good together..

  436. I am the only member of my family who doesn’t have an iPod Touch! The app I would like is the one that identifies songs .. I just think that is so cool…

  437. I subscribe in google reader

  438. I don’t have an ipod touch – the leveler app looks awesome for hanging pictures!

  439. I just subscribed in Google Reader! Thanks!

  440. Oh I would love an ipod touch. I don’t have one or an iphone but my hubby does and he LOVES it (an iphone that is) I think I would like the i Makeup app that sounds really cool and fun.

  441. and I subscribe already!

  442. I love the ruler app I have. I use it all the time for crafting, knitting in particular, so I know how much I’ve done/how much more I need.

  443. I already subscribe.

  444. Oh what a great giveaway! If I had an iPhone I would probably use the Big Oven app.

  445. The FilterFX and i Make Ups look good to me. Thanks for a fabulous giveaway.

  446. Boy, what a great give away. Thanks for the chance! It would be a race between the BM paint color one, the level, or scribble (for the kids)

  447. I am headed back to my blog to post about this awesomeness right now!!!!


  448. I subscribe and follow!!!

  449. I like SketchbookX which is free. You can also get the paid version. You can sketch all the ideas you want!

  450. I tweeted about this. twitter.com/mistydowdy

  451. I do not have an iphone but any of those you mentioned that deal with photos would be awesome to me! I have been wanting an ipod touch so badly! Thanks for this awesome opportunity!

  452. Tracie Koenig says:

    Just subscribed to you!! Can’t wait to browse your site tonight!! I love the leveler app!!!

  453. What an awesome giveaway, Amy! I am in the dark ages here! Angie was telling me about the ipod touch and how it can connect to wifi. I had no idea. She probably told you that I steal her ipod (phone) whenever we’re out. Now, I’m just waiting on my phone to die so that I can have an excuse to buy one.

    So apps….that’s tough because I have no idea what is available.
    How about a paint swatch one? I’m always grabbing paint swatches at the store and then losing them. They could even go further by letting you take a picture of the room you want to paint, and showing you what the paint would look like in your exact room. Hey, that’s not asking too much, is it?
    The rest may not fall under DYI, but I’d love something that lets you record your voice and automatically converts it to MP3 and perhaps sends it to your e-mail. I have to record audio for school all the time, and that would cut out some steps in the process.
    GPS…I’d love that!
    Garage sale mapper…I always thought it would be cool to enter in all the garage sales you want to go to, what time they start and the application could pick the quickest route that covers them all.
    Since ipods do practically anything, I think they need to include a scanner that you swipe over business cards, recipes, etc. and it stores it in your phone.

  454. I’m a subscriber to 🙂

  455. oooo please can I win this :)……ok I love the level app, the big oven and FilterFX,,,,,I was messing with my sisters and I sooooooo wanted one………

  456. I would give my right pinky toe for this 🙂 I love the ap BEN, as in Benjamin Moore. You get to pick colors for your house.

  457. I don’t have an iPhone but I would totally want an app that cleaned my house. They make that, right?

  458. I blogged about the giveaway.

  459. Wow! What a great giveaway! I do not have any iPhone. I think the FilterFX ap sounds cool.

  460. Just Tweeted about the contest.


  461. Don’t own an iPod Touch or iPhone but if I did I would like and App that would count my steps throughout the day.


  462. I learned of this awesome giveaway because I am already a subscriber to Living Locurto. Love your website!!


  463. I would love to win an iPod Touch. My son just got one and I’m sooooo jealous. They look like so much fun. Keeping my fingers crossed.


  464. the photo fix app sounds great. i don’t have an iphone and am very unfamiliar with all the features. but i’d sure love to win one.

  465. And how did I did I find out about this giveaway? Because I already subscribe to Living Locurto!

  466. I have an iPod Touch–that I love! Got it when I was faux finishing to have my portfolio with me at all times. So Photos was my reason for getting it. Then…I discovered Twitterific and Wi-Fi onnections…email and google reader. I am Lusting for an iPhone! Oh…to be connected 24/7!

  467. Sarah Reed says:

    I subscribe through Friend Connect and I subscribe to your blog feed!

