Girls Night Free Party Printables

Girls Night Free Party Printables

I’m always on the lookout for fast and easy drink recipes for parties, and one of my favorite things is making margaritas for a girl’s night in. (I’m from Texas… I think the margarita is our state drink right?)

Because it’s Monday, I’m giving you a gift…

Along with new Free “Girl’s Night” Party Printables, you get a HOT fireman serving up yummy margaritas with an adorable kitten. No, it’s not a joke, or a dream either! ha!  It’s a fun video that I was asked to get your opinion about.

I was an art director for many years, so I love the fact that a company is reaching out and asking for my reader’s thoughts on a new ad campaign. That doesn’t happen very often here at Living Locurto, so I hope you’ll play along and join in on the conversation!

All you have to do is watch this short video and let me know your opinion in the comment section below.

There is a random moment in the middle that you won’t want to miss! Ha! Let me know if you figured out what moment I am talking about in the comments:-)

 Watch as a fireman serves up a Sauza margarita recipe that you won’t forget!

What were your thoughts on the video?

  • What did you like best (fireman, kitten, easy recipe all of the above?)
  • Did you like the humor? No… yes?
  • Were you inspired to try this recipe or were you distracted by the eye candy? I have to admit, I had to watch it a few times to make sure I got the recipe correct. hee!

Please leave your comment below.

Fireman Making Sauza Tequila Margarita

Download the Free Girl’s Night Party Printables and try Sauza for a fun and refreshing margarita night!

You’ll need the Free Adobe Acrobat Reader to edit the invitation.  For personal use only. ©2012

Drink Responsibly. Sauza Blue® Tequila, 40% alc./vol. ©2012 Sauza Tequila Import Company, Deerfield, IL.

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Sauza Tequila Import Company. All opinions about this product are my own.

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Amy is a creative mom of two and graphic designer. When she's not working on Living Locurto, she's busy designing Printable Party Supplies and working on I Heart Faces, her photography blog. Find Amy on Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, and Instagram.


  1. Wow entertainment and a recipe to boot.

  2. libbywilko says:

    Thanks for the fun printables ! Loved them for the next girls night out.

  3. Loved it! The hot fireman, the cute kitten, the cheesy music.
    I loved the missing shirt bit, except that it was too short a peek! (ha!)
    I think that maybe the length could be cut down, and maybe the Paris reference cut out. Don’t want to have to concentrate on an ad.

  4. I liked the cheesiness. I didn’t think the fireman was that hot, but I think I’m in the minority there. :) I’m pretty sure I’m also ADD so the video could be a little shorter. But, overall, really fun!

  5. I admit it. I was totally distracted by the eye candy.

  6. Colleen Barker says:

    A little over the top and cheesy, but, I’m definitely thirsty for that margarita after watching the hot fireman. The drink recipe sounds really good and easy to prepare.

  7. Cute fireman! LOVE tequila, great recipe! :) Wish I could come to the girls’ night out :)

  8. To over the top; trying to hard. He would have looked a lot better without dirt on his hands and face. His voice seemed fake; find somebody who sounds sexy naturally. To staged; firetruck sitting in a room with white floors and walls? Needed to look more natural and not so staged. Made me not want to buy the product. Surely they can do better than that.

  9. Having a liquor store (and selling Sauza tequila), I’d welcome that fireman to do a customer tasting any time! Very funny!

  10. Lori Smith says:

    Funny. Don’t love the kitten but the drink sounds good and legging comments were hilarious!

  11. Loved it! thought it was the perfect amount of cheesy, hotness and yumminess (both the fireman and the recipe). Wish he was around for my last girls night!

  12. What fun! Eye candy and an easy recipe for a great drink. Doesn’t get much better!

  13. Somewhat on the corny side and a little stiff…but the eye candy is definitely a hit…not a cat lover at all… it’s cute and all but doesn’t get to me..the recipe is what is in all the restaurants right now…the mexican one we go to has it and calls it a mexican bulldog : )

  14. Yowza! I want to try that asap! (The drink of course!) The kitten was pretty cute too.

  15. dianalyn says:

    halirious… what was he selling again..? oh tequlia…. LOL yep I got THAT recipie

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