Homemade Christmas CD Free Printable

Last year I burned CD’s with my favorite Christmas songs and designed this cute case cover.

Since this was well before I ever started blogging, I don’t have photos of how cute they were packaged. But picture if you will… the CD in a clear bag (so you can see the design) with a little bit of shredded green paper on the bottom, then tied with a zebra print ribbon along with a silver star ornament. Doesn’t that sound pretty? It was!

Because I’m feeling the Christmas spirit, I re-designed this so you could print and use for yourself! Now all you need is some music and you’ve got a perfect homemade gift for friends and teachers. Just click the image or here to download and print. Have fun!

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Amy is a creative mom of two and graphic designer. When she's not working on Living Locurto, she's busy designing Printable Party Supplies and working on I Heart Faces, her photography blog. Find Amy on Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, and Instagram.


  1. how do i burn a cd with xmas songs?

  2. I was looking through, several weeks some. Well another article that will work out just fine. I need it for a project, fortunately for me it has the same theme as this post. I am relieved that I found it, have a good one.

  3. bulky diary you enjoy

  4. Came by from Cheryl’s Tidy Mom- and a new follower.

    Cheri from Its So Very Cheri

  5. What a great idea! I will be making some of these!

  6. I just made CDs for 19 of my coworkers. This will be the perfect finishing touch! Thank you for saving the day 🙂

  7. Now THAT is talented!! I love that idea! What a great present that would make. Thank you for sharing!

    Chris’s last blog post..You waited all week for this?

  8. what a cute idea.

    chickadee’s last blog post..7 Quick Takes

  9. Yep, I do know who I am (the not-crafty type), so I appreciate that you came up with something simple enough that even I could do! I love Christmas music and could really get into a project like this. 🙂

    Julia @ Hooked on Houses’s last blog post..Our New Thanksgiving Tradition

  10. Very nice! What a great idea. Thanks.


    mommyknows’s last blog post..Power Ranger Giveaway

  11. That is a fantastic gift for people. The packaging is so adorable!

    Buzzings of a Queen Bee!’s last blog post..What Started It All!

  12. Amy, Domenic the Donkey was the first song I dragged over today on to my playlist. I had an incomplete list because I only managed to carry some of my songs from the PC to my laptop. Long story but you can use your iPod to dump songs from one PC to another. It’s just that the songs land in there with only a code – no title. You then have to figure all of that out by listening and then inputting all of the info again. However, when I decoded the first song, it was Domenic the Donkey followed by Gayla Peevy singing “I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas”.

    I have over 100 Christmas songs in my playlist so I’d actually need about 8 CDs to burn them all! But, I do have my favorites….

    Dot O’s last blog post..Off To The Iditarod

  13. Thanks for the download. I will be using it as part of my Christmas gifts!

    Laurie’s last blog post..Christmas Inspiration

  14. Oh how fabulous! This is a great idea, thanks tons. I’ll be linking.

  15. You always have such great ideas!

  16. I did this last year too!!! But I like your design/cover better – mine was just a big Santa face – I may do this again this year to some new people, and I will use your cover!! Thanks again!!


    PS – my new favorite Christmas tune- have you hear the Ray Charles version of Rudolph??? It’s a “jazzy” sound and is AWESOME!! it’s on my cd!!

    Tidymom’s last blog post..My 1st Trash to Treasure Makeover

  17. GREAT idea! And what an inexpensive teacher’s gift. Yeah…now I can cross their gifts off my list. 🙂

    The Arthur Clan’s last blog post..Rec Center News.

  18. Kathy Silvey says:

    Hi Amy. All your stuff is adorable. I enjoy the pictures of the kids so much. Hugs and kisses.

  19. Amy, that is so cute! I’m definitely gonna do that.
    Oh, BTW, I still couldn’t keep the foot going clockwise even when I introduced the knee!! 🙂

    Pam’s last blog post..Our Mysterious Brain

  20. Dot,

    I hope your list includes Dominick the Donkey. Ee Aw Ee Aw!

  21. That is such a great idea!! In my case, it would have to be a multipack of CDs. My Christmas playlist on my iTunes has enough to make four favorite Christmas CDs but that is really a good idea and I just may use it!!

    Dot O’s last blog post..Off To The Iditarod

  22. I really like your cd case design with all of the textures and shapes. Then again, I think I like all of your designs. 🙂 The lucky ducks who got one!

    Katie @makingthishome.com’s last blog post..Six Things That Would Make You Happy in Berlin


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