  468. Sarah Reed says:

    I don’t have one, but I would love an app where I could plan a meal – recipes, shopping list, etc – while still at work!

  469. And tweeted:

    @livinglocurto is having an I-phone giveaway. I need one: http://bit.ly/48veaU

  470. Amy, I need one of these! I’m behind on all these gadgets, but I’m sure I could love it.

  471. I am a subscriber.

  472. I don’t have an iphone or ipod touch but would love to win one. I think the phote app would be fun to play with.

  473. alteredfields says:

    don´t have iphone or ipod touch, if i had i would try to check how is it for ebooks so i would search for ebooks aplications..
    thank you!

  474. alteredfields says:

    I am a subscriber .

  475. alteredfields says:
  476. I have none of this cool stuff…winning could propel me into this century!

  477. I just tweeted about it.

  478. I am a subscriber too!

  479. I twittered about it too!! 😉

  480. My favorite app is the Whole Foods recipe one. You can do search for specifc recipes for gluten free, dairy free, etc. The best part is you can enter in the items you have on hand and it’ll show you recipes that use those items.

  481. Wow! Amazing give away! I just got my iPhone less than a week ago, so I am still discovering all of the fun apps out there!
    So far, FilterFX is my fave!
    My Hubby wants the itouch now after playing with my iphone!

  482. I tweeted! AND I need an iPod touch so I can learn to do THIS! http://www.flickr.com/photos/suzi54241/sets/72157622337918139/

  483. Catherine S says:

    i subscribed too!

  484. Catherine S says:

    love that level, maybe I can convince my hub to buy me one if I let him use that app! I can see the whole app thing is very addictive! thanks for the opportunity to win!

  485. Awesome! I had no idea that the i-pod touch could do those things! Amazing!!! I would love to try the decorating one. I am always wanting to remodel and wondering what color combinations would look good!!!

  486. I agree that for the on-the-go app the level is the most used app in my house.

  487. I subscribe to your blog.

  488. I’m already a subscriber, too!

  489. I like DIY Painter, an app with a paint calculator and assistance with types of paints and even local paint prices! it offers videos, too. Cool. In the more art/craft arena, iKnit Needle Sizer is amazing! Works perfectly. If you knit, you should add it to your app collection.

  490. I’d love to use the Big Oven app! Great giveaway!

  491. I don’t have an iPhone or iPod Touch but SERIOUSLY (!!!) how cool is that level app?!?

  492. I’m a follower for sure!

  493. I have subscribed

  494. I would love to have this and my favorite apps would be the level and the Light, two things I have have on me when I need them!

  495. Subscriber!

  496. I don’t have an i-Phone yet, or a cell phone for that matter yet. I know I’m behind the times. But I love those apps you showed! If there is an app for decorating or photos then I love it! Thank you so much for the chance!

  497. Seth Elschlager says:

    I don’t have an ipod touch (but would love one…on Friday, someone just broke the window in my car to steal my ipod classic and gps), but a friend uses Handyman Sidekick App. It does calculations for painting, wallpapering, flooring, and gardening. It tells you how much mulch to buy, how much paint to use, number of rolls of wallpaper, sounds like a great app for those DIYers!!

  498. I don’t have an itouch but the big oven sounds interesting!

  499. I am a new subscriber on bloglines.

  500. a couple of my fav apps.

    eight glasses a day (to track your water intake)
    free wi-fi (helps me find where i can get wifi)
    all recipes
    at bat lite (yeah i’m a dorky baseball fan!)
    pandora (music!)

  501. Paola Levi says:

    That was from me dont know why it says i am anonymous
    🙂 Paola

  502. Anonymous says:

    Love your blog, i am a follower. Wouldnt even know what to do with an i phone as i just got the nack of email and internet in the past year. Not even sure if its open to all, but you gotta be in it to win it,he he
    🙂 Paola

  503. Okay, now I have tweeted as well!

  504. I am already a subscriber!

  505. I would like the Level app! I am an “eyeball it” kind of girl usually so this would be super handy…

  506. what awesome blog candy! I already subscribe to your blog. I don’t have an IPod. but if I did I would love an app to keep track of my quilting and scrapbook supplies. I think that would be wonderful. or to keep track of books I have read.

    thanks for putting my name in the hat!

