Chocolate Bunny Edible Craft & Free Printable Easter Tags

Chocolate Bunny Edible Craft & Free Printable Easter Tags by Living Locurto

Here’s a new idea… embellish your chocolate bunny with edible décor to create the most beautiful and distinguished bunny on your block!

I’ve teamed up with Matthew Mead again to bring you a gorgeous and unique gift idea for Easter.  Matthew is full of amazing ideas like this, which you can find in his new book Flea Market Finds. I’m honored to be working with him!

How to Embellish Chocolate Bunnies

by Matthew Mead

Chocolate Bunny Edible Craft & Free Printable Easter Tags by Living Locurto
I am a huge fan of the cake decorating aisle at the crafts store and have a specialty cake decorating supplier called Chandler’s Cake And Candy Supply in Concord, NH.  Most cities have similar stores and they are filled with great decorating ideas for items way beyond cakes.

This year I purchased a mix of milk, dark and white chocolate bunnies at discount stores and grocery stores and brought out the details using dusting powders including a mix of colors and shimmery gold.

I started by selecting rabbits that had lots of detail.  This will give you the ability to use the most amount of colors to highlight items like eggs, baskets, clothing details and more.

Chocolate Bunny Edible Craft Matthew Mead & Free Printable Easter Tags by Living Locurto

To recreate these designs you will need some of these supplies depending on which bunnies you want to replicate.  And remember, if adding to your decorating arsenal, these supplies are a good value cause they go a long way.

For Decorating

  •     Gold Pearl Dust
  •     Edible Glitter
  •     Edible Gum Paste Dusting Powders
  •     Coco
  •     Piping Gel
  •     Icing Flowers
  •     Assorted Candy Pearls

For Applying

  •     New Clean  Paint Brushes
  •     Make Up Applicators
  •     Royal Icing
  •     Assorted Candy Pearls

For Packaging

  • Boutonnière And Corsage Bags
  • Silk Flowers
  • Free Printable Tags From Amy at Living Locurto
  • Scissors
  • Stapler
  • Assorted Eggs And Jelly Beans For Cellophane Bag Bottoms

Free Printable Tags


Coco Dusted Bunny (pictured above)
Sprinkle chocolate coco over the bunny using a screen sifter shaker.

Dust Colored Bunny
Apply the color to the surface of the bunny with a paint brush.  Do not mix brushes in several colors.  Reapply to reach the desired shade.  (Try not to touch the bunny because it can smudge).

Chocolate Bunny Edible Craft Matthew Mead & Free Printable Easter Tags by Living Locurto

Edible Glitter Bunny
Brush the surface of the bunny with a light layer of piping gel.  Sprinkle with glitter through a tea strainer.  Let dry for several hours.

Gold Dusted Bunny
Apply the gold powder to the bunny surface using a make-up applicator.

Icing flowers
Paint bunny with yellow dusting powder and affix icing flowers to bunny using pre-made royal icing.  Let dry several hours.

Chocolate Bunny Edible Craft Matthew Mead & Free Printable Easter Tags by Living Locurto


To Assemble
Print Amy’s free tags, trim and fold.

Chocolate Bunny Edible Craft & Free Printable Easter Tags by Living Locurto

Fill cellophane bag with candy and place bunny inside.  Use candy to stabilize the bunny so it stands.  Fold top of bag and place bag header over top.  Staple header in place and hot glue on vintage looking silk flowers.

Place in Easter baskets, as favor on plates or arrange on a sideboard as an Easter focal point.


Chocolate Bunny Edible Craft & Free Printable Easter Tags by Living Locurto

Thanks for opening up a world of new ideas for the chocolate bunny Matthew!

For more creative ideas check out Flea Market Finds with Matthew Mead available only at AMAZON.COM

Flea Market Finds Magazine by Matthew Mead

Thanks to The Graphics Fairy for the beautiful floral print used on the Easter Tags!


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    LOVE your Chocolate Easter Bunnies!!!!!!! You’ve made them SOOO BEAUTIFUL! SOOO MUCH BETTER than what’s in the store!!!! THEY’RE GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for showing us!!!!!! (I’m here from Graphics Fairy! Don’t get to comment there much as there is no URL listing. 🙁 )

  7. Wow, these are truly fabulous! I love this idea! Taking something ordinary and making it beautiful. Thanks so much!

  8. Decorating with edible glitter and dust is a blast. I used to make my kids’ candy and had so much fun decorating with the extra ordinary products. At first, I thought it expensive, but a little goes a long, long, looonng way! If you try it, you’ll be decorating everything. So fun!


  9. These are wonderful! I’m going to have to get some of that edible glitter! Thanks for the link Amy. I’ve just mentioned your post on my blog.

  10. I have a chocolate bunny that I want to place on top of the multi-layer carrot cake I am making for Easter…do I spread the piping gel on the area to be painted and then paint on the colored powders? Any information would be most appreciated!
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  14. Love these ideas!

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    Thank you for all you do! Most especially for your free printables that you offer customers. I have used several of your ideas and always look forward to your updates to see what creative idea is coming my way from you.

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