Cookie Swap Party Printable Collection

Cookie Swap Party Printable Collection by

I want to host a cookie exchange this year, so I designed a fun Cookie Swap Party Printable Collection! 

Cookie Swap Party Printable Collection by

A cookie swap or exchange is easy to plan with these party printables!

Cookie Swap Party Printable Collection by

Invite friends to make one dozen homemade cookies per guest, plus an extra dozen for sampling. Then swap them with each other at a fun gathering. Creating a pretty table is easy with some coordinating dishes and printable labels for the cookies!

Cookie Swap Party Printable Collection by

Cookie Swap Party Printable Collection by

Make sure your guests share their cookie recipes. Have some coordinating recipe cards available if they don’t bring their own.

Cookie Swap Party Printable Collection by - Cookie Exchange

Ask everyone to bring a container or box to take home their stash of cookies. If they forget, have some cute paper plates and large Ziplock bags ready for them. Decorate them with ribbon and cute tags.

Cookie Swap Party Printable Collection by - Cookie Exchange

The fun part is you’ll have a bunch of great cookies to share with friends or just eat yourself! Yum!

Cookie Swap Party Printable Collection by - Cookie Exchange


The Cookie Swap Printable Party Collection Includes:

  • 5 x 7 Invitation (with customizable text fields)
  • Cookie Labels
  • Sign to use for a centerpiece or door sign.
  • 3 x 5 Recipe Cards
  • 2″ Circle Tags (two designs)

Exclusive Printable - Cookie Swap Printable Party Collection

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Need some great cookie ideas? Check out these recipes:

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  2. I know it's Thanksgiving week, but I'm feeling the Christmas spirit today! Is anyone planning a Cookie Swap this…

  3. Love that! I’m planning a cookie swap right now just so I can use that cute printable – thanks for sharing!

  4. RT @livinglocurto: Cookie Swap Party with Free Printables

  5. Cookie Swap Party with Free Printables | Living Locurto – FREE …

  6. eeek! I’m dying of cuteness! Can’t wait to share this one with my readers tomorrow. Love!

  7. First of all, thanks for sharing these. I love them and will totally be putting them to use!

    I also signed up and received the butterfly stuff instead of the cookie exchange! Please help as these are SO cute!!


  8. RT @livinglocurto: Cookie Swap Party with Free Printables

  9. Super cute!

  10. Wish I were this crafty- these are cute! RT @bakeat350tweets: Cookie Swap Party with Free Printables from @livinglocurto

  11. Oh goodness!! So super cute! And oh how I love the coffee filter? flower for the centerpiece!! It’s adorable!!

  12. These are so darn cute–love them!

  13. I loved this and it came at a perfect time for me to! Was just telling my mother about having one of these parties this year. You not only saved me half of the work, you made them look great!

    I’m definitely linking this up on my brand new, fledgling blog!

  14. I am already signed up for the newsletter can I still get the Cookie Swap print out. I am having one in December and would love to use it. Thank you.


  15. I also was only offered the butterfly printables and not the cookie swap. Not that I don’t like the butterfly ones, but I really could use the cookie swap ones. thanks in advance.

  16. Hi Amy, when I signed up I got the butterfly printables and not the cookie swap ones. Is there still a way to get these. They are super cute!!

  17. Thank you for these awesome printables!

  18. These are so cute! Love them! Thanks so much!

  19. Great! I do a cookie swap every year with a mom’s group I help organize. We turn it into a big playdate for the kids and usually do some sort of book swap too! Last year I got the waitress at Red Robin to hook me up with a whole bunch of these adorable paper gingerbread houses they had out on the tables. At the party, we let the kids decorate the outside, and they were perfect to fill with cookies and take home :)

  20. Super cute Amy!

  21. I can´t download it, can´t find the link!!!

  22. these are so cute! i’m having a party and can’t wait to use your printables. thank you!!

  23. What cute favors! I participate in a neighborhood cookie exchange every year and it is so much fun. We also do a $5 ornament exchange. Have fun at your exchange!

  24. You know these are Right Up My Alley….LOVE them! :) Thanks, Amy!

  25. Holy cow!! I LOVE YOU! These are insanely awesome!!! Thank you so much!


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