Halloween with Matthew Mead {Book Giveaway}

Halloween with Matthew Mead - Killer Cookies

My talented friend Matthew Mead has done it again with another brilliant book that you MUST have!

I’m lucky enough to have worked with Matthew on Flea Market Finds and last year’s Holiday issue. So when he started showing sneak peeks of his new Halloween ideas… I couldn’t wait to see the final product. Let me just say, all ideas and photos are as fabulous as ever!

I especially love the “Killer Cookies” pictured above. Awesome!

Halloween with Matthew Mead is a 144-page book celebrating and offering inspiration for the Halloween enthusiast. It’s one of my favorite issues so far!

Halloween With Matthew Mead


Check out this fun sneak peek. I’m getting so excited for Halloween now!

Halloween with Matthew Mead - Sneak Peek!


Spooktacular Giveaway!

Enter to win this fabulous Halloween book by answering a simple question in the comment section below.

What is your favorite Halloween treat? 

I can never stop eating Twix and I love caramel apples drizzled with chocolate. Oh, now I’m getting hungry!

Leave a comment below and I’ll choose a winner at random and announce on my Facebook Page and back on this post this Friday, Oct. 5th.

Purchase Halloween with Matthew Mead here.

Visit Holiday with Matthew Mead for more creative ideas!


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  1. Becca Stone says:

    I just love getting my kids and my friends kids together to make homemade candy apples. It’s so fun seeing their artistic side with the variations of toppings they choose to put on their carmel apples.

  2. Lorie Shuck says:

    Candy Corn.

  3. Snickers are my favorite! :)

  4. I like, sadly, the Halloween peeps. I’m the only person I know who eats them.

  5. Milk duds and caramel apples! mmmmm

  6. The book looks great!!! I have a herd of kids (and adults like me) who would just love it!!!

  7. Joyce Czerenda says:

    My favorite Halloween treat is the little Baby Ruth candy bars. They are so good! They have 2 of my favorite things – Chocolate and nuts. I rationalize they are good for me because nuts provide protien and chocolate boost endorphins!!!!

  8. My favorite Halloween treat is all of the eye candy! I’m especially loving all of the free printables this year!

  9. Duh – forgot to answer the question! Candy Corn! I know they are avalaible year round, but I only ever eat them at Haloween.

  10. Never had the pleasure of seeing a MM book but have heard they are amazing! Thanks for the chance!

  11. I like all the mini chocolate bars, chocolate all the way, not candy!

  12. I love Butterfinger. Unfortunately, it’s not available in Germany, but I recently discovered KitKat with peanut flavor — YUMMY! So I declare them my favorite Halloween treat. :)

    Thanks for the chance to win this awesome book.

  13. Gail B. Dole says:

    Have enjoyed Matthew Mead’s work for years. Look forward to seeing his latest creations.

    Caramel apples are definitely my favorite Halloween treat.

  14. I love caramel apples!

  15. caramel popcorn

  16. Snickers bars!!

  17. Karen Crawford says:

    Halloween itself is my “treat” (along with anything with Hershey’s chocolate!). I craft Halloween things all year long and get absolutely giddy when I see retailers putting out the wonderful Halloween items each year!!

  18. Linda Ford says:

    Candy corn, of course!

  19. Kristen Tonne says:

    Milky way dark! Yummy & recently caramel candy corn!

  20. Popcorn balls.

  21. Sonya Forbes says:

    I love Rockets, my dad & I used to buy a bag just to eat by ourselves, but we’d pretend that we were going to give them out to the kids.

  22. candy corns….and anything CHOCOLATE!!


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