DIY T-Shirt Dress Craft Tutorial

 How to make a DIY t-shirt dress! Easy craft tutorial for kids.

This easy DIY T-Shirt Dress craft idea is such a sweet idea for gifts or a summer activity for kids.

I’m happy that Amaia from You Made My Day is sharing how she made these t-shirt designs for a little girl’s birthday gift with us today! Not only is this craft adorable for kids, but I’m wanting to make one for myself. The heart and stripes design is my favorite!

I hope you enjoy this guest post tutorial. Thanks for sharing your talents Amaia!

How to Make a T-Shirt Dress

 How to make a DIY t-shirt dress! Easy craft tutorial for kids.

Supply list:

  • One blank T-shirt (Use a larger t-shirt if you want to make it a dress. For the DIY Birthday Gift example, I used a 10/12 years old size t-shirt).
  • Fabric paint
  • 2 different sizes of paint brushes. A slim one to design the lines and image and a bigger one to paint the inside of the image
  • Glitter (optional)
  • Plastic bag to protect your colors from transferring into the 2 layers of the t-shirt (front and back)
  • Baking paper
  • Iron

 How to make a DIY t-shirt dress! Easy craft tutorial for kids.


1. Place your blank t-shirt on the table and put the plastic inside of the t-shirt, to protect the back side of the t-shirt, otherwise the painting might transfer. Make sure that all the space you will be painting is protected by the plastic.

2. Choose the design you want to do on your t-shirt, I recommend designing it first on paper and then start painting your t-shirt.

3. As you paint, make sure that your hands are always clean because you will be touching the fabric and the t-shirt might get some paint dirt that you will not be able to erase. Be careful when painting because the brush will not slide as easily as if it was a paper. Use the slimmest paint brush for the outer lines, and the thickest brush to fill in the big images.

4. Once your drawing and painting is finished, you can add some glitter for it to sparkle!

5. Let the t-shirt dry for 30 to 60 minutes (depending on the paint and quantity used).

6. Then iron your t-shirt using the baking paper to protect your iron from any not yet dry painting that will stick to it. Ironing the design will fix the paint to the fabric. Iron for at least 5 minutes, but pay attention to it to not burn anything!

Your t-shirt or dress is now ready!! Thanks to Amaia for this cute craft idea:-)

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