Days of the Week Closet Tags – Organize Kids for School

Getting organized for school and ready for my kids daily routines is a huge help for a busy mom like me.

Get organized for school with cute tags to help kids get dressed in the morning!

I love this idea that I came up with to help keep my kids organized and ready for school. It’s been a lifesaver! No more stressful mornings and my kids learned their days of the weeks from a very small age.

We chose clothes for each day of the week and hung them on a low rack for the kids to reach. Then I designed some cute tags to hang on each outfit. Each tag has the day of the week.


Get organized for school with cute tags to help kids get dressed in the morning!

Here is a photo of my son’s closet from when he was in kindergarten. We still do this and he is now going in the 5th grade!

The night before school, my he takes the outfit off the hangers and puts it on the floor by his door. This way he won’t forget to get dressed before coming downstairs. We usually make silly poses with the clothes and that makes it even more fun!

This is also perfect for my daughter, because she can go a little crazy on the layering and causes much less decision making stress in the morning! I designed the pastel pinks and purple tags for her closet.

Please visit my shop to buy these fun printables in primary or pastel colors.

Get organized for school with cute tags to help kids get dressed in the morning!

**IMPORTANT** If you have clicked here from a site featuring this as a free printable, sorry that freebie has been expired since 2010 (I created this design in 2008 and my readers enjoyed it free for over an entire year). You can purchase the tags here now at a very affordable price. – Thank you!

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  1. @ReemBakran @D_madi .. days of the week tags .. easy to make, wt do u think

  2. I’m so disappointed… I saved the link a long time ago but didn’t actually print these. I just now came back and I’m sad they are no longer free.

  3. Thinks it's shitty of a site who previously had a free download to all of a sudden charge for it because traffic went up.

  4. Hi again! Thank you so much for your explanation! I did not see that it was from last year. I take it all back! Sorry again for the bummer comments. Have a wonderful day!

  5. Not a problem… Im going to do mine on the embroidery machine anyway. I just wanted to let you know where everyone was coming from.

  6. They were featured on One Pretty Thing today. Just an fyi.

    • @Markie,

      Ah! That explains it. Thanks:-) I contacted Rachel to let her know they are not a free download anymore. She is doing a re-cap from 2009 back-to-school.

      Sorry for the confusion. I don’t think people read that it was from last year.

  7. Oh bummer. Especially since that’s probably why a lot of people linked to your post. I’m saddened by your decision not to offer them for free after so many others linked to your post, probably because they were free. Just seems a little funny to take advantage of the publicity others are giving you for free by no longer making the printable available for free. Anyway, it’s not a big deal and I know we’re all trying to earn a little extra, but it just made me disappointed. Sorry for the bummer comment. Best of luck in selling them.

    • @Katie,

      Sorry to disappoint, where have you seen this featured recently? Hopefully they read my post to know that this is not a free download. From what I’ve seen, it’s been well over a year since they were featured anywhere. Maybe I missed something? I’m certainly not taking advantage. I created this design two years ago and my readers enjoyed them for free for well over a year.

      Everything in my shop is very affordable and much less than what you might find in other printable shops similar to mine. Hope you decide to purchase. They are very helpful items for me at least:-)


  8. So are these not available for a free download anymore?

  9. Problemi con l'organizzazione mattutina? Ecco un'idea carinissima!

  10. I’m loving these already! You’re so creative!

  11. omg this is the cutest thing ever! I’ll try it with my babes!

  12. Thank you SO much! These ROCK! You are a genius!

  13. I was looking to see who sells this genius item and voila free download!
    Thanks a million for getting me on my way to organization!
    -Monique Pasadena, CA

  14. “…(The hanger labels are from Living Locurto. Aren’t they incredibly awesome and cute? I know I am not using them right, but one of these days I’ll tweak them a bit to work for this purpose. But they are cute, add a spot of color and ‘neatness’ to the chaos.)…”

    Thank you.

  15. Having the same problem as yo, when i open the download it has only the brights and can not find the pastels. Can you please re-post the link for the pastel tags. These will be great for my little ones, Thank You

  16. Love these tags. 3 yr old grandson has trouble with the days of the week. This will help with 2 things…what to wear and the day of the week. YAY>

  17. Wow these are super cute 🙂 Thanks-a-million

  18. hi, i can’t find the link for the pastel ones. can you repost? when i click on the picture of them from your “free downloadables” page, it links to the bright ones. thanks! you’re amazing!!

  19. Thanks for the download – they make my Martha side so happy!

  20. So pleased to have found your blog. Someone linked (via the Happiness Project) to these tags – they are awesome! Many thanks :o)

  21. I love this! Such a great idea. I do have a question. I have seen the “days of the week” in girl colors. Does anyone know where the link is for that one?

