Chicken and Baby Chick Cupcakes! Cute Birthday Cake Idea

Mama chicken and cute baby chick cupcakes are an adorable party idea! Such an easy homemade dessert for any chicken lover. These cute vanilla and coconut chicken cakes are perfect for so many occasions. Whether it’s to celebrate a birthday, serve at Easter, make for a baby shower or a “welcome to our new coop” housewarming party, these sweet cakes are an egg-cellent idea!

Mama chicken and cute baby chick cupcakes are an adorable party idea! Such an easy homemade dessert for any chicken lover.

Cute & Easy Chicken Cakes!

Do you have backyard chickens or just love cute chickens? Well, I sure love them! My love of chickens started when I got my first pet chickens around the age of four. Here I am with Chicken Little and Chicken Big! I was SO EXCITED! ha!

Chicken and Baby Chick Cupcakes! Cute Birthday Cake Idea - Amy Locurto with chickens

Forget the pet dog, I was all about the pet chickens. Somewhere, there are photos of me swinging and sliding down my 1970’s swing set slide holding Chicken Little. ha!

Since I can’t have chickens now, I get my chicken fix and fresh eggs by visiting my Aunt Tricia in Oklahoma and her pet chickens! We love chickens so much, we even started a new Facebook page, Chickens are Fun. If you are a chicken fan–> click here to join the fun!

Combine my love of cute party food and chickens, and you have these adorable mama chicken and baby chicken cupcakes. I asked Pamela to create these cute treats for us and think they turned out so adorable! I love the mama chicken, but the baby chick cupcakes made from mini cupcakes are my favorite. I hope you enjoy these fun party treats!

How to Make Chicken and Baby Chick Cupcakes!

These cute chicken and baby chick cupcakes were made for a friend who raises backyard chickens. Her chickens lay the most beautiful eggs in shades of blue, green and brown, so I asked if I could trade her some fresh eggs for cupcakes. There was of course no hesitation!

How to Make Chicken and Baby Chick Cupcakes!

Here is what you need to get started:

  • Vanilla cupcakes, regular and mini sized
  • Buttercream frosting
  • Toasted coconut
  • Chocolate chips, regular and mini sized
  • Fruit chew candies (Starbursts or something similar.)

How to Make Chicken and Baby Chick Cupcakes with coconut. Easy birthday cake ideas.

Bake a batch of regular sized cupcakes and mini cupcakes. We used a vanilla cake mix to save time.

After the cupcakes cool, frost your cupcakes with buttercream icing. Either make a batch of your own or buy a few cans of frosting. We used natural (non colored) vanilla colored buttercream for the regular sized cupcakes and light yellow colored frosting for the chicks. You might like this lemon frosting (it’s amazing!).

While the frosting is “wet”, dip the sides of your cupcake into toasted coconut making sure to get all around the edges. Here is a simple tutorial on how to toast coconut yourself.

How to Make Chicken and Baby Chick Cupcakes with candy. Easy birthday cake ideas.

Fruit chews are the perfect candy to cut or mold with your hands to create orange and yellow beaks and red combs. Use regular and mini semi sweet chocolate chips for the eyes.

How to Make Mama Chicken and Baby Chick Cupcakes . Easy birthday cake ideas for chicken lovers.

After you have created your beaks and combs out of the candy, simply place the pieces onto your cupcakes to create adorable chicken faces.

How to Make Baby Chick Cupcakes . Easy birthday cake ideas for chicken lovers. Cute party food.

Now place your chicken cupcakes on a fun tray with extra toasted coconut sprinkled around them. Serve and enjoy!

Cute Chicken and Baby Chick Cupcakes! Adorable Chicken Birthday Cake Ideas for chicken lovers.

Aren’t these eggs beautiful? I just love them next to the cupcakes, so cute.

Try making these chicken cupcakes the next time you have a celebration that calls for some major cuteness! Watch the how to video below for step-by-step directions.

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Mama chicken and baby chick cupcakes are an adorable party idea! These cute chicken cakes are a perfect way to celebrate a birthday, Easter or baby shower.


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