Grandma Chunkie’s Chocolate Pie Recipe

I remember Grandma Chunkie as a fun little spit fire with pink tinted hair and always wearing a cute apron. I guess she was heavy as a child and that’s where the name came from. All my great aunts and uncles had nicknames. One was even called Aunt No No!

I loved going to her house because she was always baking something tasty. She grew up working in her family’s restaurant in Tulsa. She also let me play with all her jewelry (clip on earrings!) and make-up. I loved hearing stories of her travels and times when she dated a pro-wrestler… the kind like you see now on the WWF! Ha. She would tell me crazy stories, like how you had to be careful traveling back when she was a girl because Indians would kidnap you. Or the time she and her brother ran away when they were really little. They tied themselves together so they wouldn’t get lost (or kidnapped by Indians) on the train.

She was also a sister of Christ! When I would go on ski trips, she would pray on a cloth and make me put it in my pocket to keep me safe:-) In college, I would get these cloths in the mail every now and then.

Born in 1908 as Lily Maybell, she later changed her name to Lillian.

This photo is probably from the 1940′s. I think she is alive and well in my daughter! I see a lot of Grandma Chunkie in my little spit fire.

Grandma Chunkie made THE best pies! Usually for our Thanksgiving dinners, we would have about 3 pumpkin pies along with banana, lemon and chocolate. She always made me my own mini chocolate pie. A tradition, I started with my kids. I’ve posted this recipe before, but in case you missed it, here it is again. Enjoy!!

For all you chocoholics, this pie is a must! Here’s the recipe that she wrote on a small piece of paper:

Grandma Chunkie’s Easy to Make Rich & Creamy Chocolate Pie

  • One large Hershey Candy Bar (milk chocolate) 8 oz (now I get 2 large chocolate bars)
  • 18 large marshmallows cut up
  • 1/2 cup sweet milk (I don’t know what that meant… so I just use regular milk)
  • 8 oz. Cool Whip


  1. Melt Candy bar and marshmallows in milk over low fire until smooth. Cool.
  2. Add 1-9 oz Cool Whip into chocolate mixture
  3. Pour into baked pie shell and keep cool until ready to serve.
  4. Spoon a large helping of Cool Whip on your slice of pie! (I like to add chocolate sprinkles too)

Did you have a grandma like Chunkie?

Love the Pie

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  1. Terri Colby says:

    Oooh, I wanna try this one! My family ? chocolate!


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