DIY Halloween Costume Idea

Cardinal Zombie Halloween Costume - World Series Baseball

The World Series continues tonight with the Texas Rangers and St. Louis Cardinals. Of course here in Dallas, we are hoping for another BIG win. So when my son got to dress in a Halloween costume for a Cub Scout meeting, he transformed into a Cardinal Zombie.

Because The Texas Rangers are gonna kill ’em!! Or at least we’re rooting for Texas to bury them…. we shall see tonight!

Cardinal Zombie Halloween Costume- World Series Baseball Player

He was excited to win “Most Original Costume” at the Cub Scout meeting.

So Texas Rangers fans, I hope you enjoy this funny costume!  We don’t know if we’ll be able to wear it for Trick or Treat night or not… we might have to be a Texas Ranger zombie. I guess we’ll find out in a few days! Go Rangers!!

World Series Baseball Player Halloween Costume

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  1. Sean Ward says:

    I did much better than that

  2. Oh that’s cute! 🙂 That is sure to win some awards for Halloween.

    Congratulations by the way.

  3. Now, Auntie Amy, I KNOW you are a cardinals fan…way down deep…those Missouri roots and all. So, when we win the world series tonight…just know I won’t be feeling too sorry for you. (Cute costume idea though.) Peyton might have to go to pre-school Monday as a Ranger zombie!

  4. Looking for a last-minute, easy costume – Zombie Baseball Player @livinglocurto

  5. Looking for a last-minute, easy costume – Zombie Baseball Player @livinglocurto

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  7. I’m a HUGE Cards fan & when they lost the WS in 2004, my hubs and I dressed up like this!

    However, I hope when the time comes for Trick-or-treating that he will have to dress up as a Rangers zombie!

    I LOVE Krista’s comment, though, watch out for flesh-eating zombies! Go Cards!

  8. SO bummed the game is postponed tonight!!! GO RANGERS!!!

  9. Nothing like a good zombie…to but the scare in Halloween.
    He’s so Scary-
    {I would say cute….but I know guys don’t like to be called that.}

  10. DIY Halloween Costume Idea: The World Series continues tonight with the Texas Rangers and St…

  11. i love this costume. and as a huge fan from st. louis….. i have to say… sometimes zombies are ruthless killers. 😉

  12. Love the DIY costume. I personally think it’s crazy how much store bought costumes cost.

  13. AWESOME! Love this especially since my middle son wants to be a zombie this year!

  14. As a diehard Cubbie Fan…. I LOVE this costume!!! Go Rangers!

  15. I did plenty DIY costumes when I was a kid.
    In fact I didn’t know you could buy them at the store, I thought everyone had to make thier own.

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