DFW Blogger Meet-Up

Meeting other bloggers is fun! Meeting bloggers who are just the same in person as they are online is even more fun:-) I met some local bloggers this weekend at an event sponsored by Office Max & Mom it Forward  to support teachers. Holly of Burbmom & June Cleaver Nirvana opened up her gorgeous home to us. 


I was super excited to meet so many girls I’ve connected with online. 


Texas Holly, Tip Junkie and Alyssa from Kingdom First Mom  and me.


I’ve been a Tip Junkie super fan {stalker} for a while:-) I love her site, her innovative ideas and how she reaches out to mom bloggers and mompreneurs. So I was very happy to meet her in person!  Besides being as cute as a button… she’s super silly, so we hit it off as soon as we met!! 


Who knew Tip Junkie had such a LONG tongue? ha!!


We cracked up to find out Alyssa and Laurie lived in the SAME neighborhood. Their kids even go to the same school and they never knew it! Oh my Gahhhh! {Squeeel}


We ate, chatted and played games.


Fashion Cents for Mom, Bobbi Janay and Amy Loves it.


Mariah (far right) drove up all the way from Waco (which is FAR) and won an Office Max gift certificate to donate to her favorite teacher to help with classroom supplies.


Alysaa’s little guy was so adorable!! Look at that face. Could he be any cuter??


Then we got the tour of Holly’s spectacular home which she designed herself. Wow, the designer in me was loving it! Here is a sneak peak… it was so awesome, it deserves a post all to itself later:-)


Have you ever seen one of these streams of water over the spa tub?? Yeah, we hadn’t either. Apparently Holly’s husband requested this after seeing it on TV. She had never heard of it at the time either:-) I don’t even know what to call it? 


Whatever it was… we got a kick out of it! I’m picturing Holly in the tub now getting thirsty and walla instant water fountain! LOL!


Thanks to Laurie and Holly for hosting this lovely get together to support a great cause!


And a big thanks to Holly for putting up with us nutty ladies!



More bloggers from the party:

See more silly photos on Flickr.




The winner of the Harry Connick Jr. CD is Jen from The Stewart Stuff  – Congrats!!

***Don’t forget to get your Halloween Costume posts ready to link up tomorrow! Add as many posts as you like. They can be old or new ones. I hope to get some good ideas from you all:-) 



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  1. So much fun! And I cannot WAIT to see the tour of her house. It looks amazing!!

  2. How I wish I were there for that! It looks like a fantastic time. The home interior is amazing, the rounded seating at the table, the striped indoor awnings! Love the discovery photo when the gals realized they were neighbors! And the gal in the background w/baby surprised by it all, too funny! The blue-eyed baby shot, no, couldn’t be cuter. What a great looking bunch of bloggers! You sure rock the blog world Amy! And congratulations on your Reader’s Digest post with graphics, that’s wonderful!!

  3. It was so much fun! We were like little girls running through that house with our jaws dropped to the floor! It was a great evening. Great pics. I used them on mine as well.

  4. Amy – I had such a BLAST! We are two of a kind and always up for a good time. I’m so glad you came. Holly’s house is so inspiring and she’s such a gracious host to let us trample through it oohing and awing. It was a highlight for me to be able to meet you. Hugs!

  5. I had a ton of fun at this get together. I really hope that we can do something again soon. Ainsley had a great time as well; meeting all of you gal’s and seeing all the really neat things in Holly’s home!

  6. Next time, I’m flying out for the party! Looks amazing! Loved the Whrrl story. I can’t believe Holly’s house. That ice cream parlor is so cute. My kids would live there! 😉

    Glad you all had such a fun time!


  7. How great that you guys got to get together and meet eachother! 🙂 I am loving the house too! Great decorations! 🙂

  8. It was so much fun to meet all of you fun ladies.

  9. RT @livinglocurto: I met @TipJunkie ! She's such a goofball 🙂 http://bit.ly/1ahPCX

  10. Oh how much fun! Her house is gorgeous!

    I would love to meet other local bloggers! How did you guys organize that?

  11. Holy Cow, how fun. Thanks for sharing.

  12. The SAME neighborhood?! Wow! That would be super exciting!!! I doubt that anyone in my neighborhood even blogs– or has high speed internet. I think I’m beyond suburbia.

  13. Cute post and pics, Amy! It was so nice to meet you!

  14. Looks like you had a great time!

    I’m so excited to have won Harry’s new CD! Thank you so much!!!

  15. Holly’s home is fabulous. When I win the lottery, she is totally designing my home for me. lol! 😉

    What a fun time you all must have had. Nothing better than a bunch of silly bloggers getting together to have some fun!

  16. WOW Looks like a lot of fun!! and Holly’s home is beautiful!!


  17. Awesome pictures! I will need to steal some for my story…more on that later! ha. Thanks SO MUCH for coming. I loved meeting you!

  18. Wow! Your Blog is amazing..a little bit of everything. I am lovin’ it. So much info I need! Great job.
    I can’t wait to see the blog on Holly’s Home, holy smokes!

  19. Nice and nostalgic pictures. Thanks for the nice share. Very interesting.

  20. Um..can Holly adopt me? You had me at the ice cream bar (ok and the table) WOW! Looks like the blog-girls had fun!


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