  22. Sent the link to my sister who has 5 kids. Hoping these will help. SOO CUTE!
    .-= Lissa´s last blog ..Dreaming =-.

  23. RT @Lumi22: Another gr8 idea! Printable Weekday tags 2 put on outfits! Keep them organized! #flylady #twisters #ADHD

  24. RT @Lumi22: Another great idea! Printable Weekday tags to put on kid's outfits! Keep them organized! #ADHD

  25. cre8ivegenes says:

    Are they gone? Pout! I found them from a link. Such a cute idea! Enjoy the rest of your site as well!

    Sorry check back soon. I’m switching servers and making some edits to my site. They should be up within a day. -Amy

  26. These are great! What a great way to get kids involved in planning their clothes for the week. My son is now in the early stages of picking his clothes (with some direction of course) and learning to dress himself. I’d love to include it in a post it on my blog about getting kids organized with a link to your site. Can I get your permission to use the photos?


  27. Feeling a little OCD, are we? Here’s an idea; chill out. Being organized is not this important. Take it as it comes and you find far more happiness. (o:

  28. I want these []. This is why I’m OCD.

  29. I love these tags to organize outfits by day of the week

  30. Libzsonshine says:

    LOVE these! I’m a pediatric OT who works with all sorts of kiddos who really struggle with getting ready in the morning and organization and all sort of things. This is a FABULOUS idea that I will pass on to parents!

    Much Kudos! THANK YOU!!

  31. I just might need these tags in my life (via @Wompy)

  32. I might do this to plan my outfits for the week. That way I’m more efficient using my steamer.whatcha think @ctrlb ?

  33. Is it wrong that I am going to use these? Days of the Week Tags –

  34. For the women (or men) that are really anal about your closet in order – This is for you:

  35. Congrats on the Giz mention!

  36. WANDY LUNA says:


  37. I also love these, but I second the idea of getting a Sunday hanger! I like to have my kids clothes separated for Sunday. It’s our family outing day! I am printing the pastel ones for MY clothes!

  38. Days of the Week Tags for kids closet for organization:

  39. Great idea! I use the hanging closet organizers, and I’ve found how much less my kids argue about what to wear. I choose what goes with what, and they choose what day of the week they want to wear it. Everyone’s happy!

  40. Saw these on both On the Dot and One Pretty Thing, so figured it’s high time I print them for my clothes-horse daughter who can make a career out of choosing her outfit in the morning!

    And if you make a Sunday tag, I’d print 2 — one for church and one for play clothes after…

  41. I love this idea! My sis actually taught me something similar several years back, but we used hanging baskets. I love the tag idea! It takes up less space and the kids learn the days of the week as well! Not to mention it will help all the kids be more responsible. Thanks for the download!

    Will you be making a Sunday tag? I noticed people posted about it. I would LOVE to have a Sunday tag too!! Please oh please 😉

  42. I love these printables but why did you leave out Sunday???

  43. If you are having trouble printing out Tues., Thurs., & Sat. try to rotate the picture counter clockwise twice! it worked for me- they are so practical & beautiful

  44. Me too! These are super cute and my daughter is starting pre-school in a few weeks, but we are living in Bahrain where the school week is Sunday to Thursday. Was thinking of making my own Sunday, but since others are asking…

  45. I just finished making a set of these in Pastels. I printed them out on 28 lb. paper since I don’t have any card stock handy, laminated them with clear contact paper and trimmed to size. Perfect! I anticipate that these will be a great help to us. Thank you! (Then I noticed that there’s no Sunday! I would LOVE a matching Sunday tag. . .)

  46. I did like these alot..thanks so much…I added a post here from my blog..stop by and take a look and I hope my blogland friends come by for a visit too.. hope you don’t mind…

    this is a great idea and thanks for sharing it..

  47. Amy, you sure did explain! I just went back and re read it, I overlooked it!!!! That’s what I get when I don’t read carefully. 🙂

  48. these are fantastic, i love them. not that i want to wish my 7 month olds life away (or my own for that matter) but i can not wait to use these for her. thank you : )

  49. Hi, I figured it out to get it into .pdf and it was in paper size so I was able to print them with no problems. What I did was click on the link given and it’ll take you to the Scribd (that’s where I couldn’t get it in paper size) so I clicked on “daystags_brights” in grey on upper left corner of the screen and it’ll take you to .pdf. Hope this helps those who couldn’t print them off right from Scribd. 🙂

    Thank you still for these cute printables!

