American Flag Marshmallow Pops

American Flag Marshmallow Pops -  Easy Edible Craft

Happy Memorial Day! I made these cute American Flag Marshmallow Pops with my daughter this weekend. They would be perfect treats for the Fourth of July as well.

American Flag Marshmallow Pops -  Easy Edible Craft

In about 10 minutes you can have a really cute edible craft that the kids will love to make and also love to eat!

American Flag Marshmallow Pops -  Easy Edible Craft

You’ll need:

American Flag Marshmallow Pops -  Easy Edible Craft

Draw a blue square and red stripes. Do a sample and let small kids copy your design. My daughter loved making these!

American Flag Marshmallow Pops -  Easy Edible Craft

Insert a toothpick on the left side. Slide the toothpick into a colorful straw.

American Flag Marshmallow Pops -  Easy Edible Craft

Insert the straws into a jar filled with candy or in my case, white shredded paper.

American Flag Marshmallow Pops -  Easy Edible Craft

If you make these treats ahead of time, store them in a large plastic zipper bag or air tight container so the marshmallows won’t dry out.

I hope you enjoy your holiday! We’ll be thinking of the men and women who serve our country and celebrating by snacking on yummy treats.

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  1. Too cute! Can't wait to do these with the grandkids…you are amazing!

  2. Love this idea! Great fun for the kiddos. I hope you will link up to my Patriotic Project Parade!

  3. How creative! I am a big fan of patriotic crafts and I we do a big celebration on 4th of July – this will be perfect for it! Thanks!

  4. Genius! These are awesome Amy 🙂

  5. LOVE them Amy!! So fun and creative 🙂 I’m an artist so I love what you’ve done here especially!

  6. HOw cute are the popsicals- love the detail- I would do a british flag for the queens jubilee this weekend

  7. cute, cute idea. We’ll have to o this for the 4th and in preschool next fall for Patriotic Day! Thanks

  8. I absolutely love this idea! Of course, I’m going to have to draw my own flag but I can’t believe how easy this is 😀


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