    Lorene H

  507. I don’t have an Ipod, but I’d probably get a bunch of game-related apps… Something entertaining 🙂

    That mySurface looks pretty cool, it’s a good idea.

  508. And just because I have been loving your site the last couple days after finding it from a link to the Halloween costumes I had to follow your blog too for one more entry.

  509. Love love the level. My FIL has an itouch and he has let me use the level several times. I can’t wait to see if I win. 🙂

  510. I tweet’d your fabulous contest on twitter

  511. I don’t have an IPOD but I totally want one of them! I have been hearing a lot about apps from all my friends that have an IPhone and I wanna be just like them. As far as Apps, that level would be nice just to show Husby up. HeeHee!

  512. I would love an ipod touch to play solitaire on. I remember learning solitaire from my grandmother when I was little and love playing it still. It reminds me of her and brings her a little closer now that she is gone.

    I would probably also like apps on crafting as well educational stuff for the kids that would keep them busy for a few minutes.

    What a great thing to do for your readers.

  513. I don’t have an Iphone but I would Love the Big Oven app. It would be so cool.

  514. I’m a subscriber!

  515. I would like an app that lets you browse through paint sample colors. Then I could just hold it up to my walls!!

  516. April Vereb says:

    I’m subscribed to Living Locurto! 🙂

  517. April Vereb says:

    I don’t have a phone that allows me to have apps, but if I did, I think it would be neat to have an app that you could take a picture of a room, and look at different wall colors on the wall to see what kind of colors would look best in the room your fixing to paint!

  518. and now I subscribe too!

  519. I don’t have an iPhone but I would love the Ihandy level app as I have a thing about crooked pictures on the wall and go round starightening them everywhere LOL

  520. I don’t have an iphone but I’ve heard there are tons of apps already out there. My favorite though is the iHandy Level you show here – so neat!

  521. asha pena says:

    Following on twitter and RT’ed


  522. Mary P. in Baltimore says:

    A second entry since I am a subscriber already! I get your emailsin my inbox and look forward to seeing what you have in store every day!

    Mary P. in Baltimore

  523. April Francis says:

    Would love to win an iPod Touch! My Palm is slowly giving up after 10+ years 🙁 Looking for any kind of finance apps like PocketQuicken (not in apple store) and a good calendar/notes/address app

  524. asha pena says:

    I dont have a either a ipod touch or iphone.
    If i had it i would add the Milog Lite.


  525. Mary P. in Baltimore says:

    This has got to be the most generous giveaway I have ever seen ! I’d go nuts with all the aps out there andwould love to tinker with mySurface as we figure out what we want for our next home improvement project! I’d also make good use of the one to keep track of miles for work! And any of those that help you track your calories for the day and workouts.

    Mary P. in Baltimore

  526. April Bean says:

    I posted about this giveaway on my blog! I really want to win this!!!

  527. April Bean says:

    I already subscribe to your blog. I never miss a single post!

  528. April Bean says:

    I love the Big Oven app. idea. I know I would totally use that if I had an iphone. I NEED to win this!!

  529. I’d seriously have to get back to you on favorite apps–as soon as I get that new ITouch in hand, that is! No seriously, I want it, I need it, I got to, GOT TO, have it! My new MacBook Pro is lonely without it. That & my cellphone screen currently endured the wrath of the Bamboo flooring cracking in serveral places. Pretty please? Send it to me. I promise it a loving home!!!

  530. Don’t have either iPhone or iTouch, but would LOVE TO. Apps I would use are the Leveler, the Filter FX, and Big Oven.


  531. Just subscribed to your blog. Heard about you from Tidy Mom. Love your sight!

  532. I LOVE the level and use the calendar on my husband’s. Would LOVE my own. 🙂

  533. Just blogged about it with a link to here!

  534. I NEED ihandy level. There’s a mysterious level gnome that hides the levels in my house just before I need one. I suspect that he also spends his evenings knocking my frames about.

