Monster University & Juicy Juice College Adventure! {Giveaway}

Monster University & Juicy Juice College Adventure Giveaway! #giveaway

I love kids and I love movies. Back in my single days, I secretly couldn’t wait to have kids so I could see all of the animated films without appearing too nerdy. ha! So with that in mind,  I’m super excited to announce my partnership with Juicy Juice and Monsters University!

We are regular drinkers of Juicy Juice for the fact that it is made with 100% fruit with no added sweeteners, artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.

If you have kids or grandkids, you will noticed the adorable Monsters University packaging. Your kids will love the cute designs and you’ll enjoy a Monster-Sized Giveaway!

Monster University & Juicy Juice College Adventure Giveaway! #giveaway

Every time you buy Juicy Juice, you’ll win prizes for your kids! Fun things like a character call where one of your kids’ favorite Monsters University characters will call your home with a personalized message, books, DVD, movie tickets and more!

Ten first prize winners will receive a $5,000 scholarship!

One lucky grand prize winner will receive a behind-the-scenes tour of Pixar Animation Studios in Emeryville, CA complete with a private screening of the film and a $5,000 scholarship!

How fun is that?

College Adventure

We saw Monsters University this weekend and loved it! Since I was in a sorority, I thought it was especially hilarious in certain parts. Just wait until you see the initiation scene in the basement. Too funny!

College is important to Mike and Sulley and it’s also important to my family! I’m pretty sure I have my kids brainwashed about going to college. Hopefully to my alma mater, Oklahoma State 🙂

Monster University & Juicy Juice College Adventure Giveaway! #giveaway

We talk about college with our kids a lot. Sad but true, it won’t be long until they are 18 and ready to leave the nest. Each child has their own savings account where they save their birthday money for a car to drive to college.

I laugh because my son says he will stay close to home so he can live with us. Then my independent 6-year-old daughter tells me she is definitely NOT living at home, going far away to college and is rooming with her best friend! But she’s not sure where college is at, so I have to drive them there. 🙂

So maybe she won’t need a car after all?

I was driving my husband’s old worn out car a few weeks ago and was getting frustrated that the radio wouldn’t work, when from the backseat my daughter told me the reason Dad drives this yucky old car is to save money so she can go to college one day.

I kept my mouth shut after that comment and didn’t complain about the radio the rest of the trip. hee.

Monster University & Juicy Juice College Adventure Giveaway! #giveaway

Do you talk to your kids about college, encourage them to save money and drag them around your alma mater too?


College Adventure Kit Giveaway

I’m excited to host a fun giveaway this week to help encourage a discussion about college in your home!

One lucky winner will win college gear from your choice of school, Juicy Juice, books for your child’s age, puzzles and more to keep your kids’ brains buzzing!

Monster University & Juicy Juice College Adventure Giveaway! #giveaway


Enter to win the College Adventure Kit Giveaway

The more tasks you do on the widget below, the more chances to win! Giveaway ends July 2, 2013 at Midnight CST. Must be 18 or older to enter.

Reading from email or reader? Click here to enter the giveaway.

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Check out the Juicy Juice family trip and $5,000 scholarship giveaway.

Monster University & Juicy Juice College Adventure Giveaway! #giveaway

Each specially marked package of Juicy Juice will have a unique Game Code which can be redeemed on the Juicy Juice website.  Click here view the Official Rules and how to enter for free.


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  1. I believe life lessons are just as important as “book smarts” so I simply just talk to my son. He is already very bright but helping him learn in the real world will help round him out.

  2. CharityS says:

    My son studies all year long.

  3. Leah Bieszczad says:

    What a great contest. College isn't a choice in our house either. It is a must!

  4. Life is learning! Always counting, reading signs and BOOKS!!! We read and act out the books we’ve read.

  5. nicole wright says:

    I try to make learning fun and I involve it with everything and trying to make daily routines a learning experience. I might ask my daughter to find something at the grocery store that starts with a specific letter or get her help measuring in the kitchen.

  6. Nikole M. says:

    Reading. If my oldest asks me a question about a topic we try to find a book that can help give him more information. Of course, his favorite topics are dinosaurs, bugs, snakes and anything creepy crawly.

  7. Jennifer Marie says:

    we play games with flash cards for sight words.

  8. Jessica To says:

    I encourage my so to read books that he enjoys.

  9. Alannah Linton says:

    My children love to read, so I just keep interesting books and encourage them to read.

  10. Read with them. DDs love reading so we have story time and read together.

  11. Reading!

  12. My 5 year old tells us she wants to be a scientist when she grows up and she knows there are many years of school left. We encourage her curiosity and help her with her reading and helping her be interested in math.

