Valentine’s Day Family Craft Challenge

It is a snow day and our electricity goes out about every hour. So I gave up trying to work and put out a muffin tin of goodies and challenged the family to a craft off. Even my husband got in on the fun!

Everyone in my family is very competitive, so a challenge was right up their alley.

My son was happy with this…

Until he saw what his dad was doing! Oh man, I think my husband might actually have a chance against me!

Suddenly my glitter in a bottle cap wasn’t looking like a winner. I better step it up!

Oh no! It’s getting even more cute!! This isn’t right…

After some smack talking and crying over who gets to eat the candy first, we finished our crafts!

My 4 year old daughter made these bows for her American Girl Doll’s hair.

My son made this master piece. Whatever you call it? He was pretty much out after about 10 minutes.

I made these pins.

You could also attach them to a bobby pin for hair accessories.

After going through about 3 glue sticks, my husband ended up with this Love Bird. I have to admit, it’s pretty darn cute!! I might hire him to help me with my blog.

What do you think? Who won the challenge???

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About Amy Locurto

Amy is a creative mom of two and graphic designer. When she's not working on Living Locurto, she's busy designing Printable Party Supplies and working on I Heart Faces, her photography blog. Find Amy on Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, and Instagram.


  1. Rose Schneider says:

    All the projects are great but Hubby won hands down. I love that he crafted with you. What a fun way to spend time together!!!

  2. SOO cute!

    I think your hubby might have won 😉

  3. very cute! RT @livinglocurto: My Valentine's Day Family #Craft Challenge

  4. I love the Love Bird… well they are all cute but your husband definitely came with his “A” game on … What a fun family activity!!

  5. you hubbie won hands down

  6. Loving @LivingLocurto family #Valentine craft challenge. Her hubby is winning… yep… her hubby. Go see!

  7. Altho’ the hair clips are ADORABLE (like maybe I might steal that idea!) the BIRD is RIDICULOUSLY cute! I vote for your hubby! :)

  8. Super Mommy says:

    Hubby wins hands down!!! Who knew he had that in him?!! BTW…Mastermind is a hit in our household, as all of us are addicted. :-)

  9. I like your son’s original one that he was happy with. He got it right away, simple and elegant! Your daughter well clearly she is very artistic and hands on – she also did great!

  10. I have to say Amy, I’m loving your hubby’s bird craft. 😉

  11. Fabulous job, all of you! What a fun way to involve everyone, and get creative. I really like the pins you made…..but my overall vote goes to dad. That love bird is just awesome!

  12. RP's Cooking Update Valentine's Day Family Craft Challenge | Living Locurto – FREE … #cooking #recipes

  13. You’re husband- hands down.


    Probably not an item to be displayed in the man room :)

  14. I think hubs won this won!!! He sure is good and everso creative…well done all the creations are fab! 😉 hugs x

  15. RT @jenjentrixie: Are you snowed in? Great idea – have a family craft challenge!! @livinglocurto

  16. Are you snowed in? Great idea – have a family craft challenge!! @livinglocurto

  17. I’m absolutely in love the the Love Bird! And I love a crafty Dad. I’m lucky that my son has a great crafty Dad. It brings smiles to my face seeing Dad’s being crafty with the kiddos. Have fun!

  18. The husband took this one. Sorry! Love the birdie! =)
    Great idea too!

  19. Valentine's muffin tin craftiness via @livinglocurto

  20. Such a cool idea… a craft challenge… I love it!

  21. Such a fabulous idea! And your hubby has some skillz. RT @livinglocurto: Valentine’s Day Family Craft Challenge

  22. RT @livinglocurto: Valentine’s Day Family Craft Challenge: It is a snow day and our electricity goes out about…

  23. Your hubs rocked it! Your pin/hair accessories were adorable, but really… his Valentine bird is amazing! :<) Am betting that you didn't wait for our input to decide when to eat the candy. ;<) Great way to spend time together, Amy…

  24. Well I must say your husband stole this one. Although I was very impressed that your 4-year-old came up with the bows =]

  25. You guys are so creative! I love them all but I have to say your hubby’s bird ROCKS! We have a snow day tomorrow so you may have just inspired a craft off in our house. Thanks!

  26. I say your son wins for even lasting 10 minutes!

  27. Amy, I would like to download your cookie party pack however it says I need to sign up for e-mail… I WOULD LOVE TOO! :) but I couldn’t figure out how :( HELP!

  28. Okay – I agree, your hubs birdie is cute, but hair accessories win out every time over something I’ll just have to dust around or pick up after all the pieces fall off!

  29. I don’t comment often but I read all the time! I think your husband won that fair and square!

  30. haha.. I love the muffin tin of fun.. sounds like something fun to do next time our power shuts off. I think their all great, but I’m really diggin’ your hubbies awesome birdie. :)

  31. Amy,

    Your family is so amazingly talented What a fun idea and I love all the creations. :)

  32. Cute, cute, cute! Go hubby!!! You better watch out Amy, LOL. Or you could just say: “He learned from the best”!

  33. Hats off to your hubbs on his win!

  34. Stephanie Kamaruzzaman says:

    Your husband won – with no hesitation. What a nice way to spend a snow day!

  35. How f*u*n! I’m thinkin’ your hubby won!

  36. I am so into birds these days but even if I wasn’t, your husbands bird is the winner.
    Adorable crafts though!

  37. The little bows your daughter made are a very inexpensive and cute, cute idea! You ponytail holder is the best! Hubby is good and I would definately us his talents.

  38. What a terrific snow day your family had! Lots of cute but I like your daughter’s bows for her doll best! Sweet.

  39. Although yours is very adorable, I think your hubs won this one!

  40. Yeah, I have to say your hubby won that one. :)

  41. The hair clips are so cute but I have to say your Husband won! 😉 What a cute idea!!

  42. They are all so cute but I have to say I think your hubby’s bird is too cute!!!!!!

  43. I have to say…the little valentine bird is adorable…if my HD made something like that I would probably frame it.
    Looks like a fun day…despite the weather.

  44. I really like yours, but I think your husband won this one!

  45. adorable! how do you flatten out the sides of the bottle cap?? I’ve tried several techniques with NO luck :(

    • @Katrina,

      I don’t know? These bottle caps were a part of a craft kit, so they were like this already.

    • @Katrina,
      You can buy unused bottle caps like that at home brew stores for people making beer. They are easier to use for crafts. I teach a kids bottle cap necklace class and buy them by the gross for around $4.

      BTW…I think your hubby knocked this one out of the park! so cute.


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