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 NOTE: This Pinterest article was written soon after Pinterest started gaining popularity in early 2012. Most of this article is still very relevant.

This is WAY off of my normal topic of interest here on Living Locurto, but I have recently found out interesting things about Pinterest that I wanted fellow bloggers to know. I’m not judging anyone, but wanted to give you all some information about my findings.

1. When someone pins your photo, it goes onto the Pinterest’s servers.

You no longer have control of that image, Pinterest does.

If you don’t want your image on Google or Yahoo, you just delete it from your blog or server. You don’t have that option with Pinterest. It’s there for anyone to repin and take whether you want them to or not.

What if someone pinned a photo of your cute baby and it went viral on Pinterest…. then others are using your baby on their site to get pins and Pinterest followers? (see point #2)

What if you were being paid to be featured in a magazine, but they wanted exclusive rights to your photo. You take the photo off of your site, but it’s all over Pinterest? (see a a comment below from someone who says this happened to her and she has yet to hear from Pinterest when asked to remove it.)

Once someone pins your photo, it’s on Pinterest forever until you contact them to remove it.

I wonder if Pinterest would remove ALL of the photos if your photo went viral? I don’t have the answer to that. All I know is that I have no control of my photo once it’s pinned.

(UPDATE: I have contacted Pinterest to remove my images or direct links to the correct URL and they usually do eventually. This is very very time consuming to go through each image you want removed or a link changed. )


Here is an example of how you have no control over a photo once it gets pinned and why you should be concerned:

My friend and very talented baker Amanda, says this about her amazing Heart Cake that has become HUGELY popular on Pinterest:

Amanda wrote: “Out of 100 of my images on Pinterest, maybe 5 actually link to me.”

Sample #1:

Amanda's Heart Cake

Sample #2:


In the pinned image above, Amanda’s cake is sourced via Google found on another blog who has made Amanda’s cake.

She shows Amanda’s photo as the finished product, that photo then went to Google and got pinned! So she is in turn getting traffic to her blog because of Amanda’s photo. She is using Amanda’s recipe, photo and directions.

Amanda does get credit waaaaaaay at the bottom of the post as “Source”.

That small hidden link is the only place out of these two pins where Amanda gets any credit to her wonderful idea and photo.

(UPDATE: Since writing this article, the website that this pinned image was linked to has been taken down. Obviously they realized it was copyright infringement and took measures to correct it. Now, Amanda’s photo is still on Pinterest with no credit to any source.)


2. People are finding pins from the Pinterest “Popular” section, then re-creating that idea in a blog post.

It could be your idea.

Why are they doing this?

  1. Not ALL, but a good handful are doing it to ride on the “Popular Pinterest Train”. – What the average person probably doesn’t realize is the amount of traffic people are getting from Pinterest. It’s higher than any other social media platform as of now. If you’re lucky, you can get more hits to your website from ONE pin than an entire year of Google search traffic. I’m talking thousands of hits from just ONE pin. For those people who don’t have websites, they probably have no clue about this. When more companies and website owners find out, they will flock to Pinterest. This is just the beginning and why I wanted to write this post now.

Why is this different from using one of my ideas and making a craft and putting it on your blog?

  1. You are doing it because you like it and it’s fun. You are not trying to re-create a popular pinned item in hopes that yours will go viral therefore bringing you tons of traffic to your blog.
  2. You are not giving Pinterest or your Pinterest board credit (to get Pinterest followers), you are giving me credit. We all have fun sharing ideas and everyone is happy. It’s not about getting more Pinterest followers which in turn will get your blog more traffic.

I admit, I have found amazing ideas from Pinterest and featured them (the original source) on my blog occasionally with a link to my Pinterest board. I have also benefited from people pinning my ideas and getting traffic.

I’m sure many people feature items that they found on Pinterest just for fun and link to the original source. I don’t see a problem with that as long as they link to the source, not Pinterest.

