The Hunger Games Party {Free Printables}

The Hunger Games Party Invitation - Free Printables

The Hunger Games movie is out and this calls for a party! If you haven’t read this book… go read it ASAP!

I am a huge fan of Suzanne Collins captivating futuristic trilogy. Once I started reading the story of Katniss Everdeen, a teenage girl who volunteers for The Hunger Games to save her sister’s life, I could NOT put the book down. Normally, science fiction and action stories are not my thing, but man… this was soooo good!

I absolutely loved the story of Katniss and Peeta, the two teens from District 12.

In honor of one of my favorite books and I’m sure soon to be favorite movies, I created some free printable designs for a party.

Invite some friends over before or after the movie and let the games begin!

These free party printables would also be perfect for a book club meeting or fun to frame if you’re a huge fan like me!

The Hunger Games Free Party Ideas - Free Printables

Free Party Printables - The Hunger Games Party Ideas - Living Locurto

Photo by Kristan at Confessions of a Cookbook Queen.


Download Free Party Printables:

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Invitation –  Editable text fields to add your party details before printing.

Square Tags – For use for cupcake toppers, tags, party decor, and more.

8×10 Poster

Party Flags


More Hunger Games Fun

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  1. Thanks a bunch for these, my daughter is obsessed with Hunger games, and this is going to make her bday on Saturday. You’re awesome.

  2. Lina Conlin says:

    OMG These are ridiculously cute, especially, you know, considering what the book is about. Ohhh! You could play a variation of this game ( except you fight to the death for presents instead of exchange them 😛

  3. Hi, I don’t see a link for the little straw tags with the quotes. Could you send me a link or download for those? Thanks so much Heather

  4. Denise Miller Gutknecht says:

    I am hosting a neighborhood camp with Hunger Games as the theme! SSSSOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited to find your website. Amazing!

  5. Thanks so much for the free printables! We had a DVD release party last year and while all the adult women thought everything was really well done and cute, the teenage girls at my party flipped out! I let them take everything home with them at the end of the night because I remember being that age and plastering my walls with everything I loved. =) Thanks for the fun stuff!

  6. Luna Loves Hunger Games says:

    I love all of your ideas! I’ve printed them for my party, and now it’s going to be cool, whatever happens! This is the best. Thank you so much!

  7. Just printed these out for my daughter’s Tribute Training Party tonight. Thanks so much for all your fabulous work!

  8. i love these ideas

  9. I just wanted to stop by and say THANK YOU so much for these 🙂 I used one of the posters for our Hunger Games themed picnic!

  10. thanks you gave some ideas to me and personaly i thought they messed up the hunger games by turning it into a movie they very much ruend it

  11. Oh wow Oh wow Oh wow!!!! Thank you for all these great ideas! I am having a surprise party for my daughter in 6 days and haven’t even started yet, but she just told me that she wants her birthday to be hunger games hahaha. I was so excited because I love the hunger games but I figured I would have to start with scratch for ideas since the movie just came out 3 days ago but you have already done the hard work for me. THANK YOU!!! This is GREAT!

  12. Thank you thank you thank you! My daughter is going to LOVE having these for her birthday party!!

  13. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for sharing- I used these for my daughters birthday party (tomorrow) and everything looks great, we are so excited!!

  14. Thank you so much! I am constantly blown away by talented people like you who create such beautiful things and share them with us. Seriously, thank you. It’s very generous. I am using these for our HG premier party, and all the thanks goes to you- bravo!!

  15. Thank you so much for these! They are wonderful!

    tammy t

  16. I am so excited about these. They will be perfect for my little Hunger Games pre movie party. I might even make an I Love Peeta t-shirt!

  17. These are fantastic! Thanks for sharing!

  18. Love these! Thanks so much for sharing your talent with us!

  19. Thank you so much for the fabulous printables! I’ve never heard of the book, but saw the trailer before the Margaret T. some weeks ago, and thought it looked very fascinating. I’m sure I’ll enjoy the film a lot, but would love to read the book first, so thanks for the tip, too.

  20. Thank you so much for these! I was wondering what I would use for my husband’s Hunger Games inspired birthday party and this is perfect!!

  21. Thanks so much for the printables. Doing a premier party for some Tweens. Can’t wait, to give the kids their prizes and use your fun printables for the party.

  22. Thanks for these great printables!

  23. Thanks so much for the Hunger games Freebies, they will be perfect for my book club soiree.

  24. Thank you so much for these! My daughter’s 6th grade Lit class starts the book next week, so it’ll be a great little treat to get them excited about the book! Thanks for all the wonderful projects you give away!

  25. Thank you so much for these! My son wants to take friends to the movie for his 15th birthday party and these printables will be perfect!

  26. These are AWESOME! I’m going to use some in my “The Hunger Games Scrapbooking Challenge Series” on my blog! I’ll be sure to link you up. Totally cool. Thanks!

  27. O. Must. See. This. Movie. Am trying to drag the husband along (warming him up a couple weeks in advance here). I’ve read the first two books…amazing, esp. for a young adult series.

  28. i volunteer as tribute!!!!!

    this is AMAZING!!!! absolutely my favorite book series for 2012 and it’s going to be extremely hard to match up to this 🙂
    thanks for sharing, this definitely rocks!!!!!

    may the odds be forever in your favor…ok i know enough dorkiness lol-i just love it and was team peeta from the beginning. sigh…can’t wait for the movie!!!

  29. These are great! Thank you! (I’m partial to Peeta, too. And I’m way too old, and happily married, but still think he’s an awesome character in a non-creepy way, if possible! haha)

  30. AMY!!! Your the BOMB! I LOOOOOVE this– I will be sharing this on my blog on Friday? Is that ok! I’ll link it all back to you! you ALWAYS have the BEST printables!! ps Distric 12 was shot in my hometown of NC ! how cool is that–I was on my honeymoon during filming! Or I sooo would of loved to of went! 🙂 HUNGER GAMES was by far the BEST trilogy i have ever read!!!
    XOXO Andrea

  31. These printables are great. Thanks so much for sharing them! Can’t wait for the movie.

  32. I’m in the middle of the series right now! I have to sneak the book away from my daughter so I can read it during the day, and then she takes it back from me at night! We’re so excited for the movie to come out, and now we’ll definitely have to make it a party!! Thank you for the awesome printables!

  33. Woot Woot!!!! I’m so excited to use these!!! The kids in my class are just as excited as I am to see the movie – I think I’ll be bringing in cupcakes to celebrate!!!
    Similar survival great easy read suggestions… City of Ember and The Girl Who Owned a City – my students didn’t want to put them down!

  34. You just TOTALLY made our family’s day! We are so going to throw this pre-movie party! Thank you so much!!!

  35. these. are. awesome.


    am I not seeing a Team Gale here? because seriously, it’s really inappropriate how smoking hot the kid that plays him is. really inappropriate…

  36. Super Awesome! I LOVED the books {I am near the end of book 2} and cannot WAIT for the movie!

  37. My husband is a big fan….I haven’t read the books yet….. =) may have to do something like this for him.
    Happy Day

  38. Thanks so much. So excited to see this movie.

  39. Amy, I’m freakin’ out about these! Can’t wait to print these out! THANKS!

  40. Thanks so much for these printables! This post has got me extremely excited for the movie!!

  41. Shandi Alegre says:

    I absolutely LOVE the hunger games! After I read them I wanted more! Haha I totally want to have a hunger games party these printables are great! Also if your looking for something that compares (even though you said normally you dont like fiction) I also loved The Maze Runner series and I really can’t decide which of the two I love more!

  42. nancyeileen says:

    Dang! I can’t WAIT!
    This is the most exciting trilogy I’ve ever read – my family loved the books as well.
    We’ll be at the first showing!

  43. Those are awesome! I can’t wait for the movie!!

  44. these are great! thank you so much!

  45. What an awesome post. Many Thanks Amy! 🙂

  46. My boys & I love The Hunger Games & we are so excited for the movie to come out! Thank you for creating such fun printables! I will be sharing on my blog & giving you full credit of course!

  47. These are fantastic!! I can’t wait! I will pass them along to my mom’s group- they are making a mom’s night out of… I am making it a date night!

  48. Wooooo-hoooo!!!! These are awesome!!! We are taking our entire 7th grade to the film on the day it’s released… It’s the day before our spring break starts! We are all sooo excited to go! Thanks for these… Definitely hanging them up in my classroom!!!


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