How to Make Duct Tape Rings | Kids Craft

How to Make Duct Tape Rings. A Fun and Easy Kids Craft!

My sweet daughter, Siena, is back with another craft video tutorial for kids! This week, she’ll show you How to Make Duct Tape Rings.

If you are new to Living Locurto, Siena started doing videos when she was 5 years old with NO instruction from me. She named her show the “I’ll Show You How Show!” All of the crafts are her ideas… she says my ideas are too hard for kids:-) I just hold the camera and let her do and say what she wants. Sometimes she makes mistakes and has a hard time, but she always has great patience and a true professional on camera! I’m really proud of her natural skills and often have a hard time not giggling while filming. ha!

Siena is now 7 years old. We took a year off because I had computer problems and my laptop wouldn’t handle editing videos. Now my new computer is much faster with videos and I gave my YouTube Channel a much needed make-over. Siena is very excited to start her show back up for all of you kids out there!

You can read how it all got started and watch Siena’s first video here. She is a tape fanatic. I have to hide my washi tape and so happy a friend of mine got her a craft kit full of cute duct tape! It’s kept her busy for a few months. Check out her latest quick and easy craft with duct tape that any kid can make.

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See How to Make Duct Tape Rings on YouTube.

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Please “Like” Siena on Facebook. She loves to have me type in her comments on her page. So if you have a question for her, ask it over there or here in the comments. Thank you!

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  1. What a fun video & craft project! I LOVED rings when I was little & still do!!!! 😉

  2. Nicely done Siena! I like your facebook page also, looking forward to following you and your crafts 🙂 My 7 year old son loves duct tape crafts as well!

  3. My niece and I will have to make some of these this weekend when she stays with us!

  4. Good job!! I can’t wait to try this with my grand daughter! : )

  5. Great job! My girls loved watching how to make duct tape rings.

  6. Sienna this is so cute!! I’ll have to show it to my nieces!

  7. oh Amy – she does a GREAT JOB!! Our 10 year old daughter has done a bunch of videos too and she's given me permission to post them, but ahem, the editing. YIKES!! Not there yet. 😉


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