What I didn’t realize until recently, is that people were actually creating “Inspired by Pinterest” blogs based on this.

Whole websites devoted to this.

Your ideas used for someone’s Pinterest gain. I should make a shirt with that saying! Ha.

If you are using Pinterest to get more traffic and hopefully make lots of money, great for you. I just hope you are using your own photos and ideas or asking the original creator to collaborate so it’s a win win for each side.


If you don’t believe me, read this Greekgeek article where the author sites this article and actually searched Google for Pinterest Inspired sites and found millions of results. Or just go search yourself.


To sum up, I just wanted to share my findings with you.

Owl Smores Recipe by Amy Locurto at

I really love what Pinterest has done. I enjoy pinning and finding inspiring ideas. I just hope you will do what you can to protect your ideas and images. I know I will be changing the way I use Pinterest from now on.

As you will see in the future, my photos will include my URL watermark or  “Photo Terms” as in my Owl Smores photo above. Then when you go to Pinterest, you’ll see my note or url on my photos in the mist of this.

I hope someday Pinterest will make it where the original source must be pinned. Or at least provide a reminder before someone pins a photo. We can do nothing about those who mis-use Pinterest… only try to do the best we can to use Pinterest the way it was meant to be used as an inspiration board. If we get traffic, that is just a very nice bonus!



Please pin the original sources. I feature a lot of people here, it takes 2 seconds to click over to their site to pin their post. I hope you will do that from now on. I will.

I apologize for not doing that in the past. I like you, didn’t even think about it until recently. Just pinning things I liked, never realizing that person’s photo could go viral and they don’t get credit.

REMINDER: When you submit a photo to another site, they will probably be pinning YOUR PHOTO TO THEIR WEBSITE and not yours. If you are okay with that, go for it. Hopefully the reader will eventually click a few more times to find your blog and original project. In my experience, I haven’t found that to be the case, even with magazine or news websites that claim to have multi-million page views.

Thanks so much for reading this long post!!


Here is a follow up to this post with more info and how Pinterest is Changing The Way I Blog.


Link With Love Campaign

Please pin the “Dear Pinterest” image found on Link With Love. It’s a kind campaign to raise awareness about the importance of LINKING to the original source.


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About Amy Locurto

Amy is a creative mom of two and graphic designer. When she's not working on Living Locurto, she's busy designing Printable Party Supplies and working on I Heart Faces, her photography blog. Find Amy on Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, and Instagram.


  1. I just now bothered to read all this about Pinterest and have since deleted all my boards! I hope that counts. I never knew….I just did what everyone else was doing. I know that’s no excuse, but I hope someone else like me will pin wisely in the future. Thanks for the post and all the links! Much appreciated.

  2. I just read your article (after deleting about 2000 pins on my Pinterest boards today, due to copyright concerns). I did a quick search of your owl smores on Pinterest, just now, and gave up looking for one that credited you after viewing at least 100 pins! That is sad. I had no idea how bad it is!

  3. Very helpful! Inadvertently mis-using someone’s created efforts happens so easily when it’s made so easy to do. Posting a link to this on my FB, passing the word.

  4. Like with anything in life, you take the good and you take the bad.
    I once had wording taken directly {word for word} off my blog, made for profit, and then ‘featured’ on a HUGE blog without any link back or credit to me. The person featured who stole the content was not a blogger, but the huge blogger should know better, especially when it was brought to their attention. I had readers sending email after email asking if I had seen it. It was beyond irritating, especially when the blogger didn’t do anything to correct it.

    It is the nature of the beast when you blog and you put your stuff out there for people to take as they will. Yes, it’s a copyright issue. Yes, it isn’t right and ideally people would do what they’re supposed to. But, the fact is that people don’t always do the right thing.

