iPhone Valentine – Free Printable

Cute iPhone Valentine. Free Printable by Amy Locurto of LivingLocurto.com #Valentine

I’m so excited about my iPhone Free Printable Valentine!! I seriously had to pry these out of my children’s hands to take photos. Your kids will love them also for Valentine’s Day!

Cute iPhone Valentine. Free Printable by Amy Locurto of LivingLocurto.com #Valentine

I got this fun idea when my daughter was using my new iPhone packaging as a play phone. I love my iPhone, so making cute icons for these valentines were so much fun!

Just print, cut and wrap around a box of Brach’s Candy Hearts. Attach by using double stick tape or a glue stick.

**Please print a test page to make sure this design works with your candy boxes before printing numerous copies. As the candy packaging changes each year, some candy packages might not be the correct size for this file. I found a box of 8 candy heart boxes for around $3 at my local craft store.

Cute iPhone Valentine. Free Printable by Amy Locurto of LivingLocurto.com #Valentine


Download the Free Printable iPhone Valentine.

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This Valentine has been updated so it has a generic date and will work for all Valentine’s Days to come!

About Amy Locurto

Amy is a creative mom of two and graphic designer. When she's not working on Living Locurto, she's busy designing Printable Party Supplies and working on I Heart Faces, her photography blog. Find Amy on Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, and Instagram.


  1. Love this Amy! What kind of paper did you use to print these? Your photo looks like they have a bit of gloss to them. Thanks!

  2. okayyyy! I figured it out… if you try to open with explorer, it won’t load, it’s just a black screen in Adobe. I opened it with Safari and it came up just fine!!!

  3. I can’t get this to print or download either.

  4. I can’t get the printable to load on PDF…

  5. Does anybody know where to get this particular brand? I don’t have a Publix here in NJ and I went to 6 different stores today and couldn’t find any. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

  6. I found the 1 oz boxes at Publix for $2.19 for 8. I got some double sided tape to help tape it down. I’m printing them now and apparently am running out of red ink, so the red looks pink on some of them but that’s ok – I will just give those to the girls. Thanks so much for creating & sharing such a cute printable!

  7. Sami Powell says:

    LOVE these! Showed them to my two girls and they are so excited to hand them out at school!

    One question…Wondering if others are printing on regular paper ar cardstock?

  8. Sami Powell says:

    LOVE these! Should them to my two girls and they are so excited to hand them out at school!

    One question…Wondering if others are printing on regular paper ar cardstock?

  9. Love this, but can’t get it to download. Using Explorer.

  10. The file is black and blank? Help?

  11. eiram'smom says:

    I LOVE THIS!!! My 5 year old who loves his iPod touch loved this idea. I made one today and we will be making many more for Valentine’s. I was lucky enought to find 4 packs of Brach’s for 75 cents! THANK YOU!!!!

  12. These are awesome! I’m featuring them in my Friday Favorites tomorrow!

  13. @alisonlewis have you seen the iphone valentine? so easy! http://www.livinglocurto.com/2011/01/iphone-valentine-free-printable/

  14. I can’t get it to download for me, it’s blank when I click on the link and the pdf pops up?

  15. thank you! now to look for the candy

  16. thank you! now to look for the cancy

  17. Katherine says:

    These are adorable, but the file won’t download. It says it has an I/O error. Is this a problem on my computer, or the download???

  18. I absolutely love these! My daughter will think they are so cool! I tried to download the pdf and am getting a message that there is something wrong with the file. I have the latest version of Adobe. Am I doing something wrong?

  19. My daughter LOVES my iPhone so when I saw this adorable valentine I couldn’t help but show her. Now the only problem is she can’t wait to hand them out at school. : ) My son loves them too but is a bit hesitant to distribute them since it says “I like U” on the back. Lol Thanks for sharing!

  20. I can’t find the brach’s 1oz boxes anywhere. Any suggestions as to where I can find some?

  21. I hope you don’t mind I added a link to this on my post of the regular valentine cell phone (not as colorful) with the text message saying “i just called 2 say i luv u”. Funny we did this the same week. Like you said, great minds think alike. http://www.obseussed.com/2011/01/musical-and-modern-valentine-crafts.html

  22. OK… just went through the comments and saw where other people were having this problem. You suggested they save and then open, but I’m not given the option to “save or open”. It just automatically tries to open. hmmmm…

  23. I LOVE these! They are wonderful! I can’t get the pdf to come up in acrobat though. It says that it times out. Could you possibly email it to me?

  24. Cute! I made Iphone valentines myself last year for my son and they were a huge hit! Yours turned out great as well! http://www.brookiewookie.com/2010/02/iphone-valentine-and-fancy-nancy-valentine/

  25. I featured your post in the I’m Lovin’ It wrap up post! http://tidymom.net/2011/great-valentines-day-ideas/ Thanks for linking up Amy!


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