  13. Laura Singleton says:

    Thanks for a contest!

  14. My son has been doing work from age-appropriate workbooks in order to prepare him for beginning kindergarten.

  15. Always encourage kids to ask questions and explore, a curious mind is the best way to keep learning.

  16. Stephanie Nelson says:

    I am the music toner at schoo. The girls and I are continually learning thought he summer with “preschool” at home. They’d re also my little guinea pigs after all our summer conferences. If they don’t like the activities, my school kids won’t. We have so much fun.

  17. I have two kids and they both have a college fund. My husband is going for his masters degree and we told them all the time how important is to go to school.

  18. Roxanne Flores says:

    Because my daughter is still so little I try to focus on one topic a week and bring a lot of resources around that topic. For example on Monday I introduced the letter A. I told her apples start with the letter A. We colored some A letter sheets, we tried to make A's with play dough, and we ate apples.

  19. We homeschool so we see almost everything as a learning experience. We try to instill a sense of problem solving into learning… a try to figure it out mentality… that allows our kids to learn to think on their own not just be taught and memorize randomly! We also read a ton and I think instilling a love of reading will take a child very far!

  20. we do “mommy school” in the summer for my little ones, including circle time, storytime, worksheets, journals and creative play

  21. lots of incentives and incorporate the ipad anytime i can

  22. Heather says:

    I try to make the most of everything. Getting them to read as much as they can everywhere. Labels at the store, visiting the library, ready about the animals at the zoo.

  23. Heather Adams says:

    Love Summer reading lists! XO

  24. Sharon Kruschen says:

    I tell my daughter to keep asking WHY.

  25. I love finding great books and never discourage curiosity.

  26. Sara Peterson Davis says:

    We joined the summer reading program at our local library.

  27. Rhiannon Metzger says:

    I have two curious 3 year old twins…I get asked “why?” a lot! But I enjoy explaining how things work, etc. 😉

  28. sadie K. says:

    We read and do “school work” to exercise our minds….plus Dad and I are still going to school getting our degrees. You never stop learning.

  29. rebekah says:

    we have reading nights and learning games. we also talk about college and what they want to do when they grow up.

  30. Kerri S says:

    my twins are only 3, so not much, but I do try to instill lerning when I can!

  31. I always try to lead by example…

  32. I fill our home with books! new childrens books, books from the early 1900s full of childrens stories, textbooks..none are off limits to the kids!

  33. We have taken the boys to various colleges in our area for activities that the schools have during the summer. We talk about what each school offers for course work leading to a degree! Trust me, they have their own ideas about what school they are going to, and it basically comes down to the school mom and dad went to!

  34. Michelle says:

    We always talk about college with our kids and regularly expose them to our alma mater, Rutgers, in New Jersey. Both kids even wear RU gear throughout the year!

  35. Love it!!

  36. I try to make learning fun – by having them spell signs, find items in the grocery store. We talk about college and they always ask if I get to stay with them 🙂

  37. April Wesson Driggers says:

    What a fun contest!

  38. I'm always telling my kids how important it is to go to college especially if they want to get out of our house 🙂

  39. To get my kids to keep learning, I try to set a good example – always researching things I don't know the answer to and making sure they see me reading for my own pleasure 🙂

  40. Jessica Katz says:

    We love these movies. I’m just like you and couldn’t wait to have kids. I think I was more excited to see this movie than they were.

  41. Camille Parkinson says:

    I try to make it fun and incorporate learning in every day activities.

  42. We are big readers! We have reading time every day individually and family reading time every night.

  43. We always have books out. They are a regular part of play time

  44. We make regular trips to the library where I let them pick out what interests them.

  45. Maureen Miley Petrie says:

    My 3rd grader is having a book club with his friends this summer.

  46. WE try and make learning fun. We have also shown then what a good education can get them by going to different areas around the world to see how life can be. How you can help another with education. We talk about their futures and what they would like to do and how it requires effort and education dedication and hard work to make their dreams a reality.

  47. In 52 days I will have 2 kids in college. I have one more to go … she’s only 13th, but we have taken her along on the college visits and even took her with us to the 3 day orientation for my son at Texas Tech (Wreck ‘Em!). She now wants to go to Tech .. lol

  48. My son gets frustrated easily so I always tell him, “it’s okay, try again” to encourage him and teach him patience and hard work. Every day is a little easier and the frustration is a lot less for him. 2 days ago I heard him tell himself, it’s okay, try again. 🙂

  49. Make it fun! For them and me!

  50. We have no particular allegiance to any one school, but we always stress the importance of lifelong learning, beyond college.