    Lost traffic is irritating. I get it. But Pinterest has also increased most bloggers’ traffic by sometimes 2 and 3 fold. If you really don’t want your things pinned, there is a line of code under the ‘help’ section in Pinterest that allows you to block pinning from your site. You can also watermark everything you post. And this is a good reminder that we probably should be doing that.

    I also think it’s a wee bit ironic that you made this post very pin worthy. :-)

    • @Michelle,
      I won’t put my creative ideas out there now that I don’t want pinned or shared. Actually, I didn’t make this post pin worthy until many people asked me to. You can scroll through the comments here to read what they said. So I made a graphic at the top of the page. It’s more to spread the word to help educate.

      Even since writing this article, people have been using my photos on their sites, claiming them as their own and pinning their own posts to get traffic. When I confront them about it, they say “if it’s on the internet, I can use it as my own”. They believe it’s their content just by putting it on their website. I just don’t understand why people think this way, but they do.

      Now, I make sure each photo has copyright info and my blog title in it. It won’t stop those people, but what can you do?

  5. Bornagainscholar says:

    I am so glad I followed links to get to this post. My search started on another blog where a person wrote a very angry sounding post about people “breaking copyright law” by pinning her images on that site. But she offered no argument as to why it is bad or what her concerns are. As I guessed and from what I read here is a problem with people not sourcing the original creator. I agree that is a problem and not acceptable. I appreciate you taking the time to express your concern clearly so people can learn what the issue is and how to correct it.

    • @Bornagainscholar,

      Thank you. I’m glad my article helped you understand why some of us who do creative things and take “pinable” photos might be upset that others are using our images to get traffic. Not much we can do about it, but educate people about what is going on.

      • Bornagainscholar says:

        @Amy, I just received a update from Pinterest the other day. What I did not realize before and what I assume people were upset about is the initially claimed that anything pinned on their site gave them full rights to sell the work. Of course they had no intention of doing that (so they say). At least they changed that. I like your approach, if you don’t want people to use your work just put your name at the bottom. Like I said to the first blogger that I discussed this with (who had no clue to why she was upset other than other people were) at least if they pin a picture from your blog there is a link back to you. If they take a screen shot and then post it they can claim it theirs.

        Keep up the good work!

  6. Living Locurto says:

    Calm down, crazy person. You put two marshmallows and a piece of candy on a grahm cracker. You really want credit for that?? You are crazy. If you put your pictures on your blog, just expect things like this. If you have a really amazing, life changing idea…that is when it becomes an issue. But a cracker with a marshmallow?? That’s not even a good idea.

  7. Great post, thanks for supporting this big issue that is hitting a lot of people.
    One of your readers left me a link to this post on my own blog where I have raised similar issues after having content ‘stolen’ and placed on Pinterest. Read my own posts on the topic here:

    I will be following your blog with interest from now on. Keep up the excellent work.

    • @Steve,

      Thanks for sharing Steve!

      • @Amy, Hi Amy. I’m in the middle of an ongoing discussion with Pinterest as to why they allow images to be pinned from Google Image Search…

        If you are the copyright holder, you are very unlikely to use Google Image Search to then pin those images on to Pinterest. You would upload them direct from your website for from your PC where you hold the files?

        Sadly this common sense logic hasn’t been taken too well by the staffer at Pinterest.

        I asked them to also consider some form of compensation to content providers who’s content does get Pinned on to the site. Especially if they are going to be making money from advertising. No response to that… what a surprise!

  8. I would like to know if you would mind if I shared your link on my facebook page. A friend of mind posted this link
    about a lawyer removing all her pins. I tried to find a way to email you but couldn’t find it.

  9. I am so glad I found your post, it is so insightful. I may have pins that don’t go to the direct source, but that is mainly due to Pinterest not having a Pin It button for IPads, so I just repin! Hopefully Pinterest will create a Pin It Button for IPads really soon and solve this issue

  10. I’m guessing a lot of people have seen this article by now, but wanted to share just in case. Basically if Pinterest gets sued for copyright infringement, the pinner has to pay for all legal fees. I think if everyone followed Amy’s advice we could all live in nice pinning harmony. Sadly though, that’s not the case.