  535. I already subscribe!

  536. Just subscribed!
    Love the Big Oven apps!

  537. I subscribe to your blog!

  538. I don’t have an iphone or ipod touch, but they looks so cool! I’d love it for photos and also to play with that level app– I hate it when things are crooked!

  539. I would love an Ipod touch. Was just thinking that the other day!

  540. I don’t have an iTouch or anything, but I’d love anything for my photos!

  541. already a subscriber!

  542. I don’t have an iphone…but I noticed that there’s an app for photoshop. I’d love to have that!

  543. I don’t have one but anything to help me keep track of our busy lives! And fun things to help with my blogs…

  544. I don’t have an iPhone – just an old-fashioned flip phone!! I would love the Apps for kids – I think I’ve seen some phonics ones that would be perfect for waiting in line.

  545. I dont have an ipod, but I would need a cookin app, or maybe a navigational tool of some sort.

  546. I am a subscriber

  547. And of course- I already follow your blog via Google reader!!

  548. I tweeted about your giveaway!


  549. I don’t have an iPhone, but I am sure I could really use the level app, actually I am sure I would use all of the ones that you posted about. I am sure the apps would be my favorite part as well!

  550. I like to have the grocery gadget app!

  551. I subscribe.

  552. I don’t have one yet but I would love to do some spelling applicatins for preschool age kids and also other learning apps I know there are tons out there.

  553. I am also a follower.

  554. Id love to own a ipod touch to play with the crazy fun apps. Ive heard to download the “lighter” application to sway along at concerts!!!

  555. just tweeted about this!

  556. I do not have a touch, however would love to have one! I think a couple helpful apps for me would be something to help with room reorganization (layout app?) and organize groceries and lists.

  557. I’m a subscriber 🙂

  558. I tweeted about it too! @allaboutbeads –that’s me! 🙂

  559. I don;t have an iTouch anything either…but I LOVE the idea of the Big Oven App! Now I want one!!!! ;o)

  560. great giveaway! I’d like one like Colour Lovers Web site that has all the different color combos and patterns.

  561. Subscribed to the RSS.

  562. I would love to see a paint chips app, that would let you hold up a paint color to your wall.

  563. Just talking to hubby about buying an iPod Touch for me! Count me in!

  564. I just subscribed through google reader.

  565. I just tweeted about it.

  566. I don’t have an iphone touch, but an app that would clean my house while I sit on the computer and blog. lol

  567. I don’t have an ipod touch, but I would love it if Apple would make a pitch control feature so that when I’m teaching my dance classes, I can adjust the tempo on the spot for my dancers. This would make my life so much easier!!

  568. I would LOVE to win this. My first thought was that I would give this to my husband, who doesn’t have an ipod, for our anniversary coming up. Then I’m thinking…..could I give this up?! Haha

    Anyways, I do not have an Iphone or Ipod touch….but I would be so excited to learn about all the apps available. I think the one that is a level is so cool! I would SO use that. I can’t ever find my level when I’m hanging stuff. Grrr.

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  569. I am a subscriber through fb and love your great insights. if I had to pick on of your apps, it would be the gourmet cooking one. thanks. I would love love love a touch.

  570. I’m a subscriber too! Thanks again! 🙂

  571. I do not have an IPOD, but would love the oven app.

  572. I do not own an ipod Touch. I have always wanted one though. The BigOven and Milog sound right up my alley. Great blog!!!

  573. I love animatch… or should I say my daughter does. animal memory matching game that helps the little one stay happy.

  574. All of these apps are fabulous! My favorite would have to be the Big Oven app, I love to cook and am always looking for fun new ideas in the kitchen! Thanks for the chance to win such an awesome giveaway!

  575. I subscribe, too!!

  576. I don’t have an iAnything – I love the app for recipes and photo editing. I would tear those up!

  577. I’m also a subscriber 🙂

  578. I don’t have an iPhone but all these apps I keep hearing about make me want one. I’d use the leveler app for sure and am thinking that BigOven app looks like a life saver too.