  51. Reading! I tell my son you can learn about anything with a book!

  52. This is a great giveaway thank you.

  53. Shanna M. Wells-Castle says:

    I went back to college when my 3 older kids were in grade school – showing them first hand how important it is to go and that it is NEVER too late to go back! 🙂

  54. Amy! It is so funny you should post this now. Just two days ago I was in Stillwater showing my best friend from Ohio around. We went by the house and the current house mom let us tour even though there are some major renovations going on. Up in the third floor hall there were a bunch of old composites hanging. We were looking for my picture when I also saw yours. Since my friend (from Ohio) also follows your blog I had to point out your photo too!

    You'll be glad to know that my daughter was also on the tour – you can never start them too early!

  55. We always to try to make learning fun, by playing games. Like word and math games in the car. We always talk about college with our kiddos and the careers you can have with a college degree! They are so interested!

  56. Jackie Sherrill says:

    Fun learning books. Reading & journal is good. Just try to keep the learning upbeat. Don't make it a downer so they will enjoy it. 🙂

  57. Julia D. says:

    The movie was just adorable! Took the grandkids to it and we had a blast.

  58. We read constanly, count EVERYTHING, and try to mix science into our activities

  59. Oh and I encourage my kids to keep learning by printing worksheets over the summer on things that interest them. My son loves baseball and math so I’ve found some math worksheets that involve baseball. My daughter is obsessed with One Direction and loves learning about England so I’ve printed her some geography worksheets.

  60. We saw Monsters University on opening day and loved it!! And my kids are big Juicy Juice fans. I love how your cute girl said that her Daddy is saving money for her by not getting a new car so she can go to college. How sweet!

  61. We are big OSU fans too!

  62. Sophie Djurich Riggsby says:

    With three kids, college is always on our mind. Summer Reading Lists are something the kids and I enjoy making and completing. As an alum of Cal, the kids love visiting thd campus with me and wandering through the stacks at the libraries.

  63. Hmm, I encourage their learning because I home school! We talk about the Running Start Program that we are hoping will still be offered when they reach high school. We talk about the importance of good grades and scholarship concept. They indeed LOVE learning, and I hope that their pursuits of learning will drive them (and us) to make wise choices in stewardship and academics.

  64. We talk about learning, college, and how it opens up doors!

  65. My daughter and I loved Monsters University! Such a great message! My oldest starts college in a few months and the next 2 aren’t far behind! My oldest will be studying Digital Animation so you just might see his name on a Disney Pixar film!

  66. I love to read to my little guy, even though at this point he thinks books are for chewing on 🙂

  67. Gina Florencia says:

    We do talk about education all the time, you got to, it's a way of life. Thanks for the fun giveaway, I have one in college and one just going to kindergarten….Gina F

  68. Theresa says:

    I try to teach the kids that although bookwork is important, it is also important to be able to live off the land naturally. So we do things to increase our “primitive” camping skills–such as weaving sitting mats, coasters and placemats out of cat tail reeds (while learning the importance of cat tails for water/soil filtration); we make sleeping mats out tall grasses, make soup bowls and spoons by burning wood chunks, also make bowls and canteens out of gourds. Instead of a tent, we make a lean-to. We learn that “weeds” such as dandelion are healthy for us and that there are many wild, edible plants. Who needs coffee when you can brew yourself a cup of chickory?
    And make pancakes using acorn flour. We learn that you don’t need to use pesticides to grow your garden and that instead of using weed killer you can use vinegar.

  69. We do car schooling – going over stuff while we drive.

  70. heather f says:

    I have toddler grandsons. We try to go on walks and look for “interesting” things like pine cones, cool rocks, flowers that smell nice etc.

  71. Anonymous says:

    Reading! Reading! Reading! Hubby works at a prison. We have plenty of conversations about the importance of an education. Open doors and opportunities to change the world!

  72. It's all about the U! University of Miami, that is. I am a High School Teacher so I spend all year encouraging kids to go to college. With my own kids, I take them to campus often. I want them to be familiar with the surroundings so it will be familiar to them when they get there,

  73. Jeanette says:

    Great giveaway! Thanks so much!

  74. Jessica says:

    We try to ask “what do you want to be when you grow up?” Sounds simple, but there was a study done that says if they are thinking about it, then they are likely to plan for it and do it!

  75. June g. says:

    Believe in yourself, don’t let others take your away your spirit. You can accomplish anything. I know this sounds cliche but I do believe it:)

  76. My daughter likes to go to the library in the summer when school is out!

  77. I buy books and we read almost everyday.

  78. We encourage both our kids to think about college and the career they may want

  79. We go to various cultural events and fun/educational places such as zoos, aquariums, natural history museums, and science centers.

  80. Jenny Dixon says:

    We try to make learning fun and talk about all the fun jobs that people by going to college!

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