Elf Appreciation Party Photos from The North Pole {Printable}

Cute DIY printable idea for an Elf on the Shelf! Surprise your kids with mini photo booth party pictures from The North Pole. LivingLocurto.com

Did you know about the North Pole’s Elf Appreciation Party? Well, I had no idea about it either until our Elf on the Shelf, Peter showed up with a strip of party photo booth pictures and a note!

The note was wrapped up with twine and said “We had a fun party last night!! I brought you back some party pictures. Love, Peter”

I love how the photo strip is elf sized and tiny. They must have tiny photo booths just for them.

Cute DIY printable idea for an Elf on the Shelf! Surprise your kids with mini photo booth party pictures from The North Pole. LivingLocurto.com

I bet they throw really fun parties at The North Pole! Can you imagine all of the maple syrup and candy canes? It looks like they probably had a lot of sweets from these photos. I think that is a bow on top of Peter’s head in the last photo. Silly Elf!

Cute DIY printable idea for an Elf on the Shelf! Surprise your kids with mini photo booth party pictures from The North Pole. LivingLocurto.com

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Printable Elf Appreciation Party Photos from The North Pole

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  1. McKinley Brown says:

    I really love this darling photo strip idea but I am confused. To have access to the free printable, I have to become a member which costs $25?

  2. Michelle Broddrick says:

    I have become a member. Clicked on the sidebar under membership and I am still having trouble getting to the printables for the elf on the shelf. Can you help? This was the primary reason for joining and I thought I might continue the membership depending on use but I can't seem to get past this obstacle yet. (sigh)

  3. you always have the best elf ideas

  4. That is just adorable!!! We lost our elf and had to buy a new one this year. I can’t figure out where it went. I’m going to have to do this!


  5. Tracy Park says:

    Thanks for that info

  6. Tracy Park says:

    is the photo strip free to print??


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