  579. BTW, I subscribed!

  580. WOW an itouch!!! My app would be the big oven. Love to find new foods to cook!

  581. I’m already a subscriber with Google Reader!

  582. No way! Awesome give away! I don’t have an iPod yet, but I got my husband a Touch for his birthday. I really would love to have one with apps for the kids for when we are out and about. ie. at the doctors office. Anything educational for them. And I love the paint color application. I think I’ll be stealing someone’s iPod today:0)

  583. You are on my Google Reader too!

  584. My iPod is a FIRST generation shuffle (yep, you heard me right) so I would love to win this one! I obviously don’t know about any apps then but I would love one to keep track of my receipts so I know how much I have spent on groceries, gas, etc for the month. I’d get a periodic table app too because I teach AP Chemistry! 🙂

  585. And I am already a follower 🙂

  586. An ipod touch? Seriously? Coolest. Giveaway. Ever.
    I would love the gps app, since I’m always getting lost everywhere I go!

  587. I am a subscriber…….I don’t have neither a iPhone nor a iTouch, but the application I covet is, ‘epi’. I love to cook and enjoy grocery shopping so this would be right up my alley.

  588. I’m in love with Chase Jarvis’ Best Camera app, it’s everything I want for editing my iphone photos in one app 🙂

  589. Just addes the give away posting to my twitter

  590. just add the give away posting to my FB

  591. IF I had an iPhone or iPod I’d totally get any type of recipe app!!

  592. Just doing the second post to say I subscribed by adding you to my google homepage.

  593. Thanks for the awsome give away, I dont have a iTouch or a iPhone but would love to win one. I always wanted one to add my photos to and share it with potential clients that i meet out and about. The apps I would use is photo editing tools, maps and games to keep me busy at work. I hope I win 🙂

  594. Thank you for all these new apps to explore. I have only just begun learning about apps for my itouch, but I love it so much that I want to get one for my son. He has ADHD and I love the apps that help him stay organized.

    You mentioned the iHandy Level which is very convenient when I’m hanging pictures and such. I also like the MultiConvert for figuring out all sorts of measurements.

    I am looking forward to trying some of the ones mentioned here, like Big Oven. I am not a huge fan of cooking so I am always looking for help there LOL

    I tried to subscribe but it never asked me to log in when I chose to add it to my google homepage. Hmmm.

  595. I just blogged about your give away…..and linked it back here.

    Oh boy another chance to win this IPod!!!!!!


  596. I am now a follower

    thanks again

  597. I twittered about it.


  598. I just subscribed to your blog through Google Reader.

  599. I don’t have an Ipod or I phone….But would love one. My son has an IPhone and i play around with his…LOL Thanks for the chance to win the IPod touch…Please enter me. I would just like to explore all of them.


  600. I do not have an I pod touch or phone but I would love the BIg oven. I love to cook. 🙂

  601. And I am a follower via Google Reader.

  602. Ohhh, I’d love a touch. And my favorite DIY is my handy husband.

  603. I subscribe! Love your blog!

  604. OMGosh..this would be so cool. I have nothing but a normal old phone so I’d have to learn how to use it, but I would love to!

    I like the gps application and recipes would be great!

  605. I subscribed via email. Thank!

    Kari @ Alas3Lads

  606. Tweeted about your giveaway. thanks!


  607. I tweeted too! Thanks

  608. I subscribed on Google Reader

  609. Oh I love this post. Now I can get great tideas for DH’s iphone.

    One of the best apps he has is Shazam for identifying that song that’s on the tip of your tongue.

  610. Don’t have one, but would love an app. to help pick out paint colors & the level is really cool for hanging pictures!

  611. I posted on my blog about the giveaway…


  612. I do not have an IPhone or IPod Touch. I would love to check out the Big Oven app, or any apps that have to do with recipes/shopping lists, etc. Thanks!

  613. rebecca keppel says:

    This is my first visit here, but I love your blog and I am now a subscriber through Google reader, thanks!!

  614. I already subscribe…love your website!

  615. I like the big oven app. Thanks!

  616. Whoa, I am way out of the hipness loop on this one. I hear the iphone has some pretty life saving child amusing apps for those long shopping lines and endless dr. appt waits.

  617. rebecca keppel says:

    Hmmmm, I dont have an IPhone, but a cool DIY app might be a room planner where you could enter dimensions and then move items around to see if things would fit before actually rearranging your room!

