Print on Post-It Notes – Free Printables for School Homework

How to Print on Post-It Notes with Cute Free Printables for School Homework.

I’m finally home after a lot of summer traveling, and so excited to be kicking off several weeks of awesome back to school ideas here at Living Locurto!

Make sure to check back daily for all new back to school ideas by some of my favorite bloggers and me! 

Right now, I’m loving the new Post-it Study Collection for my back to school projects! I’m using them to get more organized for school with my After School Station that I talked about last week.

The After School Station comes with two Free Printable Weekly Calendars. I used Writable Flags along with Post-It Study Notes to let the kids mark what is important.

I love the in and out homework boxes and cute designs for the signs. So today, I am making my designs available for you to print on Post-It Notes yourself! Whether you create an after school station or just want to use these for notes on homework, they are super fun and easy to make!

How to Print on Post-It Notes with Cute Free Printables for School Homework.

Printing on Post-it Notes is simple and only takes a few steps:

  1. Print your design, then stick the blank Post-It Notes on top of your printed page.
  2. Put the page back into the printer tray and print again. (Make sure you have the paper installed the correct way).

You only need to print your original design once, just keep adding new Post-It Notes to the paper. You might try doing a test with one Post-It Note to make sure this works with your specific printer. I had no problems with my HP Envy Printer. I also used thicker paper so it wouldn’t rip when pulling off the notes.

How to Print on Post-It Notes with Cute Free Printables for School Homework.

I’m using these fun notes on the kid’s out boxes and homework.

The Post-It Study Collection even has cool Post-It Study Attach and Go Pockets that make it easy to store small papers like these printed Post-It Notes!

How to Print on Post-It Notes with Cute Free Printables for School Homework.

Free Printable Post-It Notes for Homework

Choose from the in and out box designs, homework notes or both!

How to Print on Post-It Notes with Cute Free Printables for School Homework.

Free Printables •  ©2013  •  For Personal Use Only

ENJOY! Please share your back to school ideas on my Facebook Page or tag me on Instagram. I would love to see what you do with these Free Printables for your Post-It Notes!

Check back over the next few weeks for ALL NEW back to school free printables, recipe ideas and more!

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  1. am i the only one that doesn’t “get it”?? do you need to change your microsoft word settings?

  2. Diane Haley says:

    Another way to keep your first printed copy nice and neat and tear free is to laminate it. An at home way to do this is with clear contact paper 🙂

  3. Alayna V says:

    Hi there! I am a little confused about “only printing once” is there any way to post a quick video? For some reason, I am stumped as to how you put it in the printer multiple times, but only print once. Thank you!

  4. Sarah Hawthorne says:

    I love the ladybird math sheet too – have you a link to it? Pretty please?!

  5. Is there any wat to make the PDF so where we are able to type on the lines as well? Or if not, what font are you using?

  6. This awesome Love it!

  7. Mrs. Karen says:

    I cannot open and save the file. it cannot open the PDF it tells me that the file is corrupt =o( help!

  8. alli burke says:

    The post it printables works perfect! No problems at all w it!!! Thank you for giving me a great idea and easy instructions:)

  9. Hi Amy! My sister and I <3 this idea! Any idea how to do the same kind of thing with 2 x 1 Post-Its? 🙂 Super smart and cute tip!

  10. My sister and I love this idea!!!! Have you run across a way to do 2 x 1 Post-It Notes? 🙂

  11. Very innovative idea!

  12. These are fabulous. you are brilliant!

  13. Jenn Wild says:

    Seriously….this is genius! Thank you (AGAIN) for sharing! 🙂

  14. Leigh S. says:

    Please tell me where you got the in and out boxes that you can hang! I love those!

  15. These are so fun Amy!

  16. My daughter is only 21 months, so she’s not getting homework yet, but I kind of wish she was just because these are soooooo cute!!! LOVE!

  17. Fantastic idea, Amy! Thanks for the free printables!

  18. So cute! My kids go back next week already! (yeah!)

  19. I love love love these Amy! Huge Post-it fan and love all of the things you can do with them. Thanks!

  20. These are awesome!! What a great idea for back to school. I can’t believe my kids go back in 2 weeks. Eeeek!


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