  11. AWESOME post with tons of great info ~ I will be adding this to a recent post I wrote….before I knew about all of this pinning craziness.

  12. Pinterest offers a short line of code on their website where you can block people from pinning stuff from your site if you really want that.

  13. I think we all need a wakeup call about posting, pinning, Share on Tumblr, & all the other ways it has become technically possible to use someone else’s original content. Especially if Pinterest is going to become a virtual storefront for business.
    First I quote my Mom,”it’s just rude” and second we need to remember copyright infringement is still illegal.
    It only works when we all play nice together. I have been emailing companies and requesting permission to post from their websites. Many say yes, but some say no. It’s their right.

    I still love Pinterest and have to set a time limit or nothing else gets done.

    Thanks for the post.

  14. WOWOW…it is almost overwhelming.
    Amy I really like how you add the photo term to your pictures. Would you mind explaining how you do that. I think I know but mine are not centered with the photo as yours. I usually add the black frame around my pictures on the advanced posting. That may be why mine are not looking the way yours do. Thank you so much for all the great information.

  15. I often want to get permission to use the images but can’t track the original source… this is a cool tracking device so we can find the original owner.

    When I know the owner, I get a release or make a deal where the promo helps us both.

  16. You can try this for reverse image look-up. It isn’t always successful but it beats googling.

  17. I hadn’t really thought about this. Thank you so much for this information!

  18. Thanks for this. I just started using Pinterest and I am glad I read this. I will think before I use, and use wisely.

  19. Wow! I didn’t realize! I’ve been using pinterest (as a new user for about a month) and found it to be so easy and helpful and inspiring. This changes the way I look at it- and will help people be more responsible. I’m sharing this everywhere. Thank you!

  20. I’m brand new to Pinterest (3 days) but you know… I think that this is an opportunity… not a problem.

    I have had problems with people violating my copyrights for years… even had a teacher brag to me about getting such good results with so many students by using my book. I told her that we can offer her students discounts for the books and she said… get this… “Oh I don’t buy books, I just photocopy your book and give that to the students.”

    Mind boggling how NO ONE thinks it’s cheating to steal. But I turned it around. Now every single page has my URL and every image I ever put up anywhere has my URL… so if they steal, they are marketing for me.

    It’s tough to protect your stuff but with your URL on the piece, that should help get the word out. I hold back and don’t put everything up but I consider some of my images to be my business ambassadors… go out and spread the word about my home study art courses. If people re-pin, I’m delighted and with the URL watermarked on the image, I’m going to always get the credit.

  21. One thing that bugs me is that you CAN’T find the original source for photos. I want to email some of the photographers for rights to draw from those photos and I can’t figure out what the page is that the photo came from… I spent 30 minutes going back and back and back to the folks who reposted it. Never found the photographer.

  22. Another way to attempt to garner credit, though not as pretty, is to place your site name or link onto each image.

    • @Laura,

      I always watermark my art and photos so I WANT it to go viral. It’s a great way to get people promoting you for free.

      Also… everyone knows the internet is a dangerous place to post anything you don’t want stolen. Stealing is such a common practice that people don’t even think it’s wrong any more.

  23. Oh! I meant to tell you, it has started and right now it seems to be on small scale but in past two weeks have been reporting pins. What was once a lovely place to visit is starting to fill up with profanity, nudity and self-promotion–all things that are not supposed to be on there. I’m not a prude, but some people push the envelope or flat out send the envelope out the door and I fear this is only the beginning–like you said, it’s growing so fast and reaches so many people. The danger is they only have so-large a staff to take care of it all.

  24. I just found a useful tip to try and locate any pins from your website. For yours it would be:
    and you’ll see LOTS of images from Living Locurto.

