How to Make Edible Paint – Indoor Craft Activity for Kids

How to Make Edible Paint  - Indoor Craft Activity for Kids!

We are always looking for easy kids craft activities and painting on food has been one of the most fun ideas yet!

Do you ever have one of those days when you read about a creative craft idea and you had to do it right away? Katherine inspired me so much with her popcorn painting and beautiful photos, that 15 minutes after I read her post, our kid snacks were ready to be painted!

Indoor Fun With an Edible Paint Craft! Great Kids Activity

Edible Paint Craft Activity for Kids

This edible paint is made with milk and neon food coloring. You can also use sweet evaporated milk, but that was not to be found in my pantry, so regular milk it was!

Pour milk or sweet evaporated milk into a cup or muffin tin, then add one drop of food coloring. You could also use fruit juices if you don’t like food coloring. I found some all natural organic food coloring with bright colors that I hear has no after taste.

natural food coloring

I thought painting marshmallows would make it an even sweeter craft activity:-)

My daughter had a blast. You know it’s serious stuff when you stick your tongue out while painting!

Indoor Fun With Edible Paint! Great Kids Activity

Forget Easter eggs, we’re painting marshmallows!

Indoor Fun With Edible Paint! Great Kids Activity

Indoor Fun With Edible Paint! Great Kids Activity

My attempt at painting her face. It was hysterical to her, but even more fun to eat!

Indoor Fun With an Edible Paint Craft! Great Kids Activity

Pull out the food coloring or fruit juice and try it.  Your kids will love it!


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  1. Lindsay Martin says:

    I did this at work and the kids LOVED it. One girl painted her rice cake so much that it fell apart lol. We used soy milk and regular old food colouring. Just one drop of food colouring in a cup of milk didn't hurt any of them 😉 And I also started the program by talking about why we don't eat REAL paint 😉 Thanks for a fun idea.

  2. Tricia Santos says:

    Beet juice/beet powder makes a great natural dye. Also paprika, turmeric, etc. .

  3. Well wouldn’t it be the job of the responsible adult to decide if this is for your children or not. It is an IDEA! People are crazy. I know as a responsible parent that my kids would love this and will be using the food coloring. Oooo!

  4. Michelle Bellamy says:

    Well didn't that just get everyone's dander up? Hideous things are happening all around the world, and we're all stressing about painting marshmallows? Live and let live dudes!

  5. im sure it is I have not heard of anyone. dying from food coloring, or marshmallows. stupid is as stupid does………..

  6. Cindy Hill says:

    You explain that it is special paint for food. Keep all toxic paint out of reach of children

  7. Cindy Hill says:

    I have worked in a preschool for 30+ years and we have painted toast! bread dough then baked/ toasted it the kids love it. They have never tried to eat the non toxic tempra paint or water color

  8. Debbie Crabb says:

    Some folks are nuts!!! I love the idea!

  9. If you don't like the idea of food coloring, then do it with natural dyes. If you like to use food coloring, it's easy and such a fun project! Make your own choice. Thank you Amy for a fun idea!

  10. Natural food colourings are easily available. I think it's a great idea.

  11. Cathy Torrey says:

    I agree with you on the food coloring. I use the juice from frozen or fresh fruits: adds flavor and NO chemicals. as for the "paint" thing, just change the wording to the child's level of understanding. Nothing to get freaked out over.

  12. some people just like to complain and think their a know it all most kids are smarter then there given credit…

  13. there is no reason why you cant colour with natural dyes just use it as a base idea

  14. Cathy Torrey says:

    Sandra Marie Lukefahr for sure. Like the colorings and artificial flavorings in kids cereals!

  15. Cathy Torrey says:

    this would be no different that coloring eggs at Easter time; coloring frosting for a birthday cake. Just because it is called "paint"…..


  17. Oh we are so doing this for my son birthday party. My family party not the class room party. There will be 4 kids not 24.

  18. This looks like fun! If you guys are worried about food coloring then you should probably check the ingredients in the things you feed your kids on a daily basis, there is more dangerous stuff out there! Also, if you think about it people believe everything causes cancer these days.

