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3 Easy Dinner Recipes - Taco Wontons, Homemade Fish Sticks, New York Strip with Garlic Pepper Shrimp | Living Locurto

I absolutely LOVE food. I love to cook, I love to eat and I love to drool over amazing food photos. So when I did a call for new food contributors, I did a lot of drooling over everyone’s amazing photos. Thanks to all of you who applied for the job!

It took a while to go through all of the emails. I am happy to finally introduce the newest food contributor to Living Locurto!

Say hello to Divian Conners

Divian Conners - Food Contributor to Living LocurtoDivian is a mom of 4 who homeschools her youngest son. Everyday after school, she and her sisters set the table and ate dinner as a family with their mother and father. This tradition continued into her adulthood. Divian values family time, loves photography, cooking, writing and coming up with new things to try out.

I love Divian’s recipes and beautiful food photos! I’m thrilled she will be introducing us to some easy recipes for us to try out with our own families.

Find more great recipes on Divian’s Blog. Follow her on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

I hope you will give Divian a warm welcome by leaving her a comment here and clicking over to say hi on her blog.


Enjoy 3 Easy Dinner Recipes by Divian


Taco Wontons

Taco Wontons Recipe | Divian Conners via Living Locurto

Easy Homemade Fish Sticks

Homemade Fish Sticks Recipe by Divian Conners via Living Locurto


 New York Strip and Garlic Pepper Shrimp

New York Strip Steak and Garlic Pepper Shrimp Recipe by Divian Conners  | Living Locurto



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  1. Divan, your recipes are awesome and a great ideas for photos!

  2. The fishsticks and the tacos dish look great.

  3. Oh my goodness–it all looks wonderful. I’m just wondering if I can make it all turn out as good as pretty as these pics. Never hurts to try.

  4. Love the Taco Wontons! Will be doing this for my Anti-Super Bowl Party!

  5. Hello Divan, love your pics and recipes. I look forward to getting to know you. Happy Holidays!!!

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