Activities For Kids – Christmas Printables

Tomorrow is our last day of school. I’m on the hunt for ideas to keep my kids entertained, so I went over to one of my favorite artist’s blog and had to share the cuteness!

UPDATE: I believe the artist might have changed these to be a paid printable. They are $5 per printable. Just wanted to clarify they are NOT FREE. Sorry for the confusion.

Babalisme has the most adorable printables that will keep your little ones busy for hours! Just make sure they don’t cut their hair with the scissors!

Decorate a Tree! (Even my almost 8 year old son will love these… don’t tell him I told you though.)

Dress up Santa’s little helpers. (I like to print on magnetic paper for use on a cookie sheet.)

Update on my daughter’s hair cut:

Her hair is still a mess, but you don’t notice it much because she has such thick curls. Therefore, no photo on the blog. You all would have just said, “What? I don’t even notice?” and I would have said… “What? You can’t tell that she cut 4 inches off on each side and now has a mullet?” and then wanted to cry again from the reminder. ha! Thank goodness for headbands!

What’s really funny is that two of our I Heart Faces contributor’s little girls just did the same thing, but worse! Check out Andrea’s little girl now. Oh my gosh!! She was way too calm, I would have been crying while writing this post. hee!

WARNING: All of you with little girls, please supervise while doing the crafts above. Then hide the scissors!

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  1. Don’t feel bad for the confusion- they were free when I found and printed them three days ago….

  2. Thought some of you would like this link for free kids' Christmas activities.

  3. So precious! And such a great idea to print on magnetic paper!! Thanks for sharing!

  4. The Christmas tree printable is free; you just have to create an account, and then upload a document. This gives you access for 24 hours.

  5. Activities For Kids – Christmas Printables | Living Locurto – FREE …: Adorable paper dolls and Christmas tree …

  6. Activities For Kids – Christmas Printables | Living Locurto – FREE …: Adorable paper dolls and Christmas tree …

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  9. Super cute FREEBIE alert for kids! Thanks to Living Locurto and to A Few of My Favorite Things for bringing this…

  10. Oh, these are utterly darling!!! RT @livinglocurto Activities For Kids – Free Christmas Printables

  11. Talk about fabulous freebies! Check out these great holiday downloads at Living Locurto – a tree for your kids to…

  12. RT @livinglocurto: Activities For Kids – Free Christmas Printables ##craft

  13. These are adorable! Very creative… How do you download them from Scribd if you do not want to purchase a membership?

  14. I was so excited that I you posted these free printables to give my girls something fun and creative to do on Christmas break but you have to pay for the site to download them. 🙁 I can’t afford to subscribe to that for a free download. Thanks for sharing anyway! Merry Christmas!

  15. love these ideas!
    how can get access to it if I am not on the Scribd thing? can you send me a link to get it another way?


  16. Love love! Adorable. My little munchkin will love this 🙂

  17. Thanks for these! I love her printables!

    Did you see my daughter’s hair story?

    The funny thing is everyone loves it now! They think she is so trendy!

  18. I love these! I think I’ll print them out for the little girls next door and surprise their mama (and I’ll warn her about the scissors). Laughing at Screwed Up Texan, too…. hahaha! My boy has cut a little of his hair before, but never a reverse mohawk! Definitely a fab photo op….

  19. And if you have a little boy, keep your razor blades up high…mine each have given each other and themselves reverse mohawks.

    Cute printables and I especially love the idea about printing on magnetic paper.

  20. Jackie Sherrill says:

    I LOVE this!
    Thank you so much for all you share!
    You are the BEST!!

  21. Oh, AMY!!! These are DARLING!!!

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