  618. I subscribed!

  619. Joanna Wilde says:

    wish i had one! i would want this one! FilterFX for Free

  620. Just subscribed!!

  621. I love the BigOven one!

  622. I don’t have an iTouch but I’d LOVE to have one! I recently switched to a Mac laptop and am enamored of it…being able to share data between then would be awesome!

  623. Just twittered about it!

  624. I have an iTouch and love it. I would love to win one for one of my kids. I love the BigOven app. I have a bunch of recipe apps on my touch. I also use the Grocery Gadget app. It helps me keep track of what I need and prices.

  625. My favorite app right now is All Recipes, I haven’t had a chnce to look at all of them though. I do love the leveler too though!!

  626. I also just tweeted about this giveaway!!!

  627. I love the ihandy level app & the Filter FX app!! AMAZING!!! i would love love love to have one of these ipod touches! thanks for posting this giveaway!! I also subscribed to your site!! 🙂

  628. I posted about your give away on my blog. http://www.lostmycape.blogspot.com

  629. I don’t have one but there are so many apps that would be fun to have I am having a hard time picking one. I know I would love any app that has something to do with cooking. And if there is an app for organizing a cleaning schedule or a beefed up to do list maker, I would be all over it! Thanks for the chance, I am so excited!!

  630. Also I tweeted about this! @sbots

  631. I don’t have one but would love an app to keep track of my home projects

  632. I don’t have an ipod touch, but my son uses my brother’s ap for the barnyard game and LOVES it!

  633. I’m a follower!

  634. I twittered about your giveaway!

  635. What a great giveaway! I don’t have an ipod. It would be fun to have one!

  636. Just joined your fabulous site! I have a bedding giveaway that ends today. Please stop by!


  637. I have yet to join the Ipod scene and would love to be part of this century……..hmmm….my favorite would be the Big Oven app………just like Tidy Mom!

  638. Just tweeted about it!

  639. I don’t have an iPhone, but I’d love to have the app that can tell you what song is on the radio. I so often hear songs I want to download but don’t know the name!

  640. Just subscribed!

  641. Do they make an app that will redecorate your house? I do think the photo ones you posted look cool.

  642. I just found your blog recently and think it is fabulous. I don’t have an itouch so I don’t really know what apps are the best. My Dad has one and my kids love to play Pacman on it. I’d love that too if I could ever get it away from my kids. 🙂

  643. I’ve heard they have an ap for people who can’t talk – that sounds awesome!

  644. And I subscribe!

  645. I have been seriously considering purchasing an iTouch for awhile. My husband wants an iPhone. We shall see! He makes a habit of saying “If I had an iPhone right now…” Nice.

    Would love to win!

  646. I don’t currently own anything iPod, but if I did, I would want an app that explained what an app is. 🙂

  647. Best giveaway ever!! I love my “toddler lock” for my g1 (I don’t have an iphone) it locks all the keys but let’s your kid draw on the screen without being able to call people accidentally etc . . .

  648. I am also a subscriber in google reader!

  649. What a great chance to win! 🙂 Thank you! I love the app where you play the song and it tells you the name of the song and the artist. I also love the leveler! I don’t have an ipod touch so this would be a great gift!

  650. I am now a follower, funny cause I always thought of myself as more of a leader. =)

  651. I dont have one, but would love one. I have the LGENV2. I would love one, maybe when I can get my discount! UNLESS ofcourse I win!

    I think I’d love these apps:
    PhotoShop – I love taking/cropping pictures of my kids.
    BigOven – Crazy about cooking
    Leveler – Total DIY junkie!
    i Make Ups – Always trying something new with either mine or my two girls’ hair.
    mySurface – Self Explanatory? How sweet is this?

    I tweeted, I subscribed, I blogged… I gotta win this thing! LOL

    Blogged about it here:

    Tweeted here:

  652. My favorite DIY tip is to rent the tools you are going to need only one time. When DH retiled our bathroom it was MUCH cheaper to rent the tile cutter at Home Depot than buying and storing one that we may never need again.

  653. I want an Ipod Touch for Christmas. lol

    The app I would want the most would be one to help me keep track of the best prices on the things I buy most regularly at the store.

