Grilled Pizza Recipe

Grilled Pizza Recipe via TidyMom

If you didn’t know, my cat knocked over my Mother’s Day flowers and spilled an entire vase of water on my plugged in laptop. My family was trying to surprise me, but instead I woke up to water all over my computer. Yes, the cat is in the dog house!!! I got the bad news yesterday that the computer is dead. At least the hard drive didn’t get wet and I’m crossing my fingers all the info is salvageable.

Here is what I learned at the Apple Store…

• Water damage is NOT covered under Apple Care  (we didn’t have that anyway, but still good info to know.)

• They can fix any damage to your computer for $1,200 (YIKES!)

• If you bring your damaged iPod in along with your totally dead laptop, they might feel sorry for you and just give you a new iPod. (Yes, that was the good news out of all of this. The guy didn’t want to give me anymore bad news and just replaced the iPod my son broke.)

• You can purchase a thing called a Sata Hard Drive Enclosure at any electronics store for about $10 to transfer your hard drive from one computer to another. (This is what I’ll be attempting to do today. Wish me luck!)

• Don’t take a three-year old who is getting sick and very cranky to the Apple Store with you when you know you’ll be getting bad news. You’ll just get extra frustrated and probably cry.

Today I’ll be backing up my desktop and cleaning up the files because it’s soooo slow. Then I’ll be attempting to move my hard drive info onto my desktop in between doctor visits for my sick girl. Happy Mother’s Day to me!

If you’re like me, yummy food makes you feel better, so I hope you enjoy this post by Cheryl at Tidymom.

Thanks Cheryl for guest posting today while I figure out my computer issues. This pizza looks wonderful!


How to make Grilled Pizza

By Tidymom

Grilled Pizza Recipe by TidymomWith summer time right around the corner, I thought it would be the perfect time to share a family favorite from the grill! If you haven’t tried grilling pizza, you don’t know what you are missing!!

So here’s my quickie guide to doing grilled pizza. It’s not a step-by-step, hold-your-hand guide—because doing grilled pizza isn’t that difficult. LOL

Charcoal or gas will work. It’s just easier with gas because you can regulate the temperature. Coal is fine, too, but you have to be on top of things to keep your fire at the right temperature. Make sure your grates are clean of any “gunk”

We used flour tortillas, a friend had told me to use these and they worked GREAT! you get a nice crispy crust – but you could also make your own pizza dough if you’d like. I’m going to explain the way we made them with the tortilla shells on a gas grill.


  • Brush both sides of your tortillas with olive oil.
  • Get your toppings organized . Once you flip the dough, you need to top it quickly because you don’t have much wiggle room as far as cooking time goes. If you want any meats that need to be cooked, do so beforehand; on-grill time is too short to allow for cooking all the way through.
  • We used precooked Tyson grilled chicken, browned hamburger and canadian bacon.
  • PreHeat grill to medium.

Grilled Pizza Recipe
1. Gather all of your toppings, tortillas, tongs, spoon (for sauce), brush, metal spatula and cookie sheets (to transfer after cooking) near your grill within easy reach. (I would suggest having someone there to assist you as well.)

2. Lay your oil brushed tortillas on the grill – leave the grill open, as it will only take 1 to 1-1/2 mins to grill the crust.

3. Just check on them and when you can see the grill marks, flip them over with your tongs.

4. Now, sauce and top your pizzas like the devil himself is chasing your butt! This is not the time to go heavy on toppings. You need them to heat through and the cheese to melt. Like I mentioned before it’s helpful to have an assistant. Once you’ve got your pizza topped, close the grill lid so heat can reflect down onto the top. Cook for about 3-5 minutes, checking after about two minutes for doneness.

Remove each pizza with a metal spatula- I placed ours on cookie sheets to carry inside.
and enjoy!!

Grilled Pizza Recipe
We made these grilled pizza recipes:

Hawaiian – Pizza Sauce, Canadian bacon, pineapple, shredded cheddar & mozzarella cheese

Chicken – Garlic Alfredo Sauce, Tyson precooked grilled chicken, shredded cheddar & mozzarella cheese

Hamburger & Canadian Bacon – with pizza sauce and shredded cheddar & mozzarella cheese

Tomato & Basil– pizza sauce, fresh sliced tomatoes, fresh basil and fresh mozzarella


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  1. It looks like your trip to the Apple store had more challenges than the average trip. 🙂 I’d hate that to happen to me. Thanks for the recipe of the grilled pizza, its wonderful.