  19. This looks like fun! If you guys are worried about food coloring then you should probably check the ingredients in the things you feed your kids on a daily basis, there is more dangerous stuff out there! Also, if you think about it people believe everything causes cancer these days.

  20. its not as if it will be a everyday thing funny pc world lol

  21. This is an occasional treat, no need stress out over the drop of food coloring or "eating paint' issue …… A little color, a teachable moment (on what paints can be eaten and which can't (had to learn that about glue as a child, lol)) and great fun … Planning a paint party for the grands and greats as I write … Thank you so much for sharing …

  22. Diaz Anita says:

    I followed this link because i thought it was going to suggest making paint from blueberry juice, or strawberries, something like that…but 'pull out the food coloring'?

  23. Fun! I'm also capable of informing my children that they shouldn't eat just any paint…duhh

  24. Personally think this is brilliant idea and will be doing it with my kids, they know not to eat paint lol I'm gonna call it snack dying 😉

  25. Andi McKay says:

    pull out the food colouring? Are you serious! Do you know what implications this can have on some children??? and to teach them to eat paint, well theres another thing! Would you eat paint? Of course not! Can you tell me why?

  26. Grandma Vickie says:

    Skipping the marshmallow part, way to much sugar for ADD kids, but will try the popcorn.

  27. Just A Little
    Curious…..Does the food coloring stain skin and clothes?

  28. Thanks you! This gone a be my activity for my little coconut birthday party. We live in UAE and now its start to be very hot outside. Have nice summer!

    pssst! I’m in love with your blog. You make a fabulous job!

  29. I’ve always wanted to eat paint. My dreams will come true.

  30. This looks fantastic! My two year old LOVES to paint, but living in a rented apartment, I don’t want to buy her paints that will stain badly in case she has a little mishap. But this is great! She can paint and then eat her artwork! Awesome!

  31. Love this activity! Just started my new blog and yours was one of the first activities I tried and posted. Thanks for the wonderful inspiration!

  32. Great idea! It’s been a looooong winter and I’ve been running out of ways to keep the kids occupied indoors. Thanks for another fabulous tip!

  33. Was it sweetened condensed milk and not sweetened evaporated milk? I don’t believe I have ever seen the latter. I think I’ll pack up all the ingredients/tools for the painted marshmallows and send it to my grandson for Easter! It looks like a lot more fun than eggs, and he loves to do arts and crafts!


    • Sunshinegirl says:

      @JBLOW, If you’re that worried about it “teaching your kids to eat paint” than explain to them that this is a different type of paint. The other kind isn’t edible.

      • Sunshinegirl says:

        @Sunshinegirl, You could say the same thing for Easter eggs… and you’ve probably done those… I’m just saying. If you don’t feel comfortable with your kids doing it then just don’t. We’ll enjoy it in the meantime.

  35. Holy balls wow!

  36. Love love love these ideas! And they're making me hungry. RT @livinglocurto Indoor Fun for Kids With Edible Paint:

  37. How's this for fun with little ones! Edible paint to use on marshmallows, popcorn & more:

  38. We just painted popcorn and it was so fun! Thanks for sharing/linking this idea.
    .-= Kathryn´s last blog ..teacher gift idea =-.

  39. love this idea!

  40. Jodi Lozauskas says:

    i take it these have to be eaten pretty soon after being made? would the popcorn dry and last a day or two? does anyone know???

  41. Combining two of my favorite things, #food and #art: Edible paint! going to have to remember this!

  42. What a wonderfully fun idea! Can’t wait to do this with my kids.

  43. love katherinemarie photography! I started drawing on marshmallows with edible pens last year and my 2-year old can’t get enough, so I can’t wait to try this!!
    .-= meaghan (chic cookies)´s last blog ..more swirly sparkly cookie pops =-.

  44. This rocks! I love it! We’ll be trying our hand at painting soon. :>) I linked on my weekly roundup, the post is under my name. Thanks for sharing!
    .-= Lenetta @ Nettacow´s last blog ..Mid Year Resolutions, 2010 =-.

  45. Your daughter is so cute and adorable and beautiful! Sorry, it had to be said. Oh, and I will try this out on my little one when it snows for the 67846746th time next week.

  46. Indoor fun with edible paint

  47. My son is going to freak out over this one!!
    .-= Lacie E´s last blog ..Mint Chocolate Heaven =-.

  48. How fun! My daughter would LOVE to do this!!

    Come link your project at my party: Thursday’s Treasures!!
    .-= Angie Neil´s last blog ..Thursday’s Treasures: Week 8 =-.

  49. My kids are painting popcorn and marshmallows right now. They are LOVING it. Thanks for the idea…it’s perfect on a cold, rainy day! 🙂
    .-= Dodi´s last blog ..The Big Costco Adventure =-.

  50. this is SUCH a cute idea! I can’t wait to try it with my daughter!
    .-= Ashley @´s last blog ..10 Days of Valentine – Day 6: Windowpane Heart Cookies =-.

  51. i wan to try on my fav marshmallows:

  52. RT @sarahwalters99: The kids will love this…..

  53. What a great idea, Amy! I love it! I think Anja might get confused between the “special, edible” paint and normal paint, but I’m willing to take that chance… 🙂
    .-= Minnesotamom´s last blog ..If you hate to laugh =-.

  54. aww this are great…?
    .-= Rocio´s last blog ..Wordless Wednesday…textures are so much FUN! =-.

  55. My daughter wanted to color eggs the other day, this is a wonderful substitute as it will get eaten quicker then the hardboiled eggs.

  56. Beautiful photography but how can you miss with such a sweet subject. I’m talkin’ daughter here, but the popcorn and marshmallows are cute too. 🙂

  57. I wish I’d known to do this when my kids were little–what a cute idea. (Almost as cute as your daughter!)
    One thing we used to do is use food coloring and clean brushes to paint bread–then we toasted it. So you got to eat colorful toast! I wonder if your milk recipe would work for this idea, too?

  58. This is WAY to cute! RT @livinglocurto: RT @nikowa: Have fun with Edible Paint! 🙂 thanks @livinglocurto

  59. Oh my kids love to paint anything they can get their hands on! This will be a fun activity when everyone is bored!! Thanks.
    .-= Cherie´s last blog ..Wednesday Worship =-.

  60. What a cute idea! How fun that will be for my kids?!

  61. What a fun idea! It’s like an Easter egg craft in the winter 🙂
    .-= Tauni´s last blog ..Happy Election Day! =-.

  62. Holy Cow fun….I going to grand-kids next week…this is going to be one of our activities!
    .-= teresa´s last blog ..Sweet note….. =-.

  63. Love it! We’ll be doing this and making the recycled crayons this weekend. Thanks, Amy, for such great activities for the family!

  64. I love this simple idea! What a great activitiy to do with hot chocolate! Great blog.
    .-= Paula @ Organizing Tips 4 Moms´s last blog ..Quick Organizing: The Kids’ Dresser Drawers =-.

  65. This is the cutest idea ever! I love it!
    I’m so gonna have to try it this weekend w/ my kiddos. 🙂
    .-= Terri´s last blog ..Feelin the Winter Blues: Spring Dresses =-.

  66. This is a GREAT idea, and thanks for the tip. My daughter is a bit older now, but this is something so FUN and easy she can do with kids she babysits! I can’t wait to email the link!

  67. katherinemarie says:

    Your little artist is just so DARLING!!!! and I love all your pretty pastels!!!

    I just found this book at the library: Kids Crazy Concoctions: 50 Mysterious Mixtures for Art and Craft Fun… fruity lipstick–crayons for the tub– it’s jammed packed with a ton of FUN FUN ideas!!!!

  68. What a FUN idea for little ones Amy!!……and your little one is so stinkin CUTE…..she looks like she really enjoyed painting AND eating!
    .-= TidyMom´s last blog ..Beer Cheese & Buffalo Chicken {Dips} =-.

  69. What a fantastic idea. I think my daughter will love to do this activity this weekend.

    Thanks heaps.


  70. Love. This. Idea.

    Oh man… can’t wait to tap the inner artists in my kids! Thanks for the fun idea and great pictures!!

  71. Oh…super idea! So doing this since the cold will not abate here till May!
    .-= Allison´s last blog ..Hanging at the Stollery =-.


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