How to Roll Pie Crust

I made Grandma Chunkie’s Chocolate Pie for Thanksgiving. It turned out so good! Each kid got their own pie and were in heaven:-)

Chocolate Pie

I usually don’t make pies because I can never roll out the dough! I’m a pie rolling dummy. It gets all sticky and I end up super frustrated. Well, not this year! I came up with an idea and wanted to share my tip. Who knows, this may already be something you do, or some fancy product sold at Williams Sonoma, but to me, it was a new idea:-)

I used Glad Press’n Seal to cover the dough and roll it out. I had some left over from Halloween, which I used to cover tables when the kids painted their pumpkins at my Pumpkin Painting Party. (Love this stuff!)

I added a little flour on both sides of the dough. Rolled it out.

Then turned the pie plate upside down over the dough, flipped it, pulled off the Press’n Seal and voila!

It really was easy as pie! Saved me so much pie rolling frustration. Happy pie making!

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  2. Brilliant. Now I just need a good pie crust recipe…

  3. I HAVE to go buy some of this stuff. You just solved my x-mas baking problems in one post- I hate, hate, hate (Did I mention hate?) rolling out dough of any sort. It always sticks to the pin, then I have to try to scrape it off of my board without losing the shape. I’ve been avoiding it. Now, I can go make those cut sugar cookies I wanted!

  4. I don’t know what I am more thankful for, the great pie rolling idea or the recipe. Thanks for sharing both!

    carol at A Second Cup’s last blog post..Parenting In the Real World: Taming the Greedies Part 3

  5. Yummmmm! That looks absolutely delicious!

    Have a blessed and wonderful day!

    smiles, kari & kijsa

  6. Thanks for the great tip! I will definitely try it. Dough isn’t always my friend.

  7. Great minds think alike – my tip today was for my alternative to wax paper for rolling out crusts. I do something very similar to that. It does work great!

  8. Good effort! Your pies look yummy. I’m a pie lover, and I had the same issues as you. I managed to buy a “silpat” a couple of years ago. Good for pies and you can put hot candies on them too…no sticking. Like caramels and such. Just can’t cut on it, bummer.

    min’s last blog post..Christmas Giveaway!!!

  9. oh the simple joys of dough. i want to spend a whole day just making pies with my kids. wouldn’t that be fun? just stop the world…we are making pies! sweet 🙂


    shelbi’s last blog post..Shop Marigolds December Giveaway!!

  10. The Arthur Clan says:

    I never, ever, never make pie…but if I ever do I will remember your trick. Great idea!

  11. For the love of Peter Paul and Mary–those look absolutely SCRUMPTIOUS!! Please excuse me while I go find a carrot to gnaw on until the lust wears off…

    Carrie’s last blog post..See You in a Bit…

  12. Great tip, Amy! However, I’m a frozen pie crust kind of gal. There are some things that are best left to my mama – like making the perfect gravy, gumbo roux and pie crusts. Hmmm, must be something about flour that scares me.

  13. I wonder if this will also work for rolling cookie dough?????

    Dot O’s last blog post..Getting Us In The Spirit Of The Season

  14. You are a domestic goddess. 🙂 They look awesome!!

    jen@Balancing Beauty and Bedlam’s last blog post..Merry Sitsmas sistas

  15. Well, this looks so easy, maybe even I can do it! Love those little individual pies for the kids. So cute. 🙂

  16. Hi Amy,

    what a great idea. I too fail miserably at pie crust. I usually cheat and buy the pre-made crusts. I’ll try this though.

    Kirstin’s last blog post..House Pictures

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