    Thanks Jenny! I think that is the problem… people aren’t opening the file. I wrote instructions in the post. Glad you got them to print:-) -Amy

  50. I’m having the same printing trouble as the others. I’d love to use these if someone could help me figure it out.

    I just printed them myself and had no problem. There is enough border around them that they should print okay. It must have to do with the settings on your printer. I’m sorry you’re having trouble. Did you try to reduce the size in your printer settings? Did you open in the free Adobe Acrobat Reader? Just trying to think of all the options that might cause these not to work.-Amy

  51. They are so cute! I tried to print them but can’t get the 2nd page as well. Just M, W & F. Umm… Please Help!!! 🙂 My son started pre-K this week.

  52. Love these too! Setting out the kids’ outfits ahead of time is a big time-saver for me, and these are perfect.

  53. Shell, I was hoping you had posted what you did differently. I can’t get the second tag to print either…….any suggestions.

    “It must have to do with the settings on your printer. Have you tried shrinking just a bit or making sure the image is centered when printed? I wish I was able to help more, but everyone’s printers are different.” -Amy

  54. These are great! With two working parents and two boys under 4 yrs old, organization is key in the mornings. Having the boys’ clothes ready to go and labeled for every day is really a help, especially when dad is in charge of dressing them. My husband is so happy I’ve made his life a little easier – with your help of course. Thanks for the freebie!

  55. Of course, shortly after I finally posted a comment – I figured it out (duh). You bet I’ll be laminating and putting these to use immediately!

    Thanks for the great download.

    Shell’s last blog post..back in the saddle

  56. I adore these tags, but what am I doing wrong? I can’t get the second tag to print (only Monday, Wednesday & Friday – Tuesday gets cut in half). I’ve tried shrink to fit and adjusting the size, etc but still same results – please help if you can!

    Shell’s last blog post..back in the saddle

  57. Awesome, can’t wait to use them..thanks

  58. These are SO cool! I love the bright colors and the big letters. In fact, I think I might use these in MY closet. 🙂

    Stephanie’s last blog post..Themed Weekend: Here Comes The Sun

  59. This is such a great idea on so many levels! Encourages independence, examples organisation and even acts as a learning to read tool. I’ve linked them on my blog. Thanks for such a great freebie. x

    Sandra @ {mumspace}’s last blog post..Little Innoscents winners

  60. Wanted to let you know that my post linking to you is now up, Amy.

    Thanks again for the inspiration!

    Julie – On the Dot Creations’s last blog post..:: Fabulous Freebies! ::

  61. Thank you so much! This is a great idea and I hope it gives my boys more independence getting ready in the am.

    Kristin’s last blog post..Big M, little m

  62. Great idea, love it !

  63. Oh my word! These are exactly what I need for my son . . . and they’re dotty! Yikes! I’m printing them right now!

    Julie – On the Dot Creations’s last blog post..:: Lookie What I Found! ::

  64. [Great Org. idea for Kids! Free Download] Days of the Week Tags | Living Locurto

  65. I absolutely am amazed at what a terrific idea this is. Thanks for the tip. My 11 year old daughter and I made some for her and her brothers. If you’d like to take a look, here’s the link to the blog post….

    Diana’s last blog post..Days of the Week Tags

  66. These are terrific! May I use one of the photos to link to it on my blog? I wanted to write a post about organized kids and link up to this terrific resource AND your blog.

    Glad I could help out with the info on car seats.

    Karin Katherine’s last blog post..Everything Expires

  67. LOVE the tag download! THANK YOU!!

  68. This is fantastic! I think I will print some for MY closet too!
    I found my way to your blog from

    Sarah’s last blog post..Gratituesday- Green

  69. Great tags! Found your site today & am enjoying it. I do wish there was a Sunday tag though, I could really use it! Please, please….please….! : ) Thanks!

  70. I love these…not sure if I need them being that my kids have to wear uniforms to school but I might have to find a need for these since they are just so cute.

  71. Amy
    These are so adorable and functional. what a great way to make the morning go more smooth!
    thanks for the download! LOVE IT!

  72. Hope everyone gets some good use from my tags! I’m glad you all like them. I recommend getting them laminated. My son ripped one today:-(


  73. I came upon your blog from Miz Booshay’s and I have to agree that these are fantastic! My kids are going to love them. Thank you so much for sharing them as a download for everyone.

    Angie in OH

  74. Great idea, Amy!

  75. What a very cool and creative idea!

    Tammy ~@~

  76. Those tags are the cutest thing!!! You are so clever. I am linking you tomorrow!!

    So sorry to hear about the ants! Yikes!

    Makes the root beer incident sound rather tame:o)


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