  654. magneticbox says:

    and now i subscribe..
    see ya later.. i hope 🙂 !

  655. magneticbox says:
  656. magneticbox says:

    hello :),
    i don´t have iphone or ipod touch, actual is a dream of mine,
    im sure i would like music aplications on iphone, im a music lover, and not only play music stuff , i would enjoy using it for music creation too, actually not only music creation, anything relation with creation and creativity , paint aplications, etc.. i would love!!
    thanks a lot

  657. I’m a subscriber

  658. I don’t have an iPod touch or iPhone – but my husband knows I’m obsessed with the app commercials. I love the apps that tell you what song you just heard and ones that help keep you organized.

  659. I use the leveler all the time!

  660. i subscribe 🙂

  661. I don’t own an itouch, but that leveler app is awesome!

  662. I subscribe to Living Locurto!

  663. I do not own an iTouch, but have been coveting the thought of one for months. My brother ‘bumps’ apps with other people and t
    that just sounds so cool. I want to be cool. I need to be cool. HeHe

  664. I just tweeted about your giveaway!


  665. I am a recent subscriber via RSS, and have fallen in love with your blog after I discovered it through Unclutterer. Thanks for all the cute freebies!

  666. I don’t have an iPhone or an iPod touch, but I would LOVE one! I would love any kind of app that made keeping track of my appointments easier, one to entertain the kiddos, and one to edit my mobile photos when I’m out and about.

    Thanks for a fabulous giveaway!

  667. I have a touch already but since I rarely let my hubby use it (sorry babe, lol), it would be great to win one for him! He would love any handyman apps such as the level. Oh and I am a subscriber on google reader 😀

  668. Oh, I follow your blog, too.

  669. Yikes – this is cool. I’d love to win this for my husband. I would constantly use an application that would take the thinking out of color-matching. For instance, I want to paint the walls of my bathroom, but the tiles are Mary Kay pink and black (EWWWW! So not my idea – it came that way!) so all I can think is green, but what shade, I wonder. So, I’d love a computer that could think for me 🙂

  670. I follow you’re FABULOUS blog!


  671. I don’t have one of these and I really would like the chance to explore the apps it has available. The search would be such fun.

  672. I tweeted!


  673. ok, you gotta know I’d LOVE the BigOven ap!! wooohoo!!
    I would LOVE to win one! my 13 yo daughter has an iPod touch, but she doesn’t share it with me too much! LOL

    Fantastic Giveaway Amy!

  674. I just subscribed. Thanks for the chance to win such a great prize.

  675. Sally Hackney says:

    I don’t have an itouch but would love one. My hubs might be convinced if he saw that level…so neat.

  676. Tweeted about this give away


  677. I’m a subscriber

  678. I am not up ine new world with this i phone stuff. I think I would like any kind of photo software on it. Does it have photo software? LOL No idea 🙂 Ha!

  679. already a subscriber (in google reader – does that count?)

  680. Tweeted (sammiet)

  681. I have the “road trip” app for my iphone and it’s great for tracking my MPG. But my favorite apps are the ones that keep my daughter occupied in the car (KidArt, and some new ones that are helping her with her letters).

    I was thinking about getting her an iTouch for Christmas, thinking I could get one for under $100 maybe refurbished, but didn’t realize they were $200! I love my 3-yr old, but not that much 🙂

  682. and I’m a subscriber!

  683. WOW! What an amazing giveaway!!! I don’t have an iTouch or an iPhone (YET!) but I’ve heard there are some bangin’ knitting apps – I might need something to keep track of my fabric stash, too….

  684. & I’m already a subscriber 🙂

  685. I don’t have an iTouch anything, but the app I want would sweep up dog hair from my two big dogs. Oh, wait….

  686. jeanmarie says:

    I would love an ipod touch almost as much as my kids have enjoyed your freee lunchbox notes, and
    your Mon-Fri hanger tags!!

  687. I’m already a follower and I love your blog! 🙂

  688. I don’t have an itouch, but I love the app for the leveler.

  689. I’d love to use crop for free, and I’d be thrilled to win an ipod touch. seriously, a touch? wow.


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