Elf Photo Booth | Printable Props

Elf Photo Booth with Fun Printable Mini Photo Props! LivingLocurto.com

Our Elf On The Shelf, Peter, has just arrived from the North Pole and wasted no time celebrating with his long-lost Barbie friends!

I guess he thinks our house is one big party. I’m not too sure about them borrowing my new camera for their Elf sized photo booth. I wonder what Santa thinks of him using his beard as a prop? Shame on you Peter… you should know better than to let those Barbie dolls influence you!

Elf Photo Booth with Fun Printable Mini Photo Props! LivingLocurto.com


Pink Princess Barbie really knows how to work a camera!

Elf Photo Booth with Fun Printable Mini Photo Props! LivingLocurto.com


Check out the party photo booth images that I found on my camera…

Elf Photo Booth with Fun Printable Mini Photo Props! LivingLocurto.com

I love the lips, Santa Beard and mustache photo props. That’s one creative elf!

Elf Photo Booth with Fun Printable Mini Photo Props! LivingLocurto.com

I think someone has a crush.

Elf Photo Booth with Fun Printable Mini Photo Props! LivingLocurto.com


Elf Photo Booth with Fun Printable Mini Photo Props! LivingLocurto.com

At least Peter let me have the designs for his cute Elf Sized Photo Booth Props to share with you. I’m sure your elf likes to party just as much as mine!

Have fun putting these photo props to good use with your elf at home!!

UPDATE: See what happened the day AFTER the photo booth party here.

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Get the Printable Mini Photo Props

Exclusive Printable – Mini Photo Props (Santa Beard, Mustache, Lips and Sunglasses.)

The North Pole Elf Shop - Printables for your Christmas Elf by Living Locurto

Get the people sized free printable mustache and lip photo props here.


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  1. Sharon Bellows-Loder says:
  2. Sharon Bellows-Loder says:

    can you send link to print off the actual kissing booth…it says i can print for free but it tells me to add info with my credit card???

  3. Jackie Normand Sweeton says:
  4. Pam Vioreanu says:
  5. Do you still send this props out?? please…

  6. Lady Rock says:

    Please send photo booth and props for elf on the shelf

  7. Please send me the kissing booth and props. Thanks so much.

  8. What fun! My three kids would love this! Please send to sarahamblin at hotmail dot com.

  9. karla brown cooley says:

    Do I have to request the Elf on the Shelf photo booth printables be sent?

  10. Ivette DuBoce says:
  11. I was wondering if i could get the elf kisses stand printable?
    Thanks and have a very Merry Christmas!!

  12. HI I was wondering if I could pretty please get this printable my daughter had an impromptu photo booth at her Birthday party and would love to wake up to our elf in his own photo shoot!! 😀

  13. Could I pretty please get this free printable!! At my daughters birthday part this year we had an impromptu to photo booth and she would definitely love it if our Elf Zippy was in his own photo booth!!

  14. May I please have this free printable? My kids will love it!

  15. Jessica Gehrer says:
  16. This is the CUTEST THING EVER! Thank you so much for the printables!

  17. I can’t get over how cute & funny this is!!! Great job!!!

  18. Amy, Thanks so much for the printables! I used them as templates to make cookie pops for our elf:) You’re awesome!

  19. Love this! We are doing 30 days of Elf on the Shelf photos on my site. Will totally be doing this!

  20. thank you!!!! Here is a link to mine! http://pinterest.com/pin/189643834280578882/

  21. Very clever idea! 🙂

  22. Clever, cute and classic!

  23. Adorable!!!!!! Can’t wait to use these!!

  24. Donna/Smoochiemom says:

    Wow, those stencils would have come in hand last week when our elf did the same thing, Without stencils, his mustache, top hat and lips were not nearly as neat as yours, but I thought they were very unique.

  25. So cool…seems like they’re having lots of fun in the photo shoot! 😀

  26. hysterical & so stickin’ clever – once again, amy! i love it!

  27. This is awesome! I think the Star Wars toys in my office are definitely going to have to have a photo booth party soon.

  28. This is absolutely adorable. I may have to go out and buy an Elf on the Shelf just for this purpose! I wonder if my teenager would go along…


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