I Heart Faces – Over My Head Photo Challenge

We have a fun photo theme this week at I Heart Faces . It’s called “Over My Head”. Think of anything that can be over a person’s head and incorporate it into your photo with a face!

My photo today comes with a story…

Every year we visit my family in Oklahoma where there is the cutest, retro Kiddie Park. It’s just for small kids and each ride is only 25 cents! Most amusement parks don’t let you on a ride unless you are tall enough. This park won’t let you ride if you are too tall! In fact, you have to be shorter than a bar.

The bar is over my kid’s heads.

They were waiting to ride the airplanes. My son is barely under the bar. It makes me sad to think that was probably his last kiddie ride. I’m so glad I captured the moment.

I’m one of the co-founders of I Heart Faces and just entering for fun. I hope you’ll  enter a  photo this week.

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Amy is a creative mom of two and graphic designer. When she's not working on Living Locurto, she's busy designing Printable Party Supplies and working on I Heart Faces, her photography blog. Find Amy on Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, and Instagram.


  1. What a story!

    Ditto the vintage look and bokeh comments.

    Love the princess dress too!

  2. I remember that same situation happening to me and being so bummed out because I had spent all that time in line waiting to ride the “cool” rides. BUMMER! Love your take on the theme and I love your website. I enjoy looking at other photographers works and becoming inspired. I am new to the field and I am always looking to learn and grow.

  3. Love the way the light glows around his head. Kiddie rides and halos… a perfect capture of childhood.

  4. What a perfect capture! I love that pretty light 🙂

  5. I love the sunflare and yes, I think this will be his last year for the kiddie rides. he is right at that bar.

  6. oh… so precious!! we have one that seems not quite tall enough for all the rides he wants to go on, and one that is just over the bar on some kiddie rides… and of course they are both sad about each. time goes so quickly… you captured this moment beautifully!

  7. simply beautiful

  8. Wonderful moment you captured. My daughter is getting ready to move up to the next level too…


  9. Great capture of the moment! And a creative “over the head” that probably not alot of people would have thought of. Beautiful kids!

  10. This shot is just ripe with emotion. I adore the expression on your son’s face and the arms that lay across your daughters torso. The soft light and the bokeh just complete the whole shot. Great moment, great capture!

  11. Such cute picture. I love how she is standing there so shyly and her brother is in charge 🙂 Really cute. Love the bokeh too.

  12. I Heart Faces – Over My Head Photo Challenge http://bit.ly/b8e867 Design.alltop.com

  13. RT @livinglocurto: I Heart Faces – Over My Head Photo Challenge: We have a fun photo theme this week at I Heart… http://goo.gl/fb/1AriS

  14. Oh goodness — those height restrictions were torture growing up as the oldest of four & going to disneyland! If the youngest couldn’t go, I couldn’t go!

    What a great thing that park still exists… they’re drying up! I love the lighting you captured.

  15. Great story, so creative, and adorable kids!

  16. Cute take on the over my head theme! Great picture! I’m from OK and loved going to the kiddie park when I was younger! 🙂

  17. That sounds like such a fun park! I love your photo & the Vintage look! Goes along with the retro park! 🙂

  18. Love the photo, but love love love especially the story along with it!

  19. awww, how sweet! the flare is fab, love your processing too :-0

  20. Makes me sad right along with you! I know we should be looking ahead instead of behind, but man, does time fly these days! Being a photographer takes at least a little of the sting out of it… this really is the only way to “save time in a bottle”….
    Beautiful processing for a sweet, poignant moment…

  21. What a fantastic capture! PERFECT for the theme!!

  22. I LOVE this! WHat a creative way to portray this week’s theme! That is the best when you can capture moments like this, they really do happen only once. I’m totally bummed I can’t participate this week..we are on vacation and all my photos are at home…but I’ll have fun seeing what everyone else comes up with!

  23. Cute! I love the processing — very vintage-y 🙂


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