    By the way, chocolate always makes you feel better. Always. 🙂

  2. I am SO SORRY about your laptop. That just… well, it sucks! I hope all your data is salvagable! 🙁 I would have cried too. Funny thing, I have an external hard drive to store data….but it’s not as big as my computer so it won’t back up! UGH!
    .-= April´s last blog ..Wifey Wednesday – The Discipline Game =-.

  3. oh gosh, i would cry for about a month if my macbook was destroyed! you have my sympathy!!
    .-= laura´s last blog ..reflections made me do it! =-.

  4. I am so sorry for your loss. Losing a trusted computer friend is never easy. Hope it all goes smoothly! Remember to backup when you get your new computer!

  5. I feel your Apple store pain… I lost my hard drive a few months ago, and it stinks.

    I’m SO sorry…

  6. Grilled Pizza | Living Locurto – FREE Printables, recipes, party …: If you didn't know, my cat knocked over my M…

  7. So sorry to hear about your laptop. It’s so frustrating because you never realize how much you depend on your computer until it’s down! 🙁

    Thanks for posting the great pizza recipes – We love tortilla pizzas in our home too! They are healthy, quick and the perfect weeknight meal!
    .-= bodyhacker´s last blog ..Do you experience Text Messaging Pain? Perform Text Messaging Exercises =-.

  8. Ooo…so sorry about your computer!

    And, TidyMom…all of her food looks fabulous! Hey, I might even get to EAT some since I’m going to see her this summer. I mean, NO PRESSURE, Cheryl, but I will be expecting these, your enchiladas, mostacoli (I know I misspelled that) and, of course, cupcakes!!! (Or we can eat out!) 😉
    .-= bridget {bake at 350}´s last blog ..Mother’s Day Cupcakes =-.

  9. RT I'm Grilling Pizza today over at @livinglocurto come see! #recipe #pizza

  10. RT @Tidymom I'm Grilling Pizza today over at @livinglocurto come see! #re… #grill #HowToGrill

  11. I'm Grilling Pizza today over at @livinglocurto come see! #recipe #pizza

  12. I just got my Laptop back from the “Greek” squad at Best Buy- thought everything was lost…but Happy Day they were able to save my files. I now own an external Hard drive. {I know should of had one all along}
    Love the pizza idea.
    .-= teresa´s last blog ..Pismo- with Friends =-.

  13. Oh! I ache for you. I’d have cried too. Keeping my fingers crossed on the successful transfer of your files!
    .-= Julie @ Practically Spent´s last blog ..The Food Revolution =-.

  14. Bummer about the laptop 🙁
    I did a little shout-out on my blog for you today!
    Thanks for all your freebies and fun giveaways! I love your site!
    .-= Krystle´s last blog ..Thank You Tuesday….Living Locurto =-.

  15. Hey, look on the bright side……you got that ipod replaced for free!! I know that has been bothering you!………, what a bummer on the lap top!! Good luck with your file transfers!! {{hugs}}
    .-= TidyMom´s last blog ..A Surprise, a Guest Post, a WIN and other news! =-.

  16. Oh I LOVE TIdyMom! She is has the best ideas and the sweetest person ever. I am so making these this week. {Sorry about your computer issues Amy. 🙁 Totally LAME!}
    .-= Shelley´s last blog ..Flower Toes =-.

  17. Oh my goodness, what a sight to wake up to on Mother’s Day!! That is NO FUN at all! Thanks for the tips about the Apple Store… hopefully I’ll never have to use the water damage one 🙁

    On the flip side, the pizza looks great! Food always makes me feel better as well… maybe you can get the hubby to make you one 🙂

    .-= Tabitha Blue´s last blog ..My Apologies =-.

  18. Last year my laptop was killed by a toddler and my hot tea. It has been dead ever since…it was brand new and freshly paid for…sad. Does this device work on “won’t even turn on” computers???

    • @Samantha,

      Wouldn’t turn on at all. It had corrosion. My toddler broke my last one! This is the second laptop accident. So now I guess I need to find a place that buys laptop parts and if I get a new one hide it from anyone in the house!! 🙂

  19. @Kristi,
    .-= Samantha´s last blog ..Outtakes =-.

  20. Sorry about your laptop! I’ve always wondered about grilling pizza, but wasn’t really sure how it would work. Thanks for sharing! Think we might have this on the menu for next week.
    .-= Kristi´s last blog ..Wine Rack Thingy Turned Ribbon Organizer =-.


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