    To try it with other websites, here is the generic link:

  25. As more of an “online journal-er” than blog-for-business person, I totally get what you’re writing in this post. I joined Pinterest last year and saw the potentiality for issues like what your describing, especially as momentum about this site builds.

    In any case. I think it’s great for you to educate those who may not think anything of how things are handled on the interwebs. I was burned some years back when someone stole all my ideas and work after we started a diy company together and I did not think to get an intellectual property lawyer…lesson learned big time.

    Which is why I now support others who start their own diy business, be it by blogging, etsy, etc… and I always link to the original source. It’s cool to be inspired by someone else not just straight up steal ideas for personal gain.

    Anyhoo, keep on keeping on with what you do Amy. Great ideas. Good work. And wonderful words.
    Kind regards, jessa

  26. Ohmy! I have been doing it back wards. In the interest of time when I see something I do look at the source. I go back later to check it out as I have the time. So sorry I should go to the source first. Thanks for allerting me to this.
    My parents were professional photgraphers since the 1940’s. Sometimes when doing a wedding after Dad would pose everyone the snap sots would start. Then the bride would decide to just get the brownie Kodak pics from friends and not pay my dad a dime. This wasn’t fair to his professional training nor did it put food on our table. He had expences for the trip to the church and film he used. I think people don’t realize that it is stealing. Thanks for pointing this out.

    I have also found activies similar to what I have done. I make contact with those who post their pics and ask if I can repost their info.

    • @Malika Bourne,
      I appreciate you all for taking the time to set me straight about how to properly pin. I did read the overwhelming rules
      I admit, I went crazy finding pics I wanted to pin. My concern was never finding them again, so I repinned, with the idea to vist the origional link later. I have vistied many of the links. I have found them wonderful. and I try to leave a comment or pass it on via Twiter or Facebook.
      But, I realize that I have been guilty of doing it backwards. I am overwhelmingly sorry. So much so that I am considering deleting my account because I am so upset about this. I take on course correction, that’s not it. My regret is that the origional artist lost out on reconition while someone else profitted. Not right. I have not been able to respond to notifications of people repinning from my (Ilegal?) boards.

  27. I never thought of it that way but I know it irks me when I go to see someones pin and I get just a picture or the Pinterest site. If I click on something I want to know where to see the original with directions on how to make it, where to get it and so on. So I will Google the item if I have to and find the original and pin the original if I can. otherwise it makes no sense! If I want to just see a bunch of pictures of things I can use Google pictures but I want to see the blog it originated from so I can see more from them that is how I find the blogs I like!

    • @Carla, I agree. . .the photos with no website are annoying and I only repin things that go to a website. I’ve noticed lately, though that some of the websites the pins come from reference other websites where the original photo is hosted in a different how-to or article.

      I haven’t been great about tracking down original articles before repinning, but after reading this, I’m going to do so.

  28. Great ideas, thoughtful essay.

    Would you mind if I “borrowed” your wording for photos, etc.?

  29. I recently wrote about pins that aren’t from the original source too. My pet peeve! Not because I’ve lost any images to pinterest, but because I see the potential for loss and most of all because, as a pinner, I really do enjoy seeing the original source of pins when I’ve been inspired.

    BTW, you should link to your owl snack pic to the original post. I want to pin it! 😉

  30. I make maternity hospital gowns that I sell on Etsy and someone happened to pinned one, which has tripled my sales for the month. I LOVE that part of Pinterest, but I know I’ll be watermarking my Etsy photos now to prevent them from being stolen. From an avid Pinner standpoint, there is nothing more annoying than pinning a great photo and then have the link go no where. What’s the point?!? I am making it a point to click through to be sure the link goes someplace or I comment that it doesn’t or I don’t repin. Tumblr is the worst…hate finding out a pin originated on there because finding the original source is next to impossible.

    Thank you so much for writing this-REPINNING!!


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