Welcome to the Halloween Blog Party!!

Deadline to enter is up! Check back to see the winners on Halloween!!

Contest Rules:

All entries must be something you produced, not a photo from a magazine or book. Family friendly entries only. Enter as many times as you like! Make sure to leave a comment and let me know your favorites:-)

How to participate:

1. Come back anytime during Oct. 19th- Oct. 30th to add your post to Mr. Linky. Please provide the link to your actual post or Flickr page, not your home page. I will have to send Dracula to bite your neck if I have to go searching through your site for it. ****You can still participate even if you don’t have a web site, just email me your photos and contact info.

2. You must link back to this page in your post if you want to win a prize. There will be a special give-away on Halloween for all bloggers who do this.

Contest Categories

  • Best Original Costume FYI: I’m a sucker for family themes and funny pet costumes!
  • Creepiest Yard Decor Does not have to be yours, take a photo of your neighbor’s yard if it’s good!
  • Most Creative Party Idea This includes recipes, decor, games and crafts.
  • Most BOOtiful Halloween Design This includes party invitations, cards and scrapbook pages.
  • Most Bewitching Halloween Photo As long as it’s Halloween themed… anything goes!

Winners announced on October 31st! Good luck!!

IMPORTANT: You need to link back to this page on your post to win a prize.


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I hope to inspire creativity with my blog. I like to showcase crafts, decorating and party ideas. I also provide FREE downloads of my original art. Life to me is about family, creativity and having fun!

Living Locurto …. the ramblings of a creative mom.

Want to see what fun I’ve been having lately? Read about my pumpkin party!

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Amy is a creative mom of two and graphic designer. When she's not working on Living Locurto, she's busy designing Printable Party Supplies and working on I Heart Faces, her photography blog. Find Amy on Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, and Instagram.


  1. Think, like Henry Ford had))

  2. Hi – I submitted mine costume pic with my post about old costumes…the one I want to enter is the Syndroms and Jack-Jack picture. Thanks!

  3. This is a fun one!

  4. I’m always late to a party. At least I would be if I ever went to parties. I brought the bean dip if anyone is still interested.

  5. Hi Amy, I think I did it right! Hahaha, thank you so much for doing this….this is fun! I did link back to you. I have enjoyed your blog and I am adding you to my fav. list. Have a blessed week!

  6. I posted my bOOtiful Halloween Design entry on my blog linking it back to this page.
    Here my link to that entry:

    Let me know if I follow your directions or not. Thanks for hosting.


  7. I’m so glad @hookedonhousese reminded me to come sign up! 🙂 I had meant to, I follow you, but I forgot like a ding-dong! My Halloween page has several ideas, and several more coming, so make sure you come back and visit at the end of the week.

    Thanks for setting this up, it’s great! I can’t wait to see what all else people have come up with! 🙂


  8. ps Hope you don’t mind – I copied the photo of your invitation and put a link to this post in my blog sidebar. Cheers!

  9. Amy, You have the best ideas. I love the whole concept of a blog party. I don’t know if my costume design is really all that original, but I thought I would join the fun, anyway! Happy Halloween!

  10. Great idea! I am new to blogging so I need all the ideas I can find.
    Halloween is such a fun time. I have posted to cute porches on my
    blog. Stop by when you can. I really haven’t had been viewers. Any advice
    to getting them to stop by.

  11. Better LATE than never! My post is up today… Now I’m going to add your logo! See you at the Halloween Party!

  12. Did it work???

  13. Hi! I sent only a link to my flickr photo. I hope it worked. We were the Scooby Doo gang a few years ago and I thought you’d appreciate the family theme. 🙂 We used it as our Christmas card that year and I just loved it.
    Love your house decor!!!

  14. I just put my whole site as a link. Is that ok? I hope so! I plan on mentioning your blog party on my site in the next few days 🙂

  15. I am enjoying the blog party and decided to join the fun. Everyone’s entries are great! KV

  16. Hi! Thanks for hosting this party! I’ve submitted three of my Halloween related posts. Since they were previous postings, I was just going to put the button in my side bar, but it doesn’t seem to be working right. Will you take a look and tell me if I need to do something different? Thanks again!

  17. I’ve done a few little things but am going to do some more so will put together a post this week and join in! Fun party! Thanks for hosting!

  18. well i’m not some one who dse any crafting but since i found your page i can post some thing leting outher know this is going on if you like me to ? just let me know

  19. I love all of the Halloween goodies! I added a little craft of my own.

  20. Thanks! I love Halloween! I love getting more Halloween ideas, too!

  21. I left something for you on my blog 😉

  22. You know me…”Last Minute Lucy.” I’m going to try to finish a scrapbook page that I can link up for you though. If I could just tear myself away from this computer then I could actually get started on it!


    Angie in OH

  23. Hoping to get something together on my end! Love your photo above!!!

  24. Hi! I entered the link from my pumpkin party since is has all of my decorations! It’ll be fun to see everyone else’s things!

  25. Email me your pictures if you don’t have a blog. I will be featuring blogs and photos all week. It could be your photos!

  26. My entry is a little different, Amy. We just moved to Germany and started remodeling the place. It’s a little crazy, but I so wanted to participate in this event. Halloween’s my favorite… even if it’s going to be a little different this year.

    Thank you for the fun event!

  27. Hey girl. I posted on my blog some photos, a halloween tip, funny short story and link back to you. Hope the party is a hit! I love the idea and plan to continue with posts as often as I can.

  28. Ok- what if I just have pics and no blog?

  29. Love the card!
    Happy Halloween!

  30. Oops! I forgot to put my entire link. Sorry! Can you edit it for me? Here’s my “Walk down Costume Memory Lane”.. http://salinda.blogspot.com/2008/10/halloween-party-7-years